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Watch The First Episode Of Gay Web Series 'EastSiders:' VIDEO


We'll have to wait untold months for HBO's gay comedy, and with season one of The Outs behind us, that's out for our viewing pleasure. Never fear, though, because there's still the new gay-themed web series EastSiders to get us through the winter months.

As Andy mentioned, the new project follows a gay couple dealing with infidelity in Los Angeles and co-stars Van Hansis, the actor who played gay character Luke Snyder on As The World Turns, and Kit Williams, known best for his stage work, including Talk Radio with Liev Schreiber. It has been described as "Girls with a bunch of gay guys."

Watch the first episode and describe it for yourself AFTER THE JUMP.

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New Web Series 'EastSiders' Focuses on Gay Life in L.A.: VIDEO


The new web series EastSiders explores the aftermath of infidelity on a gay couple in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake.

1_eastsidersWhen Cal (Kit Williamson) finds out Thom (Van Hansis) has been cheating on him with Jeremy (Matthew McKelligon), their relationship is turned upside down. Will the lies tear them apart or are they just stubborn enough to stay together forever?

Drunken outbursts and double standards abound in this dark comedy about the sad and funny messes we make out of our lives.   Cal’s best friend Kathy (Constance Wu) is always there for him with a bottle of whiskey in her purse, but she has her own problems with her nice guy boyfriend Ian (John Halbach), even if they’re all in her head.  Stephen Guarino guest stars as a party promoter throwing one last bash before the apocalypse.

Check out the new trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

Many of you will recall Hansis for his five-year turn as Luke Snyder on As the World Turns.

Williamson talked about creating the series with 'We Love Soaps':

I just noticed there weren't many stories about gay characters I could relate to in any kind of significant way. They were few and far between and gay characters were usually depicted as archetypes instead of complete human beings. I also think the neighborhood I live in (Silver Lake, east of Hollywood) has its own type of vibe and character to it that I wanted to explore. I wanted to marry these two ideas and tell a story about a couple I could relate to.

Williamson says they have written and shot three episodes, the first of which will be airing on December 14.


Luke and Noah, Daytime's Most Famous Gay Couple, Have Sex


The breakthrough scene on As the World Turns begins at about 3:03. Of course what we see is simply the before and after, but for a show that took seventh months and an extended internet campaign from fans for producers to have its two main characters share a kiss, the sex, or evidence of it, is a revelation.

Henry Seltzer writes, in The Daily Beast: "And you know the best part? The person responsible for getting them back together after the fallout from Luke kissing his step-grandfather was his grandmother, the show's matriarch (played by Elizabeth Hubbard for the past 25 years), who was also the most understanding when Luke first came out. So not only is this not your grandmother's soap, leave it to the grandmother-who-unwittingly-played-a-beard to get the boys back together. She even delights in sharing their post-sex ice cream sundae."

Watch the scene, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cyndi Lauper Offers Her True Colors to Luke and Noah on ATWT


Cyndi Lauper taped a special gay pride episode of As the World Turns on May 27 which is set to air on July 3rd. It's a first-of-its-kind moment for daytime TV, and it's hard to argue for a better advocate than Lauper to come swinging through Oakdale.

LauperLauper told Entertainment Weekly: "'I think they're young, these guys, and they're sweet. They're taking their time and struggling with the heart issues, which is even more endearing than just being like the straight couples, half-naked and having sex all over the place. The best way to people is through the heart, and that's why I think it's kind of interesting the way they've done it. It's about love."

I've transcribed her brief interview for Entertainment Tonight and clipped it, AFTER THE JUMP: "I'm here to do an intervention for true love. And uh, I think true love should always win out. I think it's actually a monumental show that I'm on. And I think CBS should be commended. Noah and Luke are in love, so I'm just gonna say 'Hey, you gotta be there for each other because you walk away from your chance sometimes. you don't get that back.' As the World Turns is really doing something monumental. It's including a community of people who are our extended families. You know, it's our uncles, our cousins, our sisters, our brothers. It's about opening your heart and understanding that people are different and perhaps your kids aren't always going to be exactly who you want. They're always oppoiste. It's always your Achilles heel. But you love em. And see, that's the heart. And these two, they're in love with each other, and that's how they've nurtured each other, and I'm proud to be included, you know. I think it's a great thing."

