News: Thomas Roberts, Kentucky Derby, Gay Art, Steve Jobs

road.jpg STUDY: Same-sex parents as good, if not better, than their straight counterparts at raising children: “The report says the strongest conclusion that can be drawn from empirical literature is that the vast majority of studies show that children living with two mothers and children living with a mother and father have the same levels and qualities of social competence. A few studies suggest that children with two lesbian mothers may have marginally better social competence than children in traditional nuclear families, even fewer studies show the opposite, and most studies fail to find any differences, says the 74-page study. The paper references about 100 studies on parenting and childrens development.”

Slavamogutinroad.jpg The NYT discovers a resurgence in “gay art”, coaxes art critic and curator to admit, “I adore Butt”.

road.jpg Lodi, California mom expresses horror upon discovering gay penguin children’s book And Tango Makes Three: “It’s a book about homosexual penguins…You don’t start teaching them at three years old about two men together and adopting a baby. And just because you sugar-coat it with penguins on the cover, doesn’t make it an appropriate subject matter.”

road.jpg Seattle gay pride saved as groups reach agreement.

road.jpg Screenwriter Russell T. Davies tops The Independent‘s list of the 100 most influential gay people in Britain.

road.jpg Although he received only $1 in salary, Steve Jobs was the highest paid CEO last year based on stock options and other benefits. The Apple Chief Exec made a whopping $646 million.

road.jpg Brad Pitt requests ‘ass double’ for new film.

road.jpg 25 years later, The Smiths remain a “potent force” in music: “To put the extent of their achievement into context, you need only remember that they arrived at a time in the early-to-mid Eighties when punk’s rupture had long been papered over, when the new synthesised pop of Boy George and Wham! ruled the charts, and, more importantly, when sample-based dance music first began crossing into the mainstream and rock music seemed to be fighting a desperate rearguard action.”

road.jpg CNN’s out gay anchor Thomas Roberts has left Headline News to pursue “new journalistic opportunities”. He will certainly be missed.

Biggayalroad.jpg Queen Elizabeth wasn’t the only one showing off at the Kentucky Derby.

road.jpg Ricky Martin said to purchase $7 million three-bedroom condo at Ian Schrager/s 40 Bond luxury condo development in NYC.

road.jpg Nepal holds a ‘Miss Transgender’ contest: “Wearing an embroidered and sequinned red sari, 21-one-year-old Ria, also known as Raju Gurung, wore the Miss Transgender crown at a gay pageant Sunday in Pokhara city, a popular tourist destination. Though initially over a dozen people signed up to take part in the contest organised by NGO Sunaulo Bihani, many of them backed out at the last minute due to family pressure and the social stigma surrounding homosexuality in Nepal, a local daily said.”

road.jpg Bush calls Alberto Gonzalez the “Eternal General”. (video)


  1. Matt says

    I’ve always liked Thomas Roberts. I think he does a great job but I feel like he kind of got the shaft once he came out and CNN and Anderson Cooper used him for a story on his molestation.

  2. Marco says

    I was sure the photo to the left of the last story link was of a participant in the Miss Transgendered contest. Turns out, it’s Star Jones.

    Easy mistake these days.

  3. ggreen says

    If Steve Jobs spent more time on quality control of his shitty Apple products he probably wouldn’t have to steal from the company by back dating his stock options. This guy is a total prick. Criticizing teachers for being unionized while he out sources every single Apple product to avoid paying decent living wages to American workers. Please people stop throwing money at this creep.

  4. mark says

    Refering to the Queen in the same article as Star Jones, Kevin Federline and other miscellaneous sperm donors is just wrong.

    Oh so wrong.

  5. Bob says

    Apparently kids in Lodi are able to check out books on their own at age 3. I had no idea. If this mom is so worried about what her three year old is getting a hold of without her knowledge, she should look closer to home than the library.

  6. pacificoceanboy says

    mark m

    I don’t think it is a typo

    Far be it from me to not appreciate the finer attributes of 40+ year old males, but main stream america likes younger tighter butts and brad is getting up there in age. A virtual dinosaur as far as Hollywood is concerned. Though I’d gladly do Brad even with a little sag in his budunka dunk. :-)As long as he got rid of all that fake blond hair. Saggy but brad is cool…died blond hair is nasty. :-) Oh and angelina would have to video tape us if not join in herself. I would play bisexual for one night with Angelina and only Angelina even if she herself also had a bitt of sag in her trunk.

  7. Patrick says

    The Smiths will always be a classic… Back in the day their music was great for sexually confused depressed anorexic gay boys like me who grew up to be adult depressed skinny gay men.

  8. peterparker says

    GGreen…the reason people are ‘throwing money at’ Steve Jobs is that Apple products are more innovative, more stylish and easier to operate than everything else out there. Very few things annoy me more than having to use my mom’s Dell computer whenever I visit the parents. If somebody took away my Mac and told me I had to switch to a PC, I’d probably just abandon the computer altogether.

  9. Gary says

    What computers are made in the USA anymore? In fact, aside from cars what can you find that has the “made in the USA” stamp on it? The Stock Market rejoices at this outsourcing and a lucky few benefit from its destruction of the American Dream.