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Former NFL Player Dexter Manley Banned from WTOP After Calling Troy Aikman 'a Queer': AUDIO


Former Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley was asked to immediately apologize after calling Troy Aikman "a queer" during a radio program on WTOP radio on Sunday, reports:

When asked by a host if Aikman’s presence was bad luck for the Redskins, Manley said that he thought Aikman was a “queer.” The WTOP hosts immediately insisted that Manley apologize on the air, which he did reluctantly after initially declining.

WTOP’s Vice President of News and Programming Jim Farley, replying to a listener via Twitter, said the station was shocked and stunned and that Manley won’t be making any more appearances after his over-the-top comments.

Listen (At about 3:20), AFTER THE JUMP...

Manley later made a statement:

In an interview with WTOP radio Monday, while intending to be funny, I used a slur to refer to Troy Aikman. It was wrong and insensitive. Anyone that knows me knows that’s not who I am in my heart or mind. I want to apologize to Troy, but I mostly want to apologize to anyone else I offended. Like a lot of people in these times, I have to realize that what I thought was funny years ago doesn’t work now. I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again and hope you will accept my apology.

Rumors have circulated about Aikman for years, since former columnist now sports commentator Skip Bayless speculated in 1996 that then Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman was gay. Bayless said in 2009 that he stands by his remarks.

Aikman said in 2011 that he didn't know what he might do if he ever saw Bayless, and suggested that he might use physical violence.

Listen to Manley's remarks (At about 3:20), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Troy Aikman Still So Mad Skip Bayless Called Him Gay 15 Years Ago He Might Beat Him Up if He Sees Him: AUDIO

In 1996, former columnist now sports commentator Skip Bayless speculated that then Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman was gay.  Aikman is still so pissed over it he might do something physical to Bayless if he seems him, the former NFLer told radio host Dan McDowell on his radio show this week.

Troy-aikman Bruce Tomaso at the Dallas Morning News reports:

This week, Aikman was asked about the episode on BaD Radio, the afternoon talk show on The Ticket (1310 AM). After saying -- rather gratuitously -- "I'm not so sure Skip's not gay," Aikman made it clear that he still bears a grudge.

"When a guy like that comes out and, whether it's intimated or stated, and there's no substance to that claim, and he's doing it purely to gain interest in a book, that's a problem.," he said. Aikman then added: "I will tell you this. I've not seen -- I've not physically seen Skip Bayless since that time. That was in '95. And I still kind of wonder what I might do to him when I do see him."

Dan McDowell, the co-host of BaD Radio, pressed him on the point.

"You certainly will say something," McDowell said.

"Oh, yeah. Yeah," Aikman replied.

"But you don't think it will get physical, do you?" McDowell said.

"Well, I mean, I don't know. I don't know," Aikman said.

Listen to Aikman's remarks, AFTER THE JUMP...

In related news, in February 2009, Bayless said he stood by his statements.

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News: Tom Brady, Gay Bashings, Obama Threat, Providence, XBox

 roadChicago man targeted Obama with letters containing HIV-infected blood?: "In the weeks leading up to Obama's inauguration, Saad Hussein, an Ethiopian refugee in his late 20's, sent an envelope addressed to 'Barack Obama' to offices of the Illinois government in Springfield, Ill., according to court documents. The envelope contained a series of unusual items, including a letter with reddish stains and an admission ticket for Obama's election-night celebration in Chicago's Grant Park."

Wolverine  roadA wealth of new Wolverine images.

 roadTom Brady says "I Do".

 roadSkip Bayless stands by Troy Aikman gay rumor.

 roadNew York gay group expresses optimism over marriage equality chances this year.

 roadRihanna photographed in Mexico for first time following Chris Brown attack.

 roadSame-sex marriage arguments heard in Providence, Rhode Island.

