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Zac Efron Says 'There's No Doubt' He'll Play a Gay Character

(image from a recent ad campaign for John John denim)

Zac Efron gives an interview to The Advocate in which he talks about his gay following and the roles he'll play in the future:

I’d never take a role just for the sake of playing gay, but I’m always looking for a role that’s challenging, different, and entails some risk, so there’s no doubt in my mind that one of those characters will be gay at some point in the future. It’s always interesting to delve into unexplored territory, and that would be a new avenue for me. I definitely wouldn’t be afraid.

Efron also talks about the Details interview for which he received much praise from our readers when he said, “Honestly, if the worst he can say about me is that I'm gay, then I think I'll be fine. I can handle it.”

Added Efron in reflection: "I don’t like to live in fear about things like rumors and backlash to begin with — that’s the way I was raised — but I just can’t see what’s so wrong about being gay."

Zac Efron Shows Off His Muscle, Car in New John John Denim Ads


From these new campaign shots for John John Denim, it's clear Zac Efron has moved on from his Link Larkin days and into a new phase marked by muscle, cars, and as we saw last week, wet underwear.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1054

CASH CAB: Gays in Vancouver.


VIDEO GAMES: Jay Brannan covers Lana del Rey.

JBDUBS: I hate my job.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1044

DIARY OF ZAC EFRON: Hoop dreams.

BETTY WHITE'S 90TH: President Obama demands to see the Golden Girl's long-form birth certificate.

BERNIE GOLDBERG: FOX News contributor doesn't know Ice-T from Ice Cube.

64 HORROR MOVIES IN 5 MINUTES: Can you name them all?

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Zac Efron's Hot Pants Halloween


Zac Efron spent Halloween showing off some hot pants as a Reno 911 officer. He also appeared to be enhancing his look with a creepy hand on his left shoulder but some investigation reveals that it's just a photoshop oversight.

We say let him join the Force.

The Diary of Zac Efron, Continued: VIDEO


More insight into the life of a tween heartthrob.

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