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Billy Baldwin on Battling His Brothers for the Boys

In the new issue of The Advocate, Billy Baldwin talks to Brandon Voss about his upcoming role in ABC's Dirty Sexy Money. Baldwin plays an attorney general having an affair with a transsexual, played by real-life transsexual and New York nightclub personality Candis Cayne.

BaldwinSays Baldwin of his character's sexuality: "Right now i'm not exactly sure. My character could be gay, bisexual, or just curious. I think it's part sexual fantasy and sexual deviance, but I don't think he just gets off on the kinky sex. I think he's fully involved in an emotional relationship with Candis's character, Carmelita. On the other hand, is it really a bisexual or homosexual issue? Candis will tell you that she was born a woman trapped inside a man's body and that you are not having sex with a man, you are having sex with a soman. You are in love with a woman. It's like my brother Alec's film Prelude to a Kiss where he was in love with a soman trapped inside the body of a man. Either way, I have no qualms about it. Relationships come in so many different ways, shapes, and forms."

Billy also adds that if the Baldwin brothers were gay, he'd be the one to nab the hottest guys: "It would have to be me, because I've always gotten the hottest chicks. I'm the tall, thin, good=looking, intelligent, talented, charming one, and all the other brothers are all the other things."


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