GetEQUAL Bringing Some Muscle To Non-Discrimination Action


GetEQUAL vowed to start slow but then increase intensity in its protests against President Obama's rejection of an executive order prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination among federal contractors.

The White House says Obama wants to focus on a national ENDA, but, like other activists, GetEQUAL thinks the president can accomplish both, or should at least try.

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent reports:

You may recall that during the battle over don’t ask don’t tell, a gay rights group called GetEQUAL got lots of press coverage for its civil disobedience against the White House over the issue. Images of activists chained to the White House fence or getting taken away in handcuffs gained wide circulation.

Now the group is about to launch a similar campaign against the Obama campaign over the executive order, which has been a priority for gay advocates ever since Obama took office.

GetEQUAL’s managing director, Heather Cronk, tells me that in the next few weeks, the group will start staging actions against Obama For America offices throughout the country. The actions will begin with small gestures and will escalate over time.

“We’ll certainly be doing potentially arrestable actions at the White House,” Cronk tells me, confirming that the group has raised money in the six figures from gay donors to finance the actions.

Something tells me Mr. Obama is going to have a long, hot summer full of pro-equality action. Lucky him.


  1. VDUFFORD says

    I am sure no glitter bombs this time!
    As ‘Towleroad’ reported yesterday John Boehner thinks there are “ample laws” are in place to protect LGBT workers. PLEASE make this clear to the general public that there are not any laws in place.These future protests must be clear unlike the administration has been in response.
    The general pubic is very sceptical of new laws that don’t effect them directly. They need and should be educated to WHY they are needed.

  2. KP says

    Good for them, maybe its time we stopped playing nice. I’m not advocating violence but non-violent protesting seems like a good option. We can’t afford to just roll over and wait until re-election.

  3. MiddleoftheRoader says

    Great! GETEQUAL is just playing into the hands of Republicans who want to see Obama issue an Executive Order just a few months before the election in response to pressure from LGBT groups. What’s to be accomplished by this Executive Order now, as opposed to right after the election (when Obama would still be in office for 2 months, even if he loses)?

    Oh, the claim is made that more people will vote for Obama if he issues the Executive Order now. Sorry folks, it won’t work that way in the real world. No one who is going to vote for Romney is going to change his/her vote and vote for Obama if Obama issues and Executive Order. The only thing that an Executive Order MIGHT do is to convince some reluctant Obama voters (gay or otherwise) to show up on election day and vote for Obama — but at what expense? The Republicans will (successfully) use the issuance of such an Executive Order against Obama to fire up more conservatives and undecided voters to vote against Obama. The polls simply do not support the view that Obama will pick up Romney or undecided voters by issuing the Executive Order.

    As to the claim that issuing the Executive Order will encourage more (gay and otherwise) Obama supporters to show up at the polls and vote for him — well, our goal should be to persuade these reluctant Obama voters they must come out and vote for him regardless of any Executive Order. Voters who sit home and refuse to vote for Obama because he didn’t issue an Executive Order before the election are living in a dream world if they think that the election of Romney is going to be better than Obama (or even half as good as Obama). While you may not vote for Romney, withholding your vote from Obama is in effect a vote for Romney.

    Oh, there is precedent for this type of self-destructive thinking: large numbers of liberal and progressive voters refused (in 1968) to show up at the polls and vote for Hubert Humphrey for President when he ran against Richard Nixon. Why? Because these liberal and progressive voters were upset that Humphrey (who was Johnson’s VP) was not sufficient anti-Vietnam War and did not openly criticize Johnson’s handling of the war — even though, when Humphrey was a Senator, his liberal /ADA rating was the highest in the US Senate. We all know what happened when liberals and progressives stayed home: we got Nixon as President, Warren Burger and William Rehnquist on the Supreme Court, and so many other bad things. All because Humphrey wasn’t “good enough” for some people who sat home and refused to vote.

    So, do you really want to play that song again? Romney, followed by conservative replacements for Justices Ginsburg and Breyer in the next 4 years, etc etc etc??

  4. paul says

    i really think we should spend our energies making sure a Republican doesn’t get anywhere near the White House in January. That is way more important than issuing an Exec order right now….seriously. Focus on making sure that Romney isnt the president, then we can continue working with obama on equality. If the GOP get in we are totally and utterly screwed for decades.

  5. says

    People bellyached about Get Equal’s tactics during DADT’s back and forth. Cut to months later, President Obama tossed a pen down on the signed bill and said “This is done.”

