Archbishop Of Canterbury Refuses To Explain Why He Opposes Same-Sex Marriage - VIDEO


Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, England, has refused to discuss the reasons behind his opposition to same-sex marriage, reports The Guardian.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Welby (pictured above) was asked what makes gay relationships inferior in the eyes of the church.

However, the cleric declined to discuss his stance on the issue, saying:

“I’m really not going to answer the question very well because we’re now into conversations within the Church, both globally and locally, and I think if I weigh in at this stage it’s inappropriate.

“It’s something that as you go around the Communion, and having visited all the provinces I’m very aware of this, that is seen by many as an absolutely central understanding of obedience to Christ, in both directions.

“In human terms, it looks impossible, and many people say you shouldn’t bother to try.

“When I listen to people I know that I’m listening to people for whom not just the issue of sexuality but the whole way in which the Church lives and exists and reaches out to people, what it looks like to be a holy church, is something on which they feel passionately and are deeply, deeply, deeply disagreeing.

“If you love them you listen carefully.”

Although Welby has been vocal in his opposition to same-sex marriage, there was some good news last year when he announced a campaign to stop homophobic bullying in Church of England schools.

Watch Welby claim last year that same-sex marriage weakens "traditional" marriage and damages society, AFTER THE JUMP...

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20 Best Songs Of 2014: LISTEN

  Ryan vail grass 2013

We've had in the region of 25,000 tracks and albums submitted to Deadly Music! this year and reviewed around 500 of them (including quite a few tracks by Irish duo Ryan Vail, above) so whittling the list down to 20 songs has been no mean feat.

Reflecting the variety of music covered on the site, the list includes indie pop, indie rock, alternative, electro pop, alt folk, coldwave, rap and pop.

All songs are available on a Soundcloud playlist at the end of this page. You'll also find most of them on the Deadly Music! Towleroad Spotify playlist. 

Number 19 is NSFW!

Don't miss our weekly NEW MUSIC column.


20: Girl Band - "De Bom Bom"


19: Big Hard Excellent Fish - "And The Question Remains The Same"


18: Pretties For You - "We Have Our Reasons"


Listen to number 17 down to number 1, AFTER THE JUMP...

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D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray Signs into Law Bill Protecting LGBT Youth from Conversion Therapy

GrayWashington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray today signed into law a bill protecting LGBT youth from the dangerous and discredited practice of conversion therapy.

D.C. is now the third jurisdiction to ban the harmful practice following California and New Jersey. 

NCLR reacts via statement:

“This law ensures that mental health practitioners can no longer abuse their power to harm young people and families by propagating the dangerous lie that there is something wrong with being LGBT or that therapy can change their core sexual orientation or gender identity,” said National Center for Lesbian Rights Staff Attorney and #BornPerfect Campaign Coordinator Samantha Ames. “By signing this bill into law, Mayor Gray has taken an important step to protect the health and safety of LGBT youth and to prevent unscrupulous therapists from preying on vulnerable families.” 

The National Center for Lesbian Rights has been a leader in the movement to protect youth and their families from these dangerous practices and helped pass legislation in California and New Jersey. Earlier this year, NCLR launched its #BornPerfect campaign to end conversion therapy across the country over the next five years by passing laws, fighting in courtrooms, and raising awareness about the serious harms caused by attempts to change a young person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

FRC hate leader Tony Perkins attempted to derail passage of the bill earlier this month by claiming it would open "a frightening chapter in the liberal recruiting of LGBTs".


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Celebrate the End of 2014 With This Mega Mash-up of 330 Films Released This Year: VIDEO


Film site JoBlo has their annual "Final Cut" mashup video online that collects all the best moments from this year's memorable films. 

Look back on all the movies you saw (and the dozens you may have missed) AFTER THE JUMP...

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Will Taiwan Become the First Country In East Asia To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage? - VIDEO


Taiwan’s government today discussed the possibility of legalizing same-sex marriage, the first legislation of its kind to be debated in East Asia, reports Focus Taiwan.

