1. says

    Seriously now…Do we really need to be informed every time some ignorant creep says something repulsive about us? How about a little self-empowerment?

  2. says

    i love when “God” creates world disasters out of spite toward gays, making it clear that God is a Klansman, because lord knows there sure weren’t world-changing natural disasters in Germany during the Holocaust, or in the US of A during…well…centuries of racial injustice spanning from slavery to segregation.

    nope. God don’t care. but as soon as Deb & Sue try to make their marriage legal…BAA DAAAA BUMMMMM!



  3. Onnyjay says

    Funny how these wealthy charlatans seem to know the mind and heart of the high and holy one, even as they announce their abysmal ignorance of love and grace.

  4. says

    Huh ?
    “God created male and female “.
    I thought the bible said that god created man only…..then took a rib and “played house” with that.
    It was after that, that a talking snake came along and ruined everything.
    So is this old fat bollix making it all up ?

    BTW the Hunk de jour on the side bar is much more attractive.

  5. Swiminbuff says

    I wonder why the US seems to produce a disproportionate number of these wingnuts when compared to other western nations. Limbaugh and Hagee really seem more instep with some Ayatollah or African leader than with the west.

  6. jamal49 says

    Get used to this, everyone, as the last vestiges of evangelical homophobes fight their final battles in the “culture wars”. Hagee is one of the most vitriolic of the current crop of evangelicals although he’s been doing this for over 30 years now. He is as right-wing as they come and about as mean and hateful as any of them. Those people are going down swinging and they can still inflict damage. Be ever vigilant against them.

  7. find any talking snakes lately? says

    Not that science would ever shake their beliefs in biblical fairy tales BUT, the female form developed first and the male form was derived from it. As evidenced not only in the chromosomes, but in men’s nipples, a vestige of female mammaries, reduced to being merely decorative in males.

    The fairy tales of the bible are more colorful though, what with that talking snake and all. As to biblical marriage, it seems to be unnatural, especially when pursued till “death do us part” because there is in reality divorce which these pompous pious morons dare not speak against.

  8. john patrick says

    Didn’t this character cheat on his wife, confess before his church, and divorce his wife to marry his mistress? And he says anything other than a man marrying a woman is two disturbed people playing house? And he is an authority on morality for what reason?

  9. Roger says

    Pastor John you and the anti-gay Christians are the ones who are disturbed and need some serious shock treatment to cure your insanity.

  10. Bernie says

    and we give this man any amount of airtime and print time should be the question because everything he has said is so stupid, illogical and irrational that only stupid, illogical and irrational folks would pay any attention to his blubber

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    @JackFknTwist: There are two (2) creation stories in Genesis. They cannot be reconciled, no matter what the Religious Right pretends. The first one (Genesis 1) has the line that God created them male and female. The second (Genesis 2) has man created first and woman from man’s rib.

  12. andrew says

    Just another bible believer who is a follower of yahweh, the tribal god of the ancient Israelites, who is one of the most, if not the most, evil creations of the human mind.

  13. andrew says

    On one of his shows this tub of lard was preaching about the importance of good diet and exercise. I kept waiting for him to confess that he had “fallen short of the glory”, but it never came.

  14. Gregg A. Gold says

    If you think that Hagee and other evangelicals are bad, just wait until Islam continues to make it weight felt in America. It happening now in Deerborn, Michigan, and its spreading out from there.