1. Robert says

    I love my Diva, but this is just wrong. The lyrics are too abrupt, a sign of someone not understanding a well written song. As for the music overall, it’s just another manufactured ‘country’ song.

  2. tonyc says

    I was watching Ross Mathews show and Kathy Griffin was on..picture this:: she’s pals with Ms C and Xmas together in Cher’s home in Hawaii.I just want to be “a fly on the wall” that must be hilarious. What a life and then she gets to be with Mr Cooper on NYE on CNN if they ask her back & we all know they will

  3. Kevin says

    Does Towleroad not undertsnad how the music industry works? Miley did not write this song. Cher is not covering a Miley song.

    Cher is singing a song written by song writers for vocalists and doing a hell of a better job than any exDisney princess did before.

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