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NAACP CEO Ben Jealous Asked About Homophobia Within Organization: VIDEO


No More Down Low attended the LGBT Town Hall meeting at the recent NAACP convention in Los Angeles. The town hall featured remarks by CNN achor Don Lemon, as well as a panel featuring Wanda Sykes, former NAACP president Julian Bond, and current NAACP CEO Ben Jealous.

No More Down Low writes:

Mr. Jealous responded saying the gay community should take the NAACP seriously because the NAACP was there with the Human Rights Campaign helping to pass the Matthew Shepard / James Byrd Hate Crimes Bill. The NAACP were champions of fighting Prop 8 in California as well as fighting alongside the LGBT community in Maine, Massachusetts, in Washington D.C. and in Maryland, and in other places. Jealous also said the LGBT community needed to do more ground work in the black community and not come late in the game with an expectation. He also said the black community needed to be treated with the same respect as the other allies of the LGBT community.

Watch their report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Wanda Sykes: Tracy Morgan 'Just Yelled 'Fire’ In A Crowded Theater'

More reactions are pouring in from celebrities and others in the wake of Tracy Morgan's homophobic rant. Yesterday, CNN's Roland Martin defended Morgan in a blog post claiming that Morgan's comedy routine was just that - a routine.

6a00d8341c730253ef01538ef760d8970b-250wi Say I’m wrong. Fine. Say I’m insensitive to gays and lesbians. Fine. I’ll wait for the usual bigots to say that I’m defending Tracy Morgan because he’s black. Fine.

But think for a moment at all the times you’ve laughed at comedians based on the things they had to say. Then ask yourself: Did I laugh, and why?

Sorry, if I’m being honest here and not focusing on political correctness. I just believe that many of you would be shocked and amazed that you laughed hysterically at some of the most sexist, homophobic, racist stuff imaginable by comedians of all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.

Wanda Sykes condemned both Morgan and Martin for foolishly coming to his defense.

I fault the TN lawmakers. They've created an anti-gay environment. Don't believe Tracy would be so ignorant in LA. I do believe in free speech, but for a youth in TN or any other numerous place, Tracy just yelled, ‘Fire,’ in a crowded theater.

Ro, I love and respect you, so I feel that I can tell you that your column is some bullshit. We can do better. Tracy has the right to say whatever he wants to say, just like we have the right to say, not acceptable. and WE as a country. We used to picnic to watch public hangings, but WE figured out, that was some sick shit.

CNN has published an opinion piece by GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. Writes Barrios:

While it is certainly a good thing that Morgan has started to take responsibility for the offensive content of his routine by apologizing publicly to his fans and the gay community, he must do more to balance the harm that his words have inflicted. He could take one profound step to show his sincerity by meeting with parents and young people who have been personally effected by anti-gay violence or family rejection. GLAAD has reached out to Tracy Morgan's publicist and offered to facilitate such a meeting. We implore him to take us up on this.

Wanda Sykes Talks About Her Coming Out, Being Lesbian

Wanda Sykes was on Piers Morgan's program on CNN a few days ago and spoke about the positives and negatives about coming out. She gave him one of her characteristic amusing responses:

Sykes "[the best thing about coming is] absolutely nothing to hide. I mean, I am what I am and this is it. So now, you know, you thought I had a big mouth before, now it's just crazy. I'm like over the top, you know. There's nothing that I can't say.

"The worst thing, I guess, is just dealing with it, you know, like with family, and it's not necessarily the worst thing but, man, it's like every day I get invited to some gay event... good Lord, if I go show up at all these gay events, I'm not going to make any money. I'm going to be a broke gay. I'm going to be the brokest lesbian out there."

She also answered a question about whether it is more difficult to be gay than black in the United States. According to her, being gay is more difficult primarily due to the active bigotry created by anti-gay organizations like Focus on the Family and American Family Association.

Watch a clip of that conversation, in which she also talks about what sparked her coming out, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Ricky Martin, Elton John and Wanda Sykes Help Fight Hate Crimes


Cyndi Lauper called on some famous friends, including Ricky Martin, Elton John and Idina Menzel, to help fight hate crimes as part of her LGBT-inclusive "Give a Damn" campaign.

"Whenever I hear about a hate crime, I am shocked and saddened," insists John, while Martin continues, "One of these acts of violence and intimidation occurs approximately every hour of every day."

Lesbian comedienne Wanda Sykes jumps in, telling the audience, "Imagine walking down the street and wondering if this is the day that you will be beaten up or even killed simply because of who you are." Actress Rachael Harris then introduces the gay angle, "Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people constantly face this fear, sometimes with devastating results." The group concludes by urging the public to pay attention and "Give a Damn" to stop the hate.

"We as parents, as people, as a nation need to stand up and say enough is enough. We will not tolerate hate any longer,” said Lauper in a press statement. “Hate is learned and we need to teach our children that being different is okay."

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch: Wanda Sykes' Version Of Erykah Badu's Music Video

Screen shot 2010-04-04 at 11.53.16 AM
You've no doubt seen or at heard about Erykah Badu's controversial music video for her song "Window Seat," which features the singer stripping down to nothing as she strolls along Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Wanda Sykes parodied the video on her show with not so similar results. Said Badu about the parody: “That’s beautiful. In the traditional performace arts that’s what it’s all about…that’s funny.”

Watch the parody, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Watch: Constance, Lesbian Denied Prom, Talks to Wanda Sykes + Group Donates $20K to Throw Prom for All Students


Mississippi high school student Constance McMillen joined Wanda Sykes on her show on Saturday to talk about  the cancellation of her prom over her desire to bring a female date.

Sykes is receiving the Stephen F. Kolzak award from GLAAD at their L.A. awards show on April 17, and invited Constance and her girlfriend to present it to her.


In related news, the Facebook group in support of Constance McMillen has close to 250,000 members.

And, The American Humanist Association has received $20,000 from two of its members to plan and hold a prom for all the students in Itawamba County. Talks about logistics are underway.

(clip via good as you)

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