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Nintendo's Tomodachi Life Disallows Gay Relationships

Tomodachi Life Same Sex couple

Last year word got around that Nintendo's Japan-only quirky game Tomodachi Collection had a glitch in it that allowed male characters to engage in a same-sex relationship, including having children. This brought a lot of applause from equality-minded gamers until Nintendo released a patch that, instead of making the glitch a feature and including lesbian couples, removed the option altogether.

Nintendo has now announced that they'll be bringing the game's sequel Tomodachi Life stateside for Westerners to enjoy...but still with no gay relationship option. This would be less of a sticking point if it weren't for the fact that the Tomodachi series is, like The Sims, a life simulator that is meant to reflect the life and imagination of the player rather than adhering to the motives of existing characters within an established narrative.

Incidentally, the reason The Sims originally allowed same-sex couples is because it was actually more work to code the characters as gendered and set up rules that would check for and allow or disallow marriages based on gender pairings. Since Tomodachi Life is set up with those rules in its coding, someone on board is consciously and explicitly making the decision to remove same-sex couples from the game.

This Year's GaymerX Convention Is The Last One as Costs Skyrocket in San Francisco

GaymerX2 banner

Last year San Francisco played host to GaymerX, an LGBT-targeted video game convention where queer gamers of all stripes could geek out in a safe space over their favorite hobby without having to put up with the homophobia that runs rampant in video game culture. The con was such a success that it will be coming back this year as GaymerX2.

Darren_youngUnfortunately, it will be the last as the cost of running the convention in San Francisco is just too high. Said the event's founder Matt Conn in an interview with Polygon,

We decided that we could no longer continue as a convention as the price of running a yearly convention downtown in San Francisco was just too high — we weren’t able to get the corporate sponsorship that we needed to make it something sustainable, and we were racking up huge amounts of debt to put this years con on.

The con intends to go out with a bang. It has moved to the San Francisco Intercontinental Hotel - a much larger venue than last year's Hotel Kabuki - and will be hosting guests such as activist Mattie Brice, game designer David Gaider, and out WWE performer Fred Rosser, aka Darren Young (pictured).

GayGamer Profiles 11 Tech And Entertainment Industry Prop 8 Donors

Brendan Eich Firefox

The recent controversy over Brendan Eich, the Mozilla CEO who donated to California's Prop 8, has reopened some old discussions and prompted's Jean-Luc "Neshoba" Pierite to do some digging into that donor list and see who else in the tech and entertainment industries contributed to the fight against marriage equality.

Aided by a database tool provided online by the LA Times, Pierite profiled almost a dozen individuals from various sectors of the entertainment and tech industry. Some of the offenders include:

  • Jeremy Gess, former Sr. Game Designer for Defiance at Trion Worlds, who donated $100
  • Hyrum V. Osmond, Character Animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation and worked on Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph, who donated $2200
  • Aldric La'auli Porter, Assistant Director and Co-Producer for various films including The Hunger Games series and A Beautiful Mind, who donated $6000
  • Keneth Swanson, creator of JavaScript and engineer at Oracle/Sun Microsystems, who donated $8901 as well as $2000 for Family Research Council Action PAC

You can read the full list at and use the LA Times database tool to search for other donors who wasted their money to fight against equality.

Bioware Designer Discusses Racism, Misogyny, and Homophobia In Video Games

Manveer Heir

Despite the increasing popularity and mainstreaming of video games as a pastime, the medium still has a problem dealing with anyone that isn't a straight, white male, be that in the characters represented in games themselves or in the attitudes of a not-insignificant percentage of gamers and developers. Managing editor of Sal Mattos interviewed Bioware's Manveer Heir at GDC (Game Developer's Conference) in San Francisco to talk about these very topics. Said Manveer during the interview,

We’ve got to start acknowledging that [gays, women, minorities] are underrepresented groups, and that we don’t really know if the sales are good or bad, and just be willing to try. I think to go like “oh women in games don’t sell well…” but we don’t even see budgets; it’s kind of a terrible argument. We as developers, and people in marketing, and people in the business side of things need to come together to understand the problem and work together to solve it.

The very thorough interview can be read over at GayGamer.

Miss Coco Peru Plays 'Grand Theft Auto V,' And It Is Hilarious: VIDEO


Miss Coco Peru is back, and this time she is entering the virtual world of video games! Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Ms. Peru takes you on a journey through "Grand Theft Auto V."

Watch the hilarious adventure, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Houston Gaymers The Largest Gay Gaming Group In The Country

Houston Gaymers

The term "gamer" becomes more and more obsolete each day as video games have transitioned from a niche hobby to a mainstream pastime. However stereotypes still persist, and the one of the socially maladjusted young male basement-dweller is a pernicious one to shake off; telling other people you play video games can be a kind of coming out, after a fashion, particularly in the gay community.

Eric Hulsey of Houston, TX decided to start up a group on Facebook called "Houston Gaymers" in 2009 to provide a way for GLBT gamers to connect and invited people to meet at Coffee Groundz. Over 40 people showed up for the very first meeting. The group, which has established its own dedicated webpage, has over 1,000 members and is the largest gay gaming group in the U.S.

As the group has grown, they have begun giving back to the community. In addition to creating a safe community space for GLBT folk, they have become involved in charity work, including hosting an annual food drive for local food banks and a holiday toy drive for the Texas Children's Hospital.

The Flagship Houston Gaymers meetups are on the fourth Saturday of every month from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. at Thirteen: The Heights Bar, and semi-monthly meetups, called Handhelds Connect, are held the first Monday of every month from 7:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. at Les Givral’s Kahve on Washington.


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