Italian Premier Backed By Vatican Says Marriage Equality Up To Parliament

MontiRather than falling in line behind his anti-gay political backers at the Vatican, Italian Premier Mario Monti told Sky TG24 TV today that he thinks marriage equality should be decided by Parliament, not him or any outside force.

[Monti] says gay rights issues — including gay marriage —should be decided by Parliament, not his government if he wins.

Monti told Sky TG24 TV on Sunday that issues involving personal dignity are more important that economic reforms.

But he stressed that his coalition forces, which include pro-Vatican centrists, came together to work on the more "urgent" task of achieving economic growth in recession-mired Italy.

He says the new Parliament will have a greater role than the government in dealing with gay rights.

Though he didn't say whether he supports same-sex marriage, the fact
that Monti didn't claim gay marriage would destroy civilization, as
perpetually paranoid pal Pope Benedict does, is notable enough.