Supreme Court to Conference Prop 8, DOMA Cases September 24

Hollingsworth v. Perry, the Prop 8 case, and DOMA cases Windsor v. USA and Golinski v. OPM have been listed by the U.S. Supreme Court as distributed for conference on September 24.

SupremesScottie Thomaston at Prop 8 Trial Tracker explains:

The September 24 conference is the first time this term that the Justices will meet privately and look at petitions for certiorari to decide which cases they will accept for review. Usually, the Court announces its orders from conferences on the Monday following the conferences, however if they do take up the Prop 8 case on September 24, they could announce as early as the next day whether the full Court will review the case. It takes four votes to grant review.

If the Court denies the petition, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision stands, and Proposition 8 will be invalidated, though the case won’t set a nationwide precedent. If they decide to review the case, they’ll reach a final decision on the merits at the end of June 2013.

The Court could also potentially ‘relist’ the case for a later conference. This would mean instead of making a decision at the September 24 conference, the case would be held and listed for a subsequent one.

Same-sex marriage could be legal in California by the end of this month if the Supreme Court chooses not to take the Prop 8 case.