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The OXD Mirror: Ru's Top 10 Tracks of 2014



It's that time of the year again when we look back and list our favorite tracks of the year.  Given the plethora of amazing music on the disco and house scene this year, this was no easy task. Nevertheless below is a list (in descending order) of my favorite tracks that I played while spinning at our Occupy The Disco parties here in New York. 

While it's actually the Bixel Boys remix of Kiesza's acclaimed lead single, 'Hideaway' that holds the #10 spot on my list (listen after the jump), I'd be remiss to not also include the fantastic music video that accompanied the original cut. Whether it's the rhythm that hooked you, or the chorus of ooh's and aahs, 'Hideaway's brilliance lies in it's simplicty; which is echoed in the music video. It's a refreshing to watch in a world where the opulence of Gaga and Beyoncé seem to reign.

Listen to the Bixel Boys Remix of 'Hideaway' and the rest of Ru's top 10  AFTER THE JUMP...

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Are You Ready for the Return of Whitney In Lifetime's Upcoming TV Biopic? - VIDEO


Whitney, Lifetime's upcoming television movie about the tumultuous life of Whitney Houston, has a debut trailer out now. The film stars Yaya DaCosta as the titular singer and is directed by Angela Bassett.  

Buzzfeed writes the film "chronicles Houston’s life from church choir in Newark, New Jersey, to the heights of global superstardom. But, as her fans have come to know all too well in the wake of her tragic death in February 2012, there was another, darker side to the singer..."

Here's hoping it's better than Liz and Dick. The film airs January 17. 


[via Pink is the New Blog]

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Whitney Houston is Matt Zarley's Greatest Love of All: VIDEO


Bearish crooner Matt Zarley (you've seen him get into political hot water and stand in for Jim Lange in a zany remake of The Dating Game) sat down with his mic for a tribute to the singer who was his biggest influence.

Strap yourselves in for Zarley's soaring arrangement of a number of Whitney's greatest hits,

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News: Russia, Aurora Borealis, Gay Pride In The Muslim World, Gay Marriage

RoadRussia's anti-gay law one year out: "Only a few people were fined throughout the year and this might not seem to be much of a problem," Lokshina said. "But the fines are not what this law is about. This law is not only contrary to Russia's international obligations but has also contributed to anti-gay violence and to creating a hostile environment for LGBT people in the country. It has contributed to stigmatizing LGBT individuals as unnatural, perverse and as acceptable targets."

Space RoadAmazing vine of aurora borealis from space

RoadMisterbnb: an Airbnb for gay men

RoadInstagram removes pictures of gay newlyweds kissing then restores it, apologizing for the error. 

Road'Community' makes move to Yahoo! for sixth season.

RoadIstanbul, Turkey saw strong turnout at its LGBT Pride celebration over the weekend, making it perhaps the biggest such event in a predominantly Muslim country. 

RoadRobin Williams enters rehab to help maintain sobriety.

RoadMeanwhile, Shia LaBeouf reportedly has entered rehab for other reasons

RoadKevin Kline plays Errol Flynn in 'The Last of Robin Hood.'

RoadMichael Egan, who brought suit against Bryan Singer and three Hollywood execs alleging sexual abuse, dropped his suit against Broadway producer Gary Goddard.  

RoadCreate your own gay marriage ruling

RoadDaniel Radcliffe and golden retriever make cute couple

RoadWhitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina lashes out at Angela Bassett for not casting her to play her mother in Lifetime biopic that marks Bassett's directorial debut. 

Glas RoadBradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender hang out at Glastonbury Music Festival.

RoadTaschen publishes (work unfriendly) book "My Buddy" chronicling close, often homo-erotic relations between soldiers in World War II.

RoadJoan Rivers officiates surprise gay wedding at book signing

RoadJustin Bieber up to his shirtless selfie antics again.

RoadSwedish soccer coach Pia Sundhage talks about being out in sports: "If I’m gay is of no interest because I’m a coach and my private life doesn’t matter," she says. "If people ask me about it, I answer 'Yes I’m gay' and that’s how it is. I’ve never come across any trouble for it as a coach in the United States or anywhere. It was tough when I was twenty-years-old in Sweden, but even then I didn’t care. This is me. Take it or leave it."

Sam Smith Covers Whitney Houston's 'How Will I Know': VIDEO


Sam Smith lent his gorgeous pipes to Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" in a recording session with SiriusXM radio this week and the results were predictably magical.

Said Smith told People he has a thing for female divas: "I love legends like Whitney Houston. I love female voices and female divas. I find Amy Winehouse so iconic. Everything about her, just the way she looks."


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The OXD Mirror: New Music by Duke Dumont, Borneland, MNEK, HNNY & Saint Pepsi



The OXD Mirror is a weekly music column brought to you by the boys of OCCUPY THE DISCO (OXD), a New York City based collective created by three music lovers, Ru Bhatt, Josh Appelbaum, and Tad Haes, who want to share their love for disco, house and dance music with the world.   We're trying out some new formats to keep this column fresh, so stay tuned over the next few weeks as we fine tune!

There's no doubt that nostalgia is very "in" these days. Whether it be in television, films, or even "throwback thursdays" it seems like everyone is reminiscing about the "good old days," and reissuing our childhood memories with an added millenial gloss. This revisiting of the past is also very apparent on today's music. With pop acts like Beyoncé sampling more of a '90s R&B vibe, and dance acts like Disclosure harkening back to early UK Garage music, updating yesterday's sound for a new era is de riguer by today's cultural phenomenons.

We saw the trend first begin to emerge in 2012 with the French Express enclave taking '90s R&B hits and giving them a tropical feel. Now, producers are becoming even more experimental and are using the audience's familiarity with the original track as an anchor that leads them through their new, updated productions. This strategy works very well for unknown artists as it's a great way to have audiences become instantly familiar with their track and want to seek out other, original music that has the same production value. The playlist below features some artists that are certain to make it big in 2014 through using this tactic successfully.

Have a listen, and check out my notes on each track AFTER THE JUMP. ..

 Learn more about these tracks, and listen to an extended mixtape AFTER THE JUMP... 

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