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News: Anderson Cooper, Blue Lobster, Nevada, Anthony Weiner

Road Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signs transgender non-discrimination bills into law.

Lobster RoadRare electric blue lobster caught in Prince Edward Island.

RoadGuess which pop star has a new daughter named Willow Sage Hart?

RoadSame-sex divorces begin in Illinois: "The same law that will allow gay couples to enter a civil union in Illinois will also allow them to divorce. Stephen Jacobs, partner in the law firm Shaw, Jacobs and Associates, said he believes he is the first attorney in Illinois to file a legal action for dissolution of a same-sex marriage."

RoadMother asks for help as 2010 murder of Buffalo gay man goes unsolved.

RoadHome Depot tells the American Family Association to take a hike with its boycott.

RoadCanada grants asylum to gay Nicaraguan Alvaro Orozco: "A young gay artist has avoided deportation to his native Nicaragua, almost four years after a federal tribunal denied his asylum application on the grounds there wasn't enough evidence to prove he was homosexual."

RoadParis Hilton ambushed by by hosts of The View.

Acshow RoadAnderson Cooper's daytime talk show Anderson gets cheery website, ticket information, details...

RoadAnthony Weiner critic at center of the Twitter scandal has ties to conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

RoadDaniel Radcliffe to accept Trevor Project's Hero Award: "The fact that they think of what I've done by promoting awareness of the Trevor Project itself and the issues that it works to promote and help is a great honor."

RoadMale model fix: Pedro Fernandes.

RoadMemphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center, which was facing closure over financial issues, has surpassed its funding goals and will stay open: "Thanks to support from previous and new donors, including a matching gift from Dr. Herb Zeman, the organization has received donations amounting to $60,277 as of May 31."

RoadThe Hard Times of RJ Berger concluded with steamy gay shower scene.

RoadChristopher Plummer talks about his role in Beginners and panic at 80.

Hoult RoadNicholas Hoult does BlackBook magazine.

RoadFormer Iowa lawmaker: Republicans supporting same-sex marriage on the increase. "Former state Sen. Jeff Angelo, an Ames Republican, said his newly launched group, 'Iowa Republicans for Freedom,' is only the beginning of more Republican-centric organizations advocating for same-sex rights, including civil marriage, and such groups will be more common as time goes on."

RoadJon Huntsman polishes his "prop-life" credentials.

RoadGay man finds himself in tax predicament after the hospital he works for failed to pay taxes on his domestic partnership: "Unlike married couples, those who use domestic partner coverage must pay taxes on the value of that coverage unless the partner is considered a dependent. If same-sex couples were allowed to marry, they could avoid the tax like their heterosexual counterparts....By his estimation, the hospital didn’t include the taxes, of about $270 a month, for nearly three years. As a result, he said his partner would have to amend his tax returns for those years, and will probably owe $7,000 to $8,000 in back taxes, plus any penalties or interest."

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NICARAGUAN FLOOD: Can I get off the bus, please?

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News: Norway, Spice Girls, Talan Torriero, Gregg Araki, Taipei

road.jpg University of Virginia attempts to deal with anti-gay football chant: "After a Cavalier touchdown, the marching band strikes up what, to an outsider, sounds like 'Auld Lang Syne.' But, to its tune, students and alumni sing the 'Good Old Song,' its lyrics written by Edward A. Craighill in 1895, its mention of all being 'bright and gay' a throwback to when 'gay' meant 'happy,' the line a launching pad for what’s since become a university tradition of negating the word 'gay' with gleeful (often drunken) shouts of 'not gay!'"

