1. BrokebackBob says

    If only it had ended with him putting the
    end of the rifle to his temple and squeezing
    off one last shot.

  2. pdxblueyes says

    Stupid is as stupid does… Thanks Forrest for that entertaining bit of batshittery…

  3. TJ says

    Mouth-breather uses an act of violence to show opponents “how we deal” with those who don’t like bigotry, and the first comment quibbles with the choice of “rifle” over “shotgun?”

    Miss the point much?

  4. Dale says

    This coming from a guy who corn holed some sheep on his daddy’s farm when he was a young’in

  5. benjamin says

    The truth of the matter is, he didn’t shoot the sign down. It stood up against his puerile rant. He had to walk over to the sign, slightly out of breath, as it is probably a little further than he usually walks, and lays the sign down.
    And when you think about it, did someone put the sign that far from the street, or did he put it there?
    Let’s hope his sister runs faster than he does, otherwise, he’ll procreate.

  6. colin says

    Gotta love that good ole southern hospitality… unless you’re gay… or a democrat.. or an atheist or a muslim or a jew or a negro or an injun or… you know what if you’re not in his gene pool you can just git out.

  7. acorlando says

    “Study finds that men who vehemently oppose homeosexuality are likely themselves gay.”

  8. Caliban says


    Pretty much ALL of them. They all say the same thing. Macho man who has a real problem with gays?

    Gayer than an Ungaro spring frock!

  9. Gregv says

    @Jack: One example was a University of Georgia study. It categorized men who self-identified as “straight” according to their degree of comfort or homophobia around gay men.
    Their penises were hooked up to a measuring device while they were shown different types of porn.
    The gay-friendly guys didn’t have a penile response to man-on-man porn, while the homophobes’ penises went “schwing!!” when they saw that same gay porn. The more anti-gay they were, the harder their penises got watching gay porn.

    What could he elaborated from such studies is that straight people have no reason whatsoever to fear gay people or to obsess over what gay people do in their relationships unless they are projecting the fear that they have of their own innate feelings.

  10. MikeBoston says

    Typical for North Carolina. Marry your first cousin – not a problem. Shoot signs on your neighbour’s property – not a problem. Smoke anywhere, anytime – not a problem. Give people the opportunity to marry the person of their choice – them’s fighting words.

  11. CKNJ says

    Even in NC surely firing his shotgun like that in a public place is illegal? Arrest the moron already!!

  12. Swiminbuff says

    Another gool ole Southern boy….they either shot it, stuff it or marry it. Bet there aren’t too many branchs on his family tree.

  13. Demian says

    Over at Joe My God they’re re-posting the clip every time Goober takes it down, and the police have been alerted (and hopefully will investigate). They say it is illegal to discharge a firearm onto property where there is a home or business.

  14. rik says

    This video is a total stupid setup and a crock. Note the dirt berm behind the sign for a backstop. It strongly suggests that sign was (stolen?) and placed there by the shooter (Forrest?).

  15. MrRoboto says

    May it go viral, catch the attention of national media, and scare the reasonable people of NC out to the polls in droves to show that this type of backwoods trash does not represent them.

  16. rayrayj says

    Re: MIKEBOSTON: this is not “typical” of North Carolina. I’ve lived on the east Coast, the West Coast, and the Pacific Northwest. There are bigots everywhere. I have found as much support in my community and workplace in NC as in any other community I have lived with the exception of the Pacific Northwest. I have met bigots in NY, Providence, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis and even in San Francisco. I would not say that bigotry is typical of any of those places either. Wherever you go in the world people are going to act like people which means some of them will act scared and stupid. To say that this behavior is typical of a geographical area demeans everyone else who lives there while at the same time implying the behavior is normal for that area. This behavior is normal for nowhere in the US.

  17. thedavid says

    Another a– h— who walks and talks (although not at the same time) rears his head.

  18. jakeinlove says

    You almost want to talk to him like a 3 year old and say, “Take your time. Find your words’

    Almost – I don’ think I have that much patience.

  19. ratbastard says

    There are plenty of fat, ‘fugly’ homosexuals [men and women, and of all so-called races]. This is just an attempt to reinforce the far left 2012 election agenda that whites, especially white males, especially all southern ‘hick’ [read: fat, fugley, etc] males are the enemy. I guarantee you I could find a similar vid of a ‘fugly’ ‘progressive’ male, female, African-American, Hispanic, Jew, etc. doing or saying something ignorant and silly. And never mind all the silly fake ‘outrages’, even fake vids and online posts, that are manufactured by extremists on the left and the right. There are too many to mention here.

  20. ratbastard says


    I agree 100%. And I live in one of America’s ‘Progressive’ bastions, Boston, and have lived and traveled all over the world.


    BTW: If ‘negros’ are so hated ‘down south’, why are there so many black folks ‘down south’ compared to almost all bastions of ‘progressiveness’? And the migration patterns for the past decade or more have been black Americans moving to the south not the reverse? I’ve found most people I know who are from [for example] North Carolina, and when I visited there, to be cool, down to Earth people. My personal experience with many self described progressives ‘up north’ has been the exact opposite.


    GUN OWNER – RIGHT ON!, MY BROTHER! AS AARON DUPREE TIPPIN SINGS, “You’ve Got to Stand for Something…Or You’ll Fall for Anything.”