 roadOpenly gay Liverpool City Councilman Steve Radford speaks out about acquittal verdict in hate crime killing of teen Michael Causer: "The question has to be asked whether the 10-2 jury not-guilty verdict into Gavin Alker means Merseyside society thinks it’s acceptable to beat up gay people? Because, if the evidence was so clear and the people involved acknowledge their part in the attack, we need to ask if the real problem is in Merseyside society. This signals that being gay means you don’t have the right to be free on the street, that’s the sad fact."

 roadDean Trial to begin for Jonathan Russell Gunter in brutal beating of gay man in Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas: "Dean, 43, is awaiting yet another surgery to repair and replace teeth, but perhaps the most devastating  impact of the brutal gay-bashing he suffered seven months ago has been psychological. Once a very active, fun-loving person, according to his friends, Dean said he now has little energy and suffers from depression. 'Anybody who’s been around me before and gets around me now is going to realize that I’m different,' Dean said recently...Jonathan Russell Gunter, 32, is charged with aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony punishable by five to 99 years in prison." 

Seattle  roadVigil set for Seattle gay bashing victim at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 28 by the pillars on Boren Avenue and Pike Street.

 roadRehab for Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

 roadMicrosoft stands by as lesbian harassed on XBox 360.

 roadPBDs, McAllen, Texas gay bar, celebrates 25 years: "The bar, located at 2908 N. Ware Rd., has done some re-inventing since owner Drew Clark on February 18, 1984, choosing to brand it with the acronym for his nickname, poor baby Drew."

 roadFred Phelps and the WBC to be counter-protested at Chicago-area university this Sunday. Incidentally, River Forest is this blogger's home town.

 roadSupreme Court ruling suggests Casper, Wyoming may never have to accept Fred Phelps' hateful Matthew Shepard in hell monument.

Lagerfelt  roadKarl Lagerfelt finger puppet does New York Fashion Week.

 roadPro-gay Catholic Brazilian priest suspended for supporting free distribution of condoms: "The Rev. Luiz Couto has been suspended from his work in the northeastern state of Paraiba. Archdiocese spokesman Eisenhower de Albuquerque says the church took the action because of Couto's public stance 'in favor of the use of condoms, his support of gay marriage and his opposition to priestly celibacy.' Couto spokesman Jose Moreira says the priest is not a gay-marriage advocate but is an opponent of discrimination 'including discrimination against homosexuals.'"

 roadHomophobic workshop held in Uganda: "Stephen Langa, Executive Director of a Ugandan group, Family Life Network, has announced that his group will be holding a workshop from March 5th to 7th to provide insight on the causes and treatment of homosexuality; provide practical tips on how to prevent homosexuality behaviour in youth; expose the homosexual agenda, their tactics, strategy and methods of recruitment; and provide information and guidelines on how to respond to the homosexual agenda in an organization, community or nation."

Redskins Wide Receiver Resurrects Troy Aikman Gay Rumors


Washington Redskins wide receiver Brandon Lloyd's remarks about Troy Aikman's sexuality were reprinted on numerous sports blogs yesterday.

Lloyd (above left) was apparently upset about a comment which former Cowboys quarterback-turned-announcer Troy Aikman had made during Saturday's Redskins-Packers game in which Aikman claimed that a pass intended for Lloyd was "tough but catchable".

Aikman's comments apparently irked Lloyd, for in an appearance on a popular sports podcast airing on 106.7 WJFK in Washington, D.C. and relayed to the web, Lloyd resurrected rumors started by sports analyst Skip Bayless in 1996 in his book Hell-Bent, that Aikman is gay.

Lloyd laughs off the exchange, saying "Troy's speculating and I'm speculating." But not before a whole round of speculation about other NFL players occurs. Lloyd is quiet on the other players, but says, "I don't know, hey, I don't know, hey, if those guys want to say something about me I'll have something to say about them, but for now it's about Troy Aikman."

Lloyd presents no solid evidence of anything regarding Aikman, but the exchange demonstrates the difficult atmosphere gay players must face in the NFL. When a player's sexuality is seen as something that can blatantly be used against them is it any wonder none of them are open about it?

The exchange begins around the 7:47 mark. A transcript (courtesy of D.C. Sports blog) follows after the jump.

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