Beckham_2road.jpg Spice Girls lipsync their way through Victoria's Secret fashion show.

road.jpg Is Laguna Beach's Talan Torriero the next Aquaman?

road.jpg Norway's Lutherans vote to allow clergy in same-sex partnerships to serve: "The compromise decision reflected the realization that the church may have to live with a deep split over the issue. After an anguished week of debate at its annual meeting, the church's 86-member governing synod voted 50-34 to make the change. Two members abstained. The meeting, which ended Friday, was held in the town of Lillehammer. The decision means that six of Norway's 11 bishops are likely to open the pulpit to gay clergy in partnerships. In a vote earlier in the year, those six bishops voted in favor of easing the ban. The church already allows gays to serve in the clergy as long as they are not living in a homosexual partnership."

road.jpg Amherst College students apologize to five Hampshire College students who "were allegedly called names, threatened, spit at and were blocked from leaving the dorm" following a gay party at which they were guests: "Dozens of students gathered outside Valentine Dining Hall at the college yesterday carrying signs that said 'We're Sorry Hampshire' and "I don't want to be 'tolerated.' They also asked passers-by to sign a banner that said 'Please Come Back.'"

road.jpg IndieWire chats with filmmaker Gregg Araki about his film Smiley Face. We previewed a couple John Krasinski stills from the movie in October.

Atwtroad.jpg AfterElton talks to Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann about their gay storyline as Luke and Noah on As The World Turns. Hansis: "My parents are so proud of me it sort of embarrasses me. My mom cried on the red carpet at the Emmys this year when she was asked about how she felt for her son to be nominated. It was actually really nice. It’s great to see your parents so proud of your accomplishments. Both my parents now go through the soap magazines at the grocery store and point to pictures of me and tell the cashier 'That’s my son!' They are generally busy during the day so I think they watch the show online. But they have always been my biggest fans and I couldn’t ask for anything more."

road.jpg From the just-don't-get-it dept: Taipei restaurant gives a completely new meaning to potty-mouthed.

Advocateroad.jpg Esteemed design group Pentagram takes a look at the redesigned Advocate: "Today gays and lesbians are no longer an ignored minority, and the younger generations have experienced a saturation of media both from and about the community. Activism, while still important, is less in the mix, and issues like gay marriage, medicine and civil rights have shifted to the mainstream press. At the same time, the circulation of newsweeklies is changing as news and information is more readily available online. The magazine’s redesign reflects these transformations. The new Advocate is modern and vibrant while continuing to confront politics and difficult LGBT issues. Impressively, it manages to successfully straddle the line between opinion leader and entertainment magazine without losing its journalistic integrity and with a tone that is sophisticated, but not frivolous."

road.jpg Rod McCullom on HuffPost: John Edwards and Barack Obama make mistake of repeating Republican talking points to attack one of their own. "...something funny happened to Senators Edwards and Obama on their way to Las Vegas. Maybe the high-roller suites have complimentary testosterone and egos on the pillows, or, possibly they bumped into Elvis, who told them, "A little less conversation and a little more action." They lost their mojos. Instead of throwing the hungry audience sound bites that were wrapped in juicy, red meat, the two candidates tossed stale, Republican talking points at frontrunner Hillary Clinton and the audience booed and hissed."

road.jpg Without fanfare, Nicaragua drops anti-sodomy laws: "In adopting a new national civil code on Monday, the Nicaraguan National Assembly sidestepped the longstanding law that penalized sodomy between members of the same-sex with up to five years in prison by overwhelmingly voting to approve a new civil code that simply did not mention it."

road.jpg Bah Humbug: The Bill O'Reilly Christmas Store is now open!

Hurricane Felix Makes Landfall in Nicaragua as Category 5 Storm


Hurricane Felix has come ashore in Nicaragua with brutal 160 mph winds. For the first time since 1886, two Category 5 hurricanes have made landfall in the same season. Hurricane Dean pounded Mexico's Yucatan peninsula as a Category 5 early in the morning on August 21st.

The Associated Press reports on Felix: "The storm hit near the swampy Nicaragua-Honduras border, home to thousands of stranded Miskito Indians dependent on canoes to make their way to safety...Some 350 people were evacuated along Nicaragua's coast. Many other Miskito Indians refused to leave low-lying areas and head to shelters set up in schools, and the newspaper La Prensa reported that 20 fishermen were missing. Communication to the area was cut off, and it was impossible to find out what was happening as the storm's winds began hitting the remote, swampy area, much of it reachable only by canoe. The Nicaraguan government sent in some soldiers before the storm hit, but was preparing to send in more help once the hurricane passed."

Hopefully those in harm's way made it to higher ground.

Hurricane Felix track...


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