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Iowa Voters Split on Removing Justices Over Gay Marriage Ruling

The Des Moines Register reveals a new poll which shows the results, perhaps, of the damage done by insidious battering from anti-gay conservatives over marriage equality in the state.

Iowa See the fuil results below.

If you've been reading this site, you know there's been  a big campaign underway in the state to oust three Supreme Court justices who approved marriage equality.

The Des Moines Register reports:

Thirty-seven percent of likely voters say they will vote to remove all three Iowa Supreme Court justices in Tuesday's election. Thirty-four percent say they will vote to keep all three, and 10 percent plan to retain some.

The poll shows movement toward the ouster of at least one justice, a result unseen in Iowa history since the merit-selection and retention process was adopted in 1962.

On the ballot are Chief Justice Marsha Ternus and Justices David Baker and Michael Streit, who were among seven justices who voted in the unanimous 2009 decision that allowed same-sex marriage, triggering a political uproar.

Retention votes on justices in Iowa are staggered. A justice's first retention vote comes in the general election at least one year after he or she is appointed to the bench. Afterward, justices face a retention vote every eight years.

We'll see what happens this evening.

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  1. Dear people of IOWA, please go VOTE and put the anti-gay smear machine in its place.

    Dear people of the US, please go VOTE and put the anti-gay GOP Tea Party smear machine in its place. We'll step 15 steps backwards for gay rights if GOP has a landslide.

    Posted by: VAVA | Nov 2, 2010 7:24:01 AM

  2. The problem here is that even if the justices narrowly retain their jobs the damage has already been done because the forces of intimidation have sent the message loud and clear that they're going to keep doing this all over the country.

    Posted by: Brent Z | Nov 2, 2010 8:03:09 AM

  3. When is OUR Case for OUR Rights going to the SCOTUS? When? Im tired of the Crumbs when it comes to everything that involves LGBT Americans rights.....DOMA,ENDA

    Posted by: Disgusted American | Nov 2, 2010 8:25:03 AM

  4. I can't believe you American gays have allowed the religous right to do this to you.


    Posted by: Rowan | Nov 2, 2010 8:26:08 AM

  5. I am the only one who thinks it's absurd to vote on who should be a supreme court judge? In other words, you're politicising a position that should have nothing to do with politics - thus encouraging the distortion of law.

    Posted by: dreamfish | Nov 2, 2010 8:44:27 AM

  6. Rowan, American gays, for the most part, are the bottom of the barrel. So few fight for anything besides Gaga tickets and anything that has to do with shirtless men.

    Signed, American gay

    Posted by: Cory | Nov 2, 2010 9:06:26 AM

  7. Cory, I think you need to speak for yourself. Someone seems a bit bitter. What are YOU doing to fight for our equality?

    Posted by: Ryan | Nov 2, 2010 12:40:54 PM

  8. Rowan, I can't believe you non-American gays have allowed the religious right to do this to us. Join the long line of "blame the victims" assholes around the world.
    Cory, you sound like the poster fool for exhibiting internalized homophobia and self loathing. Sexist, too - hate to tell you that some WOMEN are gay. I wish you knew some of my friends, none of whom fit that silly stereotype you're clinging to. Get a life and some self-respect. It feels a lot better than self-misery.

    Posted by: AC | Nov 2, 2010 10:45:10 PM

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