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann Offer Kissing Lessons


As the World Turns' gay couple Luke and Noah recently offered contestants on CBS' unscripted casting series InTurn lessons on how to make out for the camera.

AFTER THE JUMP, watch the clip (via GLAAD's CineQueer)...

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News: Polaroid, McGreevey Trial, Banksy, Van Hansis

road.jpg Anti-gay evangelical preacher stabbed to death in Perth, Australia.

Mapplethorperoad.jpg Photographers, artists bitter over Polaroid's demise: "'Now what the hell am I supposed to do?' asks John Waters, who’s shot a Polaroid of each person who’s come into his apartment since 1992—friends, interviewers, deliverymen, everyone. 'Digital isn’t instant gratification, and those cameras don’t make that sexy sound.'"

road.jpg Self-described 'YouTube Superstar' Tricia Walsh-Smith may join The Real Housewives of New York City.

road.jpg Is Jake Gyllenhaal getting Nailed?

road.jpg Till death: McGreevey divorce trial begins Tuesday. "Legal analysts expect New Jersey's former first couple will approach new lows, even for divorce court. 'I'm not going to tell you this is going to be the worst case ever in the history of New Jersey divorces,' said Charles Abut, a matrimonial lawyer who operates the New Jersey Family Law blog. 'But I think if you asked longtime matrimonial lawyers, 'Give me the your top 10 worst,' this one is going to appear on everyone's list.' The proceedings, which are expected to last up to six weeks in Elizabeth's Union County Courthouse, have been divided into three sections. Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy has said she will rule separately on each part: Custody of the couple's 6-year-old daughter, Jacqueline; the amount of child support and alimony McGreevey must pay Matos McGreevey; and, finally, Matos McGreevey's claim McGreevey defrauded her, tricking her into a marriage of political convenience even though he knew he was gay."

Lalliroad.jpg In March I posted about the appointment of Yale music professor and singer Richard Lalli to Yale residential college master, one of the school's highest recognitions. Now the Hartford Courant has profiled Lalli.

road.jpg Frank Rich wonders why the media is ignoring John Hagee...

road.jpg Indiewire talks to gay filmmaker Arthur Dong: "As a gay Asian American filmmaker I'd be naive to think that anti-gay bigotry and racism has not affected the opportunities or lack thereof in terms of my work. But the way I confront it is to first acknowledge whatever factors I think might be there, and then forge ahead anyway with that knowledge. We all have thrust upon us unwanted external forces that we have no control over, whoever we are, and if we allow them to be barriers (excuses?) to our goals, then we may as well give it up because perseverance, passion, and stamina is a must for independent filmmakers."

road.jpg Inside Banksy's CANS Exhibit.

Mayerjohnroad.jpg John Mayer asks for hair Haikus.

road.jpg T.R. Knight and Mark Cornelsen already planning for children. Knight: “I wouldn’t rule [adoption] out at all. I think it would be adopting versus any other route. But yeah. I mean, there are a lot of kids who need homes.”

road.jpg FOX News radio host John Gibson mocks MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, lesbians.

road.jpg As the World Turns' Van Hansis reportedly dating fellow actor Tyler Hanes.

road.jpg Australian Capitol Territory forced to back down on civil partnerships: "The ACT decision comes as the deeply religious Mr Rudd faces growing attack from Christian groups over his Government's decision to remove discrimination against gays from all other federal laws. Mr Corbell yesterday accused the Rudd Government of breaking a commitment to the states and territories to allow them to legislate as they saw fit. The legislation, which was quashed by the Howard government in 2006, would have allowed gay couples to have their relationships recognised in a legally binding ceremony."

road.jpg Gay powerlifter Chris Morgan reaches World Championships.

road.jpg Israeli court denies restraining order against gay man's former partner because nation's family and domestic violence laws do not apply to gay partnerships: "The complainant told the court that the former lover, a younger man who had lived in his Ramat Gan home with him for two years, was abusing him psychologically. He argued that as common-law partner he was entitled to the protection of the family court."


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