1. Francis #1 says

    Awesome performance on such a grand stage…at the very least, it makes people talk and makes people think about equality and LGBT rights, and that’s the best way to create change. And awesome that Jennifer Hudson joined them, I love her!

    The performance unfortunately came directly after Justin Timberlake performed for 20 minutes and really shut the house down, though, otherwise it could have really stole the show.

  2. Ryan says

    Such a powerful statement, all the more perfect with Jennifer Hudson up there.

    I bet thousands of LGBT kids and teens watched this performance and felt better and more confident about themselves tonight… so amazing! Thank you, Macklemore & co, for this!

  3. Marc says

    Spectacular! What a brilliant performance, bringing to the world’s tv sets and computers and newspaper headlines a message the world so desperately needs right now. And with those voices, and faces and celebrity star power, it’s all the more effective and powerful.

    Love, love, love everything that just happened.

  4. Rob says

    @Adamn What a nasty and snide comment that was, not needed was it? Let me guess you’re some bitter hate filled old queen that’s not happy unless you’re spewing bile at anyone….
    Stay pressed

  5. Zeta says

    “Content rejected.

    This video has been removed due to a breach of the Terms of Use”


  6. says

    Ah, the idiotic irony of Jason aka AdamN etc etc accusing others of being fake or closet cases. Just saying someone is in the closet, because they’re an ally, doesn’t make it so; it just makes you a moron. Actual closet cases don’t do pro-gay pop songs, they sing/rap about banging the opposite sex, duh.

    Mackemore is great and not alone–being an outspoken ally of LGBT rights is actually very common in 2013, the only difference here is that he’s got a huge platform, Bravo.

  7. Jack Ford says

    MTV, you suck with your Geoblocking. Why do UK fans have to wait 24 hours to watch the show (after all the results have been reported online) when we’re the second largest English speaking media market after the US (almost 3 times larger than Canada which presumably got to watch it live). You wonder why people illegally download content.

  8. Robert says

    I must say, I love Macklemore, but dislike this song. The opening is still predicated on stereotypes (I thought I was gay ’cause I liked to draw, but WHEW, then I realized I was good at Little League!”) And the whole “I can’t change” refrain is predicated on the presumption that we could/should/are expected to. Glad that a song about homophobia is getting major play, but it still feels a bit apologetic to me. Am I being too hard on it?

  9. says

    Robert, you’re over thinking someone else’s art, why, what does it matter, do you feel smarter when doing so, doesn’t the fact that it’s being listened to by huge numbers of people not matter to you?

  10. says

    @Robert: The “I can’t change … ” refrain comes out of Mary Lambert’s personal experience growing up a lesbian in an evangelical church, where she was expected to change. Other people may not be struggling with a religious upbringing (brainwashing), but she was. And the “stereotypes” are as much about societal expectations as reality, though there’s certainly reality within those stereotypes that many of us can relate to.

    People are asking an awful lot of this song–given how vapid most lyrics are these days, it’s saying something that there’s actually content to discuss.

  11. TampaZeke says

    Robert, listen to the song again. Macklemore himself chastises his child self for buying into bogus stereotypes. That was the whole point of him bringing them up; to shoot them down and point out that they’re stupid but dangerous because people start to believe them at a very young age.

  12. LMack says

    @ROBERT – I also think you may be over analyzing the song a bit – but I also think it’s important to avoid blindly “bandwagonning” any song/meme/celebrity/etc. simply because they might veer towards being pro-gay in content.

    In the “Same Love” lyrics, Macklemore talks about the problem of stereotypes: “Bunch of stereotypes all in my head…..A preconceived idea of what it all meant for those that liked the same sex.” Yes, he examines himself as being good at little league and therefor straight (though from the apparent perspective of a young kid), but reading too much into that, especially in light of the entire song, seems to be a tad myopic perhaps.

  13. Randy says

    You know, a certain sailing-themed website has produced a version of Firefox that may counter-act this ridiculous geo-blocking.

    I haven’t been annoyed enough to install it, but this is really getting on my nerves, so I just might.

    Remember the “world wide” web? What happened?

  14. peterparker says

    Jennifer Hudson *owned* that song!!! I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and have always enjoyed Mary Lambert’s contribution to the song, but they were all overshadowed by Jennifer Hudson’s voice. (And note: I’ve never been a Jennifer Hudson fan. Boy was I wrong!)

  15. Epic says

    Ok…wtf..Jennifer Hudson…she was great, but it was completely out of left field, glad she’s a fan…it was just odd…good, but still odd…and the rest of the show was a hot mess….did anyone else get a really distorted audio feed for the whole JT marathon…VMA’s 2013 hot mess, wtf kayne…wtf Miley…wtf was robin thicke wearing…wtf Gaga, the song is ok but that performance bordered on a 30 min rehearsal and a trip to the dollar store because all the real props burned 5 mins before the show aired.