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1111 road True Blood's Alexander Skarsgardand Stephen Moyer link arms.

 road Knoxville lesbian marries her partner in DC. DMV issues her a new license with her partner's last name but when an employee realizes her spouse is a woman, they ask for it back shouting, "You've got to give me the license back, we don't recognize same sex marriage."

 road Prince Harry throws out the first pitch at a Mets game while in NYC.

 road American Apparel's "Dress Code Manual" - complete with pictures!

 road 200 pro-gay rights activists march in Bulgaria despite the endless criticism from the powerful Christian Orthodox Church in that country.

 road Baseball legend Ernie Banks will be perched on top of the Chicago Cubs's float during that city's Gay Pride parade tomorrow.

 road Chicago's Cyon Flare on gay Pride fatigue: "I think that we’ll always have many age groups that suffer from pride parade fatigue, at some point in their lives. The key is to enjoy what you can [about Gay Pride celebrations], what you feel comfortable with, and to remain visible to the community. We need you 40-somethings...the power of your presence makes a difference."

 road Lackluster fashion line from Madonna and her daughter revealed.

 road OK Go band member in a staring contest with a muppet. 2222

 road Should Lavender Magazine have outed anti-gay pastor Tom Brock this past week? Minneapolis Star-Tribune: "Critics pointed out that the magazine did not have a direct quote from Brock saying that he had engaged in homosexual acts. The article implied that was the case by quoting him as saying that while on a preaching mission to Slovakia he 'fell into temptation,' but did not explain what that meant."

 road If you look up in the sky tonight and see a red moon, don't worry. The added color is all thanks to Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

 road Judy Shepard on her job as one of the grand marshals for NYC's Pride parade: "I'm looking forward to the people, I don't do many pride events so this is very exciting for me. I hope it's not too hot, and not raining."

 road Britney Spears and K-Fed back together reunite...for their child's graduation from pre-school.

Guatemalan Lava Flow: That's Hot


Some cool video of a 2 km lava flow from the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala which has crept down into a field.


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #666

PREPPY: Vincent van Gogh made entirely out of 2,700 Polo shirts.

ALLAN HYDE: Godric actor is lost in a world of iPhones in this new video from Thom Hell.

SPLIT: World's luckiest bike rider?

COTOPAXI: A time-lapse video of the Ecuadoran volcano.

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Volcanoes Erupt In Ecuador And Guatemala


Two volcanoes, Pacaya in Guatemala and Tungurahua in Ecuador, have both been erupting for several days. Guatemala, which has seen 10 deaths due to its volcano, has seen the worst devastation thus far, prompting President Alvaro Colom to declare a "state of calamity" and close La Aurora International Airport funtil at least this Wednesday.

One of those killed was a television reporting who was hit by projectile debris while covering the eruption.

Mother nature isn't allowing Guatemala to catch a break. Tropical Depression Agatha, which is packing quite a bit of punch, has just hit the country.

Meanwhile back in Iceland, experts are still concerned that Katla might still blow its top.

Video of Pacaya's eruption, as well as a CNN report, AFTER THE JUMP.


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Larger Iceland Volcano, Katla, Shows Signs of Potential Eruption


Volcanic activity at Katla, the big sister of Eyjafjallajokull which has historically erupted in sequence with the smaller volcano, has increased 200% in recent days, and experts are concerned it may soon blow:

Katla_1918  "A report from the University College London (UCL) institute for risk and disaster reduction has outlined that "An eruption in the short term is a strong possibility'. In its initial research paper it said: 'Analysis of the seismic energy released around Katla over the last decade or so is interpreted as providing evidence of a rising ... intrusive magma body on the western flank of the volcano.' Seismic readings of the volcano indicate the tremors around the area have increased substantially. Four earthquakes were detected near Katla during a 12-hour period on May 21st, more than at any other time since the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruptions first occurred in March. Three earthquakes at the Katla Volcano were reported by the Disaster and Emergency website Hisz.rsoe.hu on Sunday evening. The tremors may have been due to ice movements within Mýrdalsjökull glacier or magma movement under the volcano. The last earthquake to take place at the volcano was recorded yesterday morning."

Warning signs have been posted near the base of the glacier which caps the Katla volcano (top) Inset (above), the last major Katla eruption, in 1918.

In related news, NASA has observed massive phytoplankton blooms in the north Atlantic which it believes are directly related to Eyjafjallajokull's ash cloud (sorry, I misspoke about this - scientists don't believe they're related, at least not this season).

Here's their photo (see green and blue swirls in top half of image):


Photos, Video: Mount St. Helens Blew its Top 30 Years Ago Today


Mount St. Helens in Washington state blew its top 30 years ago today, at 8:32 am. The Big Picture has an amazing set of photographs shot during and after the eruption.

Watch Dan Rather's CBS News report from May 21, 1980, AFTER THE JUMP...


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