1. Retro says

    When did Neil and David get married? Haven’t they just been “engaged” for seven years?

  2. SteveP says

    To be fair, People calls it a “partnership” and I think the episode does too. Towleroad is the only source that calls their relationship a marriage.

  3. Chris says

    On the left and right side, there’s dignity, self-respect, and family. In the middle is a minstrel performer.

  4. bravo says

    David is hung like a horse (did anyone see Albee’s “The Play about the Baby” where he was nude for the first part?).

  5. Bitterpartyof2 says

    how on earth are they a ”Power Couple”, David does nothing but look after the children and appear in bad movies and leech off his much richer and talented boyfriend.

  6. Buster says

    Whew! After his appearance last week on Under the Gunn, I was scared we might go an entire week without seeing Neil Harris’ overexposed face and hearing of his over-promoted relationship. I’m SO relieved.

  7. kris says

    Love, love David Burtka. I respect him. To be responsible to raise two toddlers is an important job. So that is not doing nothing! when is NPH home? He is too busy to his self-realization, ego and follow his careers dreams to spend time with his family.

  8. steve talbert says

    Why is there a correction about the “married” mistake yet you still use the word “husband”???? The word means married man.

  9. Dback says

    I have friends that wound up in a sauna/steambath at a Vegas hotel alone with David and Neil–they said Neil was packing some serious sausage, but David Burtka naked was like seeing a Michelangelo statue come to life–an almost impossible level of male beauty. They’re lucky guys to have found each other.