The bill, which aims to replace such terms as “man and woman” with gender neutral alternatives including “spouses”, was drafted by the Opposition Democratic Progressive Party’s Cheng Li-chiun.

6a00d8341c730253ef01a3fce19b83970b-250wiIntroducing the bill, Cheng said:

“No one deserves to be deprived of their rights at birth to be on an equal footing with others just because of their psychological or biological differences.

“If we cannot break the cycle of discrimination, then everyone could become a victim of discrimination because of their respective differences.”

The proposed amendment cleared a first reading last year but had been shelved before a committe could discuss it largely due to opposition from religious groups. Bills must pass three readings in order to be sent to the president to be promulgated.

In a statement opposing the amendment, the Taiwan Religious Groups Alliance for the Family accused pro-equality politicians and gay rights activists of "pretending to be civic groups" to "terrorize" other lawmakers with opposing views on same-sex marriage.

In October, the religious anti-gay lobbying group called for police to monitor the Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade in the interests of "protecting children."

Last year, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Taipei to protest against gay marriage while earlier this month, thousands took part in a rainbow run in Taipei in support of gay marriage

Watch a clip from Taiwan Pride 2014, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Gay, Bi, Transgender: The 85 Most Powerful Comings Out of 2014



Due to four notable December announcements - from a Spanish television host, an 'ex-gay' survivor of Michele and Marcus Bachmann's conversion therapy clinic, a national champion swimmer, and a high school all-state soccer goalie, we've updated this list to provide a more complete look back at those who decided to come out in 2014. We've also added a professional strongman that we unfortunately overlooked in our first post. Enjoy these new additions to the list.


"I think coming out...is really about coming out as your authentic self, coming out as the person you always knew you were but no one else may have known, and now you're sharing that honestly with people for the first time."

2014faces2Such is how Rodrigo Lehtinen, the trans son of Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, explained to CBS Miami last month what it meant for him to now be open about who he is.

It's as simple as that, whether you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or some fluid combination of any of them. But it's certainly an act of courage in a world where LGBTQ people face obstacles in marriage, employment, and even basic acceptance. In many places, the status of being 'out' about one's sexual orientation or gender identity is dangerous, even life-threatening.

In 2014 thousands, perhaps millions of people came out all over the world. They all made a difference. The folks featured here are just a few who happened to make a big difference and caught our eye on Towleroad this year. Some are well-known, some are little-known: the CEO of the largest corporation in the world, an NFL player, a Kenyan literary figure, fashion models, the foreign minister of a Baltic state, country singers, Mormon pop stars, a few of the stars of your favorite television shows, and unknowns from the world of YouTube.

When it comes to coming out, 2014 was certainly the year of the athlete.

Of the 80 people on our list this year, more than 1/3 come from the sports world — football, baseball, boxing, tennis, long distance running, hurling, basketball, rowing, and diving. Many of these athletes are making a name for themselves in college sports, many in conservative places. Twenty-one come from the entertainment world. And they are from all over the world — Japan, Peru, Ireland, Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Finland, Canada, Spain, Chile, and more... Also, the leader of a company worth more than all the world's airlines combined, worth more than the entire Russian stock market.

It's quite an impressive group of folks. We're proud of all of you. By choosing to come out as L, G, B, T, queer, or whatever label your sexual orientation or gender identity is telling you is yours, you've made life easier for all those who haven't come out yet, and all those who are currently struggling for their civil and human rights.

Please enjoy reading their stories. And share this post with your friends, family, and anyone in the closet to whom you'd like to offer a bit of courage or support.


Read on, AFTER THE JUMP...

Contributions to this post were made earlier this year by Kyler Geoffroy, Sean Mandell, Joseph Ehrman-Dupre, Steve Pep, Brian Sloan, Daniel Villareal, Anthony Costello, Jim Redmond, Charles Pulliam-Moore, Christian Walters, John Wright, and Jake Folsom.

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