Out Country Singer Chely Wright Scores Kickstarter Fundraiser Record for New Album- VIDEO

Chely WrightOut country singer-songwriter Chely Wright has broken Kickstarter records in funding her new album, reports Rolling Stone.

The 45-day campaign - the sixth most successful Kickstarter music campaign and the number one campaign in country music - raised $250,000, which will allow Wright to record and promote the album and to produce a music video.

Born in Missouri, Wright came out in 2010.  In the same year she published an autobiography and released a critically-acclaimed documentary about her coming-out process. She married Sony Music Entertainment's Director of Marketing, Lauren Blitzer the following year and gave birth to their twin sons in 2013.

Wright knew that after coming out she would lose old fans and gain news, but she says that she was "reduced to tears on a daily basis" by the number of private notes she received thanking her for the support her book and film had offered them in their own coming-out experiences.

With about half of the record already written, Wright looking at mid-2015 as a potential release date for the new project.

Watch the official video for Chely Wright's 1999 country chart number one 'Single White Female,' AFTER THE JUMP...

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Professional Strongman Champion Rob Kearney Comes Out: VIDEO


Rob Kearney is one tough dude. In addition to being ranked the 2nd strongest middleweight champ in the world, Kearney also recently became the first openly gay man to be actively competing in a professional level international strongman competition. 

Kearney made the announcment via Facebook last week, writing:


In an interview with sporting site Starting Strongman, Kearney shared what the reaction has been like following his coming out:

I knew there would be both negative & positive feedback. To be honest I was surprised from the amount of positive feedback. I got texts and phone calls from a lot of other pros and people high up in the sport I was not expecting. I also knew there would be negative or “indifferent” reactions, but that is ok. 

There's also a great feature piece over at The Next Level that further dives into Kearney's professional accomplishments and what his coming out means for the sport. 

You can also check out Kearney in action, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Texas Teen Attacked After Being Lured by 'Friends' to Public Park: VIDEO


Dylan Beard, a gay Houston teen, was ambushed and beaten in a planned hate crime by his peers, KHOU reports:

Dylan Beard says he lost his sense of security. His friends told him to meet him at Jenkins Park in Baytown, only to get jumped.

"It's tough being gay. It's tough. Because we are out of the norm I guess. They lured me indirectly. They had one of their friends, who I'm also friends with, tell me to come up there and they walked up and did it," said Beard.

Dylan says a girl started hitting him.

"Then two of her friends who are guys jumped in and they all started hitting me, got on the ground hit me and punched me," said Beard.

The teens posted the attack on Facebook, where Beard's mother saw it before he got home.

"His face was swelled, his nose was broken, he bit through his tongue, his bottom teeth were chipped, his knees were scabbed everywhere." said Jennifer Beard, the victim's mother.

KHOU reports that police are releasing very little information about the case except that the girl is facing an assault charge.

TeethThe Houston Chronicle reports that Beard was called a "faggot" and a "booty lover" by his attackers and an activist is calling for the FBI to step in:

The Baytown Police Department's lack of response to the assault prompted activist Quanell X to hold a press conference Thursday, claiming they have been negligent in the case by allegedly ignoring witnesses, refusing statements and openly insulting Beard, all because he is gay. They've also filed a hate crime complaint with the FBI.

"It doesn't make you a man, it doesn't make you a tough guy, it doesn't make you some real person to be proud of because you want to prey on a little kid because he's gay. Why don't you pick on somebody your own size? Why won't you pick on some men who you know will fight you back?" said the activist, gesturing to Beard's bruised eye and chipped tooth. "This little kid does not deserve to be treated like this. Whether you agree or disagree with his sexual orientation, or not, it does not give anyone the right to treat him like he's less than a human being and rob him of his human and civil rights."

Watch KHOU's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Ellen Goes Hetero for Halloween, Marries George Clooney: VIDEO


Ellen revealed her Halloween costume which is: "Amal, the luckiest woman in the world, Mrs. George Clooney."

She added:

"I like Halloween because it’s the one time of year you can dress up however you want, and pretend you’re someone you’d never be in real life. For me, that’s married to a man."

Clooney also got very frisky and tried to get a peek at Ellen's blue underwear.



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'Applications', The Tale of a Guy, a Phone, and a Dating App: Part 4

Here's Part 4 of our weekly comic Applications, by Josh Trujillo and Dave Valeza.

Click panes to enlarge.

To start from the beginning of the series, click HERE.



Tune in next Friday for Part 5!

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Financial Guru Suze Orman on Apple CEO Tim Cook and the Power of Coming Out: VIDEO


Suze Orman weighs in on the significance of Apple CEO Tim Cook bring the first leader of a Fortune 500 company to come out of the closet.

Says Orman:

"Tim Cook's coming out publicly will be the door opener for a lot of other people that so want to come out but they're just afraid to do so."

But more illuminating is when Orman talks about being pushed out of the closet publicly (in a 2007 interview)in the NYT:

"What was so sad about that interview that was done by Deborah Solomon is that was the time, and the interview was really supposed to be about my book that was coming out called Women and Money which was a really important book. Now she's announcing to everybody that I'm gay and what I didn't want was for people to think that I had staged that! I didn't want them to think that it was a marketing thing, and I never thought that I was in the closet. I've only ever been with a woman. Everybody at CNBC knew I was gay. I never hid it."

Adds Orman:

"But the truth of the matter is this. I was always afraid of that reporter asking me the question outright - are you gay? And then I would have to answer it because, how would I know how everybody would respond to that? So on some level she did me the biggest favor in my life because it was after that article came out that I was able to stand in my truth in my own power and I became even more successful than I had been prior to that...There was nothing negative that came from it, and the positive thing that came from it was me, and how I felt about myself. And I hope for Tim Cook as well - he's going to feel more powerful, a more powerful person is a better leader, a better leader makes a better company, and I hope it shows up one day in Apple's performance."

Watch the CNN segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

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