1. adrenan p says

    Miley??? There are tons of truly talented women out there and yet Cher chose Miley? Who will she cover next? Britney?

  2. MoJo says

    Many singers Do NOT Write Their Own material. So, although Cher is singing a song Previously sung by another artist- Steve Robson & Jeffrey Steele WROTE it.

  3. Robert says

    I love my Diva, but this is just wrong. The lyrics are too abrupt, a sign of someone not understanding a well written song. As for the music overall, it’s just another manufactured ‘country’ song.

  4. tonyc says

    I was watching Ross Mathews show and Kathy Griffin was on..picture this:: she’s pals with Ms C and Xmas together in Cher’s home in Hawaii.I just want to be “a fly on the wall” that must be hilarious. What a life and then she gets to be with Mr Cooper on NYE on CNN if they ask her back & we all know they will

  5. Kevin says

    Does Towleroad not undertsnad how the music industry works? Miley did not write this song. Cher is not covering a Miley song.

    Cher is singing a song written by song writers for vocalists and doing a hell of a better job than any exDisney princess did before.

  6. James says

    Please, please, please stop using “Drop” in this manner. Unless you are Macy Gray, it just sounds ridiculous.