‘True Blood’ RECAP – ‘Lost Cause’ [Spoilers]

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Ain’t no party like a True Blood party, because a True Blood party includes at least one stabbing.

Break out the jungle juice, because folks in Bon Temps are getting lit. (More like Bon Turnt, amirite?) Tonight's episode lacked the action-packed punch of this season's first few installments. Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, I guess.

We did, however, get some nice man-on-man action (albeit with almost no nudity whatsoever, which is notable on this show). 

So see who hooked up with whom, and share your comments on tonight's episode, AFTER THE JUMP

Following last week’s battle royale, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) are putting the pieces back together at Fangtasia. They’re loading up the travel coffins and getting ready to lay some serious vengeance on Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). They call in Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire), whose father was romantically involved with Newlin, to see if she’s got any info. Willa, however, is having none of this plan. She’ll give them information, but she is not going with them. In fact, in exchange for what she knows, Eric must release her.

He complies and Willa spills a little T on Newlin’s secret vampire sister named Amber (Natalie Hall). When they arrive in Dallas, she’s not with her sister. Amber does have Hep-V though, and an awful lot of unresolved anger toward Sarah. She tells Pam and Eric that her sister is sure to go looking for their parents at a Ted Cruz fundraiser. Time for Pam and Eric to go full-on Salahi and sneak themselves in. While they’re changing into their Republican disguises, Pam catches a glimpse of Eric’s worsening condition. He’s now stage two.

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They make it into the fundraiser, but before they can find Sarah, the Yakuza busts into the joint and starts shooting the place up. They kill Sarah's papa, but her mama is in the ladies’ room, where she’s been confronted by Sarah. The Newlin women high-tail it through the halls with the Yakuza in toe. The Yakuza shoot down her mother, but Sarah runs smack into none other than Eric Northman. Before he can take his revenge on Sarah, the Yakuza turn the corner. He slaughters the Yakuza, ripping out the jaw of the man who killed his French girlfriend back in the ‘80s. Did that give Sarah enough time to get away?

Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps, it’s party time. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) decided Sookie (Anna Paquin)’s big, empty house needed to be filled with a little love. After all the death, it’s time to celebrate life. So the whole town’s been invited over to La Casa Stackhouse. Everyone’s been instructed to bring some top-shelf alcohol, so you know it’s going to be a ruckus.

Bill (Stephen Moyer), of course, is the first to arrive. He’s not the most social, and spends the majority of the party looking wistfully into middle distance and remembering his experience during the Civil War. (For the record, Bill Compton Civil War flashbacks are the silliest thing on a show full of silly things.) Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) is also being a party-pooper, standing guard outside. Andy (Chris Bauer) comes outside to remind her that all this punishing herself is just perpetuating the trauma for him as well. All the recent horrors they’ve suffered have taught him carpe diem, no day but today, etc. and so on. Plus, he’s going to ask Holly (Lauren Bowles) to marry him! Yippee!

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They use Granny Stackhouse’s ring, since Violet (Karolina Wydra) says she doesn’t need Jason (Ryan Kwanten) to give her a ring to prove that he’s hers. (That’s a strong statement, as we’ll soon see.) After a very sweet, stammering proposal, Holly obviously says yes. This gives Sookie an attack of the the feels, so she and Arlene (Carrie Preston) head upstairs to talk about dead lovers. It never gets easier, according to Arlene.

Speaking of Arlene, that vamp that fed her his blood last week and saved her life? Well, now she’s got the hots for him, and he’s got the hots for her and it’s all very cute to see them make flirty.

Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) also makes an appearance at the party. Her husband, the Reverend (Gregg Daniel), did not think it was the best idea, what with all the vampire blood and alcohol available, but Lettie Mae was undeterred. She drugged the Reverend with some Benadryl and made her way over. She was able to stay sober through a toast for Tara (Rutina Wesley), but the idea of getting some sweet vamp blood to reunite with Tara was just too tempting. She stabbed Willa in the shoulder, but did little damage. Willa healed and Sam (Sam Trammell) restrained Lettie.

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It was a good excuse for Lafayette to leave the party and escort Lettie home. Earlier in the evening he had a heart-to-heart, followed by a crotch-to-butt with James (Nathan Parsons). That’s right, after confirming that the Danny James talked about in his story a few weeks ago actually was a man James was romantically involved with, he and Lafayette finally went at it. Of course, Jessica catches them in flagrante and flips out. She makes Jason rescind James’ invitation to the Stackhouse abode. Jessica and Jason go upstairs to talk. In the midst of their conversation, Lafayette comes up to drop some truth on Jessica: She doesn't love James. She never loved James. She doesn't know him like he does. Then he goes on about how everyone in this town looks at him like a joke before delivering the great line: "Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I want a piece of happiness, too?"

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Once he leaves, Jason and Jessica rekindle their romance. While the former flames do their business, Violet overhears from outside the door. I don’t know about you, but Violet is a woman I wouldn’t want to cross, no? Something tells me her revenge is going to leave quite a few bodies in its wake.

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Later that evening, Bill is just soaking in the tub back at his home. He heads to the mirror only to see the early indications that he’s got Hep-V.

Do you think Sarah Newlin got away? Will they find a cure for Hep-V before it claims Eric and Bill? What will Violet do to make Jessica pay?


  1. Sam says

    Naturally, the gay sex scene lasted about 2 seconds and was maybe the second gay sex scene in the history of the show. This, in a show that’s all about sex and has a major character who’s gay. When the straights get it on, the scenes go on and on and on and are a heck of a lot more explicit.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I thought it was the most boring episode yet. I don’t get the point of the Civil War flashbacks, but I liked the actress playing his wife. If only she were playing Sookie, maybe I’d believe her grief about Alcide, or any other emotion Sookie is supposed to have.

  3. Truther says

    Sigh. The writing kills this show. The party kind brought me back to the first season where I liked the characters. Of course it was great to focus on Pam and Eric. And Ginger. Gotta love Ginger. But what the hell with the Yakuza showing up at the republican national convention? I mean really. Not exactly their style. I even like that they brought Sarah Newlin back but the Sarah/Pam/Eric/Yakuza storyline is just stupid.

  4. Rich says

    Seems to me that this episode is wrapping up loose ends, pairing Andy and Holly, Lafayette and James, Jason and Jessica, ultimately Sookie and Bill. It was more sentimental than usual.
    Of course, it was great to see Eric and Pam go to the Ted Cruz/Bush library fundraiser, especially when Pam referred to herself as a “Republicunt”, and described the fundraiser as the most horrific thing she’s seen in 200 years. One Million Moms will be whining about the most evil character on the show being both the ex-wife of a Christian minister and a Republican. I sense a boycott coming after which they will claim victory for getting the show canceled. Nevermind that we all know it is the final season. Whether Sarah Newlin got away in this episode or not, she needs to die a horrible death. Her sister is pretty cool, however. I think Eric will bring Sarah back to a ravenous group of infected vampires. I also think there will be a cure for hep-V. Eric and Bill can’t both die.

  5. dws says

    It was not the Republican National Convention – it was a TX fundraiser for Ted Cruz. And the Yakuza were there looking for Sarah’s parents and Sarah.

    I actually liked this episode … except for the mind-numbingly stupid and plot-derailing Civil War flashbacks.

  6. Rich says

    Right DWS it was a Cruz fundraiser, which made Pam’s comments very timely. I’m enjoying the show quite a bit and don’t understand all the negative comments.

  7. Will says

    The Civil War flashback was interesting because the bar Bill was in was operated by Mr. Bodehouse…could be the grandfather of current character Jane Bodehouse.

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