    This will only inflame extremists. Get it done now, and there’ll be plenty else to yell at obama for come election time.

  6. Bob says

    Fer chrissakes, we are talking about over 40 years of struggle. Notice that he has done everything else within his power, and as with DADT, he knows that Executive Orders can be overturned easily by the next guy.
    b–WHY THE HELL AREN’T YOU PICKETING THE CATHEDRALS AND MORMON TEMPLES? — those places are full of control freaks who hate you, while you want to be in control of Obama, who, though imperfect, is the best friend you have ever had in the job.

  7. Brim says

    I’m sorry, Middle-of-the-roader, but the far left should not go along with this. You make it sound as if people withholding their vote is a tactical disadvantage. Perhaps in the short term it is. But if you believe it is immoral and unethical to vote for someone as pro-war as Obama, then voting tactically merely bolsters support for the policies that one sees as destructive.

    I have always been Democrat. I want a Democrat, not a Republican. I will not vote for Obama because he IS a Republican! Look at his policies!

    This article has it right. Push for both the executive order and real legislation. It is foreign policy that has been the most damaging and even if Obama signed the executive order I’m not certain I would vote for him. But it would be a good start.

  8. Brim says

    And, Obama RAN on ending the wars, closing Guantanamo, reigning in the CIA, transparent government, etc. I don’t get this attitude that, lately, has seen Democrats try to bully people into voting based on fear. Do I want to see Romney as president? No. Do I think he will eat all our babies and sacrifice us gay people on stone altars to Jehovah? No. I think he will continue doing EXACTLY what Obama is doing, and I think that gay people will have no positive legislation passed. But I also think that by refusing to vote maybe people will realize that we need a third party not in the pockets of banks and multinational corporations. Someone needs to start a party based in reason, research, and social reform.

  9. SteveC says

    To all the people who say that if Obama signs an executive order then it will be overturned by the next Republican president – well so what.

    Assuming he signs the order, and gets re-elected, then the earliest it will be overturned would be 2016 – by which point it will be well established and therefore far less likely to be overturned.

    And even if Romney wins (unlikely given the fact that he’s a member of an insane religious cult) would he REALLY overturn it, knowing that the vast majority of Americans support non-discrimination.

    Obama’s refusal to sign this is disgusting, it is homophobic, it is short sighted and it is unacceptable.

    Unless the Democrats understand that the LGBT vote is dependent on them respecting LGBT human and civil rights, then they will continue to do as little as possible.

    Voting for the lesser of 2 evils no longer works for me.

    Screw Obama – he is not getting my vote, any longer. I won’t vote Republican – no way in hell could I do that.

    We are winning the battle for hearts and minds. Playing politics with our rights is no longer an acceptable position for a Democrat to take.

    I hope GetEqual deliver that message loudly and clearly to Obama.

  10. happyday says

    Although the sure-to-come crazy antics of Get Equal will probably wind up actually helping Obama politically, shouldn’t they be concentrating their earnest ire on Romney and the Republicans, who have vowed and pledged to wipe out every gay rights advance for the last 20 years? No, I guess that makes too much sense.

  11. Reality says

    Get Equal just likes to make a lot of noise for attention. Are they going to go chain Cho to the fence for the 10th time?

  12. David says

    History will judge Obama as our greatest leap forward in gay rights. Not these silly, “gay pride” marches or GetEqual.

  13. Matt says

    Ah, what’s that? The refreshing feel of a little faith put back into the gay rights movement.

    Never mind the Obama sycophants, who wet themselves thinking this will hurt him. That’s right, be good little boys and girls, lay down and die, dreaming of Obama’s second term when all your fantasies come true, knowing deep within yourselves that reality is so much harsher than that.

  14. says

    I knew if I clicked onto the comments for this, there’d be any number of the perennial screamers of “Just wait, wait,” and, of course, there they were. I guess they are all sitting so cozy that they don’t have to worry about losing their jobs for being gay, the same ones that will forever fall for the ol’ carrot-on-a-stick game.

  15. rlw says

    It’s time to stop acting like 2nd class citizens and stop voting for candidates who are afraid of supporting full equality. Tme for Obama to come out or move out.

  16. says

    It’s time to stop acting like 2nd class citizens and stop voting for candidates who are afraid of supporting full equality. Tme for Obama to come out or move out.

    Posted by: rlw | Apr 20, 2012 12:22:56 AM

    Then RLW I don’t think you’ll be supportng Hillary Clinton in 2016 will you?