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Feist I’ve been meaning to write about this Canadian singer for awhile now. In my last “In Heavy Rotation” I mentioned a little song called “Mushaboom” that had caught my attention. I’ve since gone on to discover Feist’s (shortened from Leslie Feist) full CD, Let it Die and haven’t stopped playing it since.

Her music is a spare combination of folk, lounge, and jazz, with vocals in the family of Jem and Dido. The arrangements are stealthily compelling. There’s an unexpected cover of the Bee Gees tune “Inside and Out” that’s truly inspiring and a warm, sophisticated track called “One Evening” that rises above the rest. As I said in my “Mushaboom” review, it’s life affirming and nostalgic. I’m not sure she’s signed to a U.S. label at this point, and she’s currently touring in France.

There’s one other excellent track I’d like to point out again as well. A couple months ago I directed you to a DJ Reset mash-up of Beck and Pharrell Williams (and now it appears, Jay-z) called “Frontin’ on Debra”. Well, apparently some others were impressed with it as well and it has obtained an official, more slickly-produced release. Highly, highly recommended. iTunes link follows:
Frontin' On Debra

Posted October 16, 2004 at 12:19pm ETC by Andy Towle
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