1. Hank says

    Great performance in what seemed like an otherwise lackluster awards show. NPH brightens up everything. I have to admit to cringing a bit seeing this great guy dressed up like that. It will be good when he ends his Hedwig run in July and he gets back to more normal roles.

  2. stranded says

    So happy for NPH, JCM & ST tonight. So wonderful that Hedwig is now known to more people. Maybe it’s finally time for Phil Collins’ people to pay attention :)

  3. says

    Remember last year when the conservatives complained about having Kinky Boots performing … cant wait until tomorrow to hear them crying about what was forced upon their children !! LOL

  4. Vincent says

    The look on David’s face (the look of pure love and adoration) is just precious….

    Loved this performance, and wish I could see it live on stage!

  5. Wayne says

    A remember when RuPaul was the hero of “the fringe” now he’s a big ol’ star and those he once used to champion are now beneath his notice except for his contempt.

    That’s a really nasty self evolution.

  6. Polyboy says

    I love the people harping on RuPaul but ignore the white old school trans activists who say the same things.

    Clickbait journalism wins… not.

  7. Mick says

    NPH completely stole an other wise boring, disconnected show. I thought he was amazing and I love that he made this song his own and flirted with the stars and kissed his husband. It was all very fantastic! So glad he won. I love him.

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