Man Challenging Wyoming’s Marriage Law a Mentally Unstable Felon

Last week I posted about a challenge to Wyoming's marriage law brought by David Shupe-Roderick and Ryan W. Dupree of Cheyenne.

The AP reported: "They're asking U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson to stop the state from enforcing any laws that block gays and lesbians from access to civil marriage. Wyoming Attorney General Bruce Salzburg declined comment Tuesday, saying he hadn't reviewed the lawsuit yet. Shupe-Roderick and Dupree are acting as their own attorneys in the case."

WyomingHowever, LezGetReal reports that the couple behind the case have quite a past:

Shupe-Roderick, 25, served 4 years in the Wyoming State Penitentiary after he, his brother, and their two girlfriends left Cheyenne in a rental car in January 2004. When they didn’t return the rental car on time, the rental company contacted police. Two days later, Shupe-Roderick – then known as Gerald Shupe — was arrested in Arkansas after being pulled over for an illegal lane change.

After being sentenced, Shupe-Roderick unsuccessfully requested a reduction in his prison sentence on the grounds that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wasn’t taking his prescribed medication when he took the rental car.

Lezgetreal has been contacted by parties close to source as well as information from local authorities and now received further verification through the investigation of other media outlets.

Gerald David Shupe-Roderick, aka Gerald Shupe, now asking to be called David- is currently being prosecuted for falsifying state documents. Last October, he applied to become a notary public, and he allegedly certified on his application form that he wasn’t a convicted felon.

The lawsuit also alleges Shupe-Roderick used a fake same-sex union certificate from Massachusetts to obtain a Wyoming driver’s license.

That seems to be the tip of the iceberg.

According to the Billings Gazette: [Shupe Roderick has] filed five other lawsuits in the past three years. In one, he accused prison guards of sexual misconduct, and in another, he accused a would-be business client of assault and breach of contract. He has also sought $16,398 in loans and debts from his former employers/roommates and asserted that Bank of America unlawfully refused to release $5,107 from his bank account. All of those cases were eventually dropped or dismissed.”


  1. Lucrece says

    You can address the merits of the case (or lack thereof in this case, as activist would say) without resorting to character assassination.

    You’re trying to dismiss his attempt to bring on a case by bringing up personal information irrelevant to the case itself. Pretty crappy journalism.

  2. A. Beaverhausen says

    Lucrece, Jake: Stop being bitchy queens for a second and realize that you’re not watching an episode of Judge Judy. If these two mental defectives (who probably are probably just heterosexual attention-seekers) somehow got into Federal court (but they won’t) and the case was assigned to an anti-gay judge then they could lose a case that could serve as precedent law for the 10th Federal district potentially for years. Even if it doesn’t come to that, they’ll be promoted as “those kooky-crazy criminal gays who want to destroy traditional marriage”. Okay, you may revert to being bitchy queens now.

  3. Amber says

    Not cool with calling him mentally unstable once I saw the bipolar thing. If he is bipolar, and was off meds, that would make him exhibit impulsive behavior. If he’s back on his meds, he’s no longer mentally unstable.

    Atenntion seeking? Probably. But not unstable. Have a little sensitivity towards folks with mental illnesses.

  4. A. Beaverhausen says

    KFLO: Please pay attention. If NOM (for example) hires a couple of stooges to play gay for a while and intentionally file a weak, losing case then NOM (for example) wins within the jurisdiction of that court. In the case of Wyoming, that would be the 10th district, and that could preclude a stronger case from Colorado, for example, from winning. What if that weak case is appealed and accepted by the Supreme Court (because Scalia can’t wait to kill same-sex marriage forever) before Perry v. Schwartzenegger from the 9th district reaches the Supreme Court? You’re arguing that the other side has the ‘right’ to lose as a proxy for our side and set an irreversible legal precedent.

    Fortunately, these guys’ criminal, behavioral, and psychological problems will probably keep them out of court.

  5. A. Beaverhausen says

    Yes, Niles, keep cheering them on even when they’re working for the other side. But imagine one day you’re at the county clerk’s office…

    Niles: “Hello, we’d like a marriage license.”

    Clerk: “But you’re both men.”

    Niles: “Yes, but…”

    Clerk: “But nothing. That issue was decided by the Supreme Court in the case of Crackhead v. Wyoming. Crackhead lost; no marriage for you!”

    Niles: “But Crackhead and his partner were later exposed as hetero stooges. Crackhead et al weren’t even gay! I thought they were exercising their right to file suit against unjust governmental actions…”

    Clerk: “…just like everyone else. Right, right, whatever. NEXT! What, you’re still here? Deputy! Throw these second-class citizens out of the building.”

    Niles: “But…but…but….”

  6. Alex says

    Amber, I don’t know how much you think you know about bipolar disorder, but he would probably display a LOT more than just impulsive behavior. I should know.

    I have bipolar, and if I am not on my meds, then I am certifiably batshit CRAZY. Like loosing touch with ALL reality, coming up with crazy ideas, doing crazy stuff, etc., and he is probably the same.

  7. Kitty Martin says

    He is diabolically smart. He was my room mate and employee. I am one of the lawsuits filed that was dropped. David is just a criminal. He would be amazed how far he would have gotten if he would have used his brilliant mind for the good. He has charm,looks and brains.He just wanted everything and did not want to do a hard days work to get it.He was my office manager for my business.He stole over 50,000 from my husband and I. $ years later we are still trying to recover financially! His whole family are criminals and have a record to prove it!

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