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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #847


KASICH: Ohio Governor booed for assault on collective bargaining rights; brings teacher to tears.

BORN THIS WAY: The wee version.

WILLIAM SHATNER: Captain Kirk delivered the morning wake-up call to Space Shuttle Discovery.

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Sarah Palin Makes Surprise Visit to The Tonight Show


William Shatner had just settled into an interpretive reading of Going Rogue on Conan last night when Sarah Palin arrived to give Shatner a taste of his own medicine.


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Levi Johnston Now Concerned About Size of His Johnson?


Levi Johnston's every thought on his journey to the pages of Playgirl continues to be tracked.

Calling all fluffers. Page Six reports that Johnston is now concerned about the size of his Johnson: "We hear that the father of Sarah Palin's grandson has been telling folks at the magazine he is worried about how his manhood may look during the shoot. And to make matters worse, one location for the shoot is a chilly ice rink. But Levi's manager, Tank Johnson, tells Page Six, 'We haven't had any discussions of that nature at all,' and refused to confirm whether Johnson would go full-frontal during the shoot."

Entertainment Tonight followed Johnston to Wasilla and through one of his workouts, and William Shatner performed a reading of Levi's Tweets on The Tonight Show.

Watch both those clips, AFTER THE JUMP...


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News: Michael Jackson, Tortoise, Whitney Houston, Caymans, Halo

RoadFormer Idaho senator Larry Craig opens consulting firm.

RoadPolice surround Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray's house in Las Vegas. Murray administered Jackson Propofol the night before his death. Home raided.

Transit RoadDocked Space Shuttle and ISS transit sun. FLASHBACK: Space Shuttle and Hubble transit sun.

RoadAspray: The cure for stank ass.

RoadHalo vs. Already Gone: Did Ryan Tedder sell Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson the same song with different lyrics?

RoadBill in Uganda would ban free speech on behalf of LGBT people: "Recently, [Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity James Nsaba] Buturo said that once the two bills are passed into law, it will be an offence to publish and distribute literature on homosexuality. He also said it would become impossible for homosexuals to address press conferences and attract people to support their cause."

RoadNearly-extinct Galapagos tortoise may become father at the age of 90.

RoadWhitney Houston moves up date of album release, offers free track on website.

RoadGay cruise to visit Cayman Islands again: "Three years ago, Atlantis Events brought 3,200 gay tourists to Cayman. A small number turned out to protest when the passengers came ashore in 2006, but the visit passed off without much disturbance. Mr. Yuan said he believed people’s attitudes had changed since 1998, and that the tourism industry in Cayman had extended a welcome to Atlantis and its customers."

RoadACT UP veteran and film and music critic Robert Hilferty takes own life.

Gyllenhaal_namath RoadConfirmed: Jake Gyllenhaal to play Joe Namath.

RoadJosh & Josh visit World Outgames for Passport magazine.

RoadProtect Marriage chairman Ron Prentice holds secret meeting, tells followers to pray for LGBT divisiveness in repeal of Proposition 8.

RoadBoy George says Elton John helped him through prison experience: "Elton offered me love and support from both himself and David [Furnish]. He also sent me a lovely music player...Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas, Antony Hegarty and Holly Johnson wrote to me too. The only time I got emotional in prison was when I got letters from friends. People that beforehand I wouldn’t have thought I could rely on."

Fwbartender RoadFort Worth Rainbow Lounge bartender killed in car wreck.

RoadTired of vampires yet?

RoadGrace Jones plays Hollywood Bowl.

RoadACLU of Florida gets $150,000 in funding from Tides Foundation to help end Florida's gay adoption ban.

Road500 protest Gay Pride in Charlotte, North Carolina: “We are not here to have a confrontation…We are here to send the message that God has a better way.”

Road$294K: Proponents of Vermont's marriage equality bill outspent opponents by a margin of 7 to 1. "Meanwhile, same-sex marriage opponents spent only $41,769 on their campaign, according to final disclosure forms filed Monday."

RoadUN grants official status to LGBT Brazilian organization: "The victory for the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians and Transsexuals marks the third consecutive year the U.N. Economic and Social Council has overturned a decision by a 19-country committee blocking gay groups from participating in the global body's debates."

RoadWilliam Shatner makes poetry of Sarah Palin speech.

Boston Legal Finale SPOILER warning
William Shatner and James Spader in Same-Sex Marriage



In last night's Boston Legal finale, characters Denny Crane and Alan Shore got married. It was referred to as a same-sex marriage, not a gay marriage, since neither character is gay, but according to the LA. Times' Mary McNamara, "It was a fitting end to the most devoted, and deranged, couple on television."

I'm not a watcher of Boston Legal, but maybe some of you who are can chime in as to whether or not the treatment of this veered into Chuck and Larry territory. The marriage of convenience had something to do with medical power of attorney related to Shatner's character's Alzheimer's.

You can watch the final scene, which also gives up a few other secrets, AFTER THE JUMP...


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William Shatner and James Spader in Same-Sex Marriage" »

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #396

KEITH OLBERMANN: The MSNBC anchor talks Palin, Prop 8, and pumpkin pie with Martha Stewart. Here's Part Two.

HUGO CHAVEZ: Frontline doc. airing tonight examines Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

THE SHAT: Old Captain Kirk reacts to the new Star Trek trailer.

JOE LIEBERMAN: Joe is Keith Olbermann's worst person.

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