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UK Big Brother Star Stuart Launches YSL Guyliner


Stuart Pilkington, an actor from the UK's Big Brother reality show, is apparently the spokesmodel for Yves Saint Laurent's new men's eyeliner and demonstrated it shirtless at a recent launch while his fans waited to pounce in the background.

Make Her Up reports: "Touche Eclat For Men is unfragranced and will 'encourage men to use cosmetics as a skin enhancer, rather than to create a full make-up look', the company claims. David Walker-Smith, director of beauty at Selfridges, which will sell the product for $45 a pop, said: 'Men have gone from stealing beauty products from their wives and girlfriends to stocking up on their own. They no longer consider them to decrease their male bravado.'"

Wonder if they're bringing this to the states. Maybe Pete Wentz would push it, although he's probably coming out with a line of his own.

Or perhaps Mario Lopez, who was reportedly the talk of a recent EA Sports event for the mounds of pancake and mascara he was wearing.

Anyway, if you'd like a look at Stuart sans the guyliner, check out the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Shanghai, Cynthia Nixon, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Prince William

road.jpg Australian Capitol Territory holds first same-sex civil partnership ceremony.

Bachelorsroad.jpg Bachelor Summit: Matt Grant towers over Andy Baldwin.

road.jpg Cynthia Nixon stands by her girlfriend's clothing demands.

road.jpg Military sociologist Charles Moskos, who helped establish 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', dies in California: "Dr. Moskos' research examined the modern military experience in unprecedented detail, gleaned in part from his ease with the rank-and-file soldiers. 'He truly had an impact on the military,' said Gen. Wesley Clark in a statement. 'He gave many of us the reassurance that someone out there knew us, cared about us and could help see our best interests as a nation and a military were looked after.'" More from SLDN.

road.jpg Prince William sets sail in the Caribbean.

road.jpg From the stacks: Grandfather was queer.

road.jpg Brad Pitt to design green hotel (with team of consultants) in Dubai: "Whilst acting is my career, architecture is my passion. Selecting this development as my first major construction project has been a simple decision. It will underpin not only my values for environmentally-friendly architecture, but also embrace my career in entertainment."

Lcroad.jpg Live Cool: Shanghai gets new gay nightclub.

road.jpg McCain schedules appearance with country singer John Rich, who once said: "I think if you legalize [gay marriage], you've got to legalize some other things that are pretty unsavory. You can call me a radical, but how can you tell an aunt that she can't marry her nephew if they are really in love and sharing the bills? How can you tell them they can't get married, but something else that's unnatural can happen?" Rich later apologized after public outcry.

road.jpg Shakespeare's grave getting a makeover.

road.jpg Queer Quinn : New York news anchor in Freudian slip.

Alreynoldsroad.jpg Under Armour issues statement denying relationship with Al Reynolds, Jr. after photo surfaces: "I wanted to clarify what has been reported. Al Reynolds is not a spokesperson for Under Armour, nor is there any business relationship of any kind between the Under Armour brand and Al Reynolds."

road.jpg Nancy Pelosi endorses gay San Francisco Assemblyman Mark Leno in bid for state senate.

road.jpg 11-year-old trailer once used as canvas for a young Banksy, now may fetch £500,000: "Called Fragile Silence, it shows commandos landing stereo equipment on a beach. The trailer’s owners, Maeve Neal and Nathan Welland, say Banksy has authenticated the work, which he completed before they drove the truck to the Glastonbury Festival in 1998. And instead of them paying him, he gave them two free festival tickets for providing the ‘canvas.’ At the time Banksy, whose real name has never been confirmed, was little known."

road.jpg Gay Colorado congressional hopeful Jared Polis contributes $2.1 million of his own funds into his campaign.

road.jpg Fashion world remembers Yves Saint Laurent. Simon Doonan, of Barneys New York: “I have a permanent shrine to Yves in my house: a pair of couture croc thigh boots. His highwayman looks, his Cossacks, his lesbian tuxedos, his sexy safaris, his djellabas, his Spanish cigarette girls, his tartan flings. There is no end to his influence and fabulousness.”

Fashion Legend Yves Saint Laurent Dies in Paris


Fashion legend and brilliant master of couture Yves Saint Laurent died at his apartment in Paris on Sunday at the age of 71. Some excerpts from the NYT obit:

Berge* "Mr. Saint Laurent achieved instant fame in 1958 at the age of 21 when he showed his Trapeze collection, his first for Christian Dior following the master’s death. But unlike many overnight sensations, Mr. Saint Laurent managed to remain at the top of his profession as fashion changed from an emphasis on formal, custom-made haute couture to casual sportswear."

* "In September 1961, Mr. Saint Laurent announced plans to open his own haute couture house in partnership with his lover, Pierre Bergé (pictured, right, at the announcement of YSL's retirement). Mr. Bergé remained his lifelong business partner and was responsible for the company’s financial success, although they split up as a couple in the early 1980s."

* "Among his greatest successes were his Mondrian collection in 1965, based on the Dutch artist’s gridlike paintings, and the “rich peasant” collection of 1976, which stirred so much interest that the Paris show was restaged in New York for his American admirers."

Mondrian_2* "By 1983, when he was 47, his work was recognized by fashion scholars as so fundamentally important to women’s dress that a retrospective of his designs was held at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the first time the museum had honored a living designer. Diana Vreeland, the legendary magazine editor and the doyenne of the Costume Institute, who masterminded the exhibition, called him “a living genius” and 'the Pied Piper of fashion.'"

* "'Every man needs aesthetic phantoms in order to exist,' Mr. Saint Laurent said at the announcement of his retirement. 'I have known fear and the terrors of solitude. I have known those fair-weather friends we call tranquilizers and drugs. I have known the prison of depression and the confinement of hospital. But one day, I was able to come through all of that, dazzled yet sober.'"

Saint Laurent's cause of death was reportedly a brain tumor. In recent years he had been hospitalized and in 2006 had a public collapse on a Paris street following one of the show's of the fashion house that bore his name.

Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent Hospitalized

Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has been admitted to the American Hospital in Paris, WWD reports:

Saint_laurent"Pierre Bergé, the legendary couturier's partner, said Saint Laurent was 'not doing well' and that he was beset with respiratory trouble. Saint Laurent also is having difficulty walking. Bergé, visibly emotional as he left the Quincy restaurant here after dinner Wednesday with close friends, including Betty Catroux, said doctors had yet to diagnose Saint Laurent's current health woes. Saint Laurent, who has long suffered from neuroses and often acute depression, retired from fashion in 2002 and has since led a somewhat secluded life. Poor health has limited his mobility and physical activities, including his ability to sketch."

He is expected to be released in the coming days. If you'll remember, the designer suffered a similar scare last October, collapsing after a Paris show of the label that bears his name.

Designer Yves Saint Laurent Collapses on Paris Street


Hours after his label's Thursday night runway show in Paris, Yves Saint Laurent collapsed on the street. He was quickly rushed to the hospital by medics.

A spokesman for the designer said that he has checked out of the hospital, and is home recuperating.

Yves Saint Laurent came out publicly to the daily French newspaper Le Figaro in 1991, although he met Pierre Bergé, the man who would become his partner and fund the opening of his couture house, in the mid-50's.


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