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Posted Feb. 1,2015 at 12:25 PM EST by in towleroad | Permalink

Ellen Scares Jimmy Fallon: VIDEO


Never one to pass up the opportunity for a scare, Ellen DeGeneres invited Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on her show this past week and had producers tell the late night host that there was an old photo of the two comedians waiting for him in the dressing room's bathroom.

Fallon cautiously approached the bathroom prepared for a scare but Ellen still managed to make him scream. Later in the clip, Fallon shared the story of his dad heckling him in the audience for his first night hosting the Tonight Show.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Fire Completely Destroys Lincoln, Nebraska's Largest Gay Nightclub: VIDEO


Lincoln, Nebraska's largest gay nightclub Karma has been destroyed after a large fire erupted inside the building Saturday night. 

The Lincoln Journal Star reports:

The fire started at the club at 226 S. Ninth St. around 7:15 p.m. Saturday.

Club occupants were being evacuated from the building by 7:30 p.m., when flames were seen coming from the building.

Around 8:15 p.m., firefighters began to take defensive positions around the perimeter of the club and at 8:25 they began to form a collapse zone around the structure.

Within minutes, the roof collapsed and heavy smoke came pouring out.

10/11 News adds:

Karma1Lincoln Fire Battalion Chief Leo Benes said the business is at a total loss. Fire crews were on the scene throughout the night to control any hot spots that might appear.

Benes said fire investigators will come Sunday morning. Benes also mentioned that crews have not battled a fire this large in quite some time. 

Performers and patrons reportedly gathered across the street as the fire blazed Saturday night, with many hugging and wiping away tears. 

No word yet on how the fire began and no injuries have been reported.

Watch a news report on the story, AFTER THE JUMP...

[h/t Aksarbent]

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Powerful Gay-Inclusive Super Bowl Ad Asks 'What Would You Do For Love?' - VIDEO


Australian jeweler Michael Hill has released its 30-second Super Bowl ad online ahead of the big game today that asks the question "What would you do for love?"

To create its "We're for love" campaign, Michael Hill approached more than 1,200 New Yorkers (gay and straight alike) and asked them all about love. The ads will reportedly play in Canada and Chicago during the game.

Check out the Super Bowl spot and longer ad, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Posted Feb. 1,2015 at 10:22 AM EST by in Advertising, Gay Advertising, Super Bowl | Permalink | Comments (4)

Debunking The Myth of Black Homophobia

Screenshot 2015-02-01 06.41.36

In a thoughtful essay penned for Complex, writer Michael Arceneaux takes to task the problematic (and increasingly disproven) idea of the black community as the “boogeyman of homophobia.”

“Most of the people who have given me grief about my sexuality have been black like me, though I’ve been around mostly black people my entire life,” he writes. “It’s more about geographic and socioeconomic status, not inherent biases.”

"To that end, my individual experiences do not speak for the collective. It’s dangerous to use anecdotes to diagnosis a community of its purported ills. Never forget that there is a world beyond yours."

Fox’s new musical drama ‘Empire’ is doing work to showcase the complex relationships that exist between black parents and their queer children, Arceneaux writes. Certain aspects of the show’s plot, however, reinforce stereotypical notions of a homogenous anti-gay bias that have come to dominate many gay peoples’ conceptualization of black people.

Arceneaux points in particular to the gay community’s impulsive reflex to blame the black community for supporting anti-gay legislation while simultaneously ignoring instances where black voters supported legal pushes for equality.

That same flawed logic of ignoring truths borne out of statistical analysis can be connected to the sexual stigmatization of black and Latino men, who are often singled out in discussions of HIV transmission rates. Cultural intolerance is typically presented as the reason as to why populations of poor, queer men of color are at particular risk for HIV and.

The same is often attributed to trans people of color, who disproportionately experience violence and are at higher risk for murder. In reality these populations suffer not because of culture-wide oppression, but rather because of a fundamental lack of targeting by state-backed health and wellness initiatives.

“Blacks are not the X-Men of anti-gay bigotry. We don't have some superior level of homophobia compared to other groups...I’m open to talking about homophobia within the black community, but the conversation will go no where if it is prefaced with the notion that black folks are more homophobic than everyone else.”

Check out the full Complex article here

Posted Feb. 1,2015 at 9:30 AM EST by in Discrimination | Permalink | Comments (39)

Ballsy French Ad Explains Why We Don't Have Unicorns Today: VIDEO


Ever thought to yourself, why aren't there unicorns? In a new bit of balls-out advertising for French TV channel Canal+, a man shares the very gay story of why unicorns no longer exist. The video, which is best appreciated spoiler-free, awaits you, AFTER THE JUMP...

Today is sure to be a big day for commercials in the U.S. How much queer and queer-baiting advertising will we see during today's Super Bowl?

Stay tuned to Towleroad for updates on all the advertising highlights from today's Super Bowl. 

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Posted Feb. 1,2015 at 8:45 AM EST by in Advertising, France, Gay Advertising, News, Unicorns | Permalink | Comments (7)

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