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Vlogger David Levitz Offers Some Good Advice On How To Be Gay In College: VIDEO

David levitz on how to be gay in college

Back in 2012, YouTube vlogger David Levitz offered advice on how to be gay in high school.

Almost two years later, Levitz is back to offer tips on how to be gay in college.

This time around, he advises that new students should “join student groups and once again not necessarily LGBT student groups” and stay safe when going out to clubs.


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News Report from Jamaica Reveals Homophobic Mob

Two weeks ago I posted about an ugly situation in Jamaica where three gay men had been cornered in a St. Andrew pharmacy by an angry homophobic mob. When the men were led to the safety of patrol cars by police, they were stoned.

Here's a fuzzy news report which reveals the extent of the sick frenzy surrounding the incident.

KbmI pulled the video from a hateful Jamaican blog which advocated, among other things, that homosexuals should die. The blog, Killbattyman.blogspot.com had been tagged with a warning page and was apparently pulled offline by Google, which owns the Blogger hosting service, this morning. I was able to grab the address for this video before it went dark. The illustration here was the lovely logo of the site.

Before it was pulled, Google had placed an interstitial page in front of the site which read: "Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is hateful. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog."

UK news outlet Pink News brought the site to the attention of the British Association of Chief Police Officers who immediately condemned the site, saying "ACPO condemn this completely. This is not the sort of thing we want anyone reading on the internet."

The site called for the death of high-profile gay men including designers Dolce & Gabbana and Outrage! UK activist Peter Tatchell. It also mocked the recent stoning of three Jamaican gay men by a homophobic mob outside a pharmacy in St. Andrew, as seen in the video above and in my recent post.

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Jake Bronstein's makeover


Leotard-lovin' Jake Bronstein gets D'Angelo on us with his latest transformation. Cornrows do get a good rap occasionally.

Pies Fly at Radar Launch


For weeks Nick Denton's Gawker has been waging an online battle with Maer Roshan's Radar magazine. With both entities clawing for the advantage in skewering celebrities and media figures, who knew what fireworks would occur when Denton landed at the Radar launch party...

Well, Denton ended up covered in pie, and reportedly returned the favor by dumping a glass of wine on Roshan's head.

But the most interesting turn of events is that Matt Drudge, who has been prodded by Gawker's editor Jessica Coen for weeks, finally decides to pipe up and enjoy a bit of schadenfreude.

Stunt or not, there's nothing like a good catfight!!!


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