President Obama 'Couldn't Agree More' with Young Girl's Letter Asking for Marriage Equality


A 5-year-old girl got a sweet surprise after her presidential plea for marriage equality was answered by the POTUS himself, People reports:

The letter was written by a child named Yasmeen and reads in part, "I am 5, almost 6 years old. Please stop war for our world, instead have a meeting. Please give a speech to tell everyone that can marry who they want. Thank you." 

Yasmeen's aunt photographed the letter and posted it on Twitter, tagging the President's new account in it and writing, "Out of the mouths of babes!" 

Obama replied:

That letter definitely belongs on the fridge!

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5 Ways To See Ireland Now: Travel


This weekly travel column is brought to you by ManAboutWorld, an immersive digital gay travel magazine for iOS and Android devices from Billy KolberEd SalvatoKenny Porpora, and nearly 75 Global Correspondents.

Along with marriage equality in Ireland, the country just hung out a giant rainbow-colored “you are welcome” sign to the world. (Oscar Wilde, Irish poet, playwright and satirist, who was persecuted for being gay, would be stunned!) Within a few hours of the historic vote, Tourism Ireland launched an LGBT website and released a video inviting the gay world to visit Ireland. And what better time than now? Clearly the Irish are welcoming and accepting and imagine how amazingly fun Dublin Pride (June 19-28) will be on the heels of this historic vote!

LGBT-friendly Ireland is ready for you to come visit, join the celebration and, who knows, maybe get gay married yourself!

You can be sure ManAboutWorld will be covering Ireland in the months to come, but if you’re eager to get going, check out these five great ways to see Ireland now:

1. The Outing: Single but wanna get gay married to an Irishman (or Irishwoman)? We have just the ticket! This Outingyear’s 3rd annual LGBT matchmaking and music festival takes place October 2-4. The Outing is a gay offshoot of the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival (August 28-October 4) — going strong since the 1850s. This fall, we expect same-sex couples will not only be able to meet there, but get married too!

2. Aer Lingus: Luck of the Irish or shrewd marketing? Either way, Aer Lingus is offering terrific sale fares right now to and from the U.S. as well as to many European destinations so you could always just stop over in Dublin for a few days en route to another destination.

3. Brendan Tours: The very first gay tours of Ireland (in 2003) were operated for RSVP Vacations by Brendan Vacations, the leader in luxury vacations to Ireland, with four different styles of vacations, including chauffeured- and self-drive options. Yes, chauffeured! Now, that's a nice way to see any place.

4. Vagabond Tours: This gay-friendly tour company specializes in local experiences, offering 4×4 active vacations and small motor coach groups.

5. Rail Tours Ireland: Riding the rails is such a quintessential way to experience Europe. Rail Tours Ireland offers train-based journeys from two days to nine.

For even more insider recommendations in Ireland and other destinations around the globe and in the U.S., get ManAboutWorld Magazine on iTunes (iOS) or Google Play (Android). 

ManAboutWorld is now on the iPhone! Android coming soon. To download for the iPhone, click HERE.

Image credits: Top: Kinvarra - Dunguaire Castle by Gengish Skan; Right: The Outing by Cian Markey; Bottom: Oscar Wilde Statue, Merrion Square Park by Amy Barr.

Oscar wilde

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Unsheathe Your Inner Hugh Jackman with These Retractable Wolverine Claws: VIDEO


As you may have heard, Hugh Jackman plans to walk away from Fox’s wildly popular X-Men franchise after the next Wolverine solo film. Jackman’s played the Adamantium-enhanced mutant for the better part of the last 20 years and his departure makes sense. Who, if anyone, will inherit the iconic role after Jackman remains is anyone’s guess, but it in meantime the good folks at Advancer Technologies are working on a DIY stopgap to make you the next Wolverine.

Using its new MyoWare sensor, Advancer Technologies has built a working set of retractable claws that extend out of a wrist-mounted sheath in response to when you flex your muscles.



The MyoWare sensor isn’t being developed just for next-level cosplay, though. The technology built into the sensor converts the movement of flexing muscles into electric signals that can trigger movement from prosthetics, robots, and video games. Advancer Technologies is currently Kickstarting the fourth generation of its MyoWare sensor and they’ve already blown past their fundraising goal.

Check out Advancer Technology’s Wolverine claw and Iron Man repulsor applications of its new tech AFTER THE JUMP...


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Leesburg, Florida Passes LGBT Anti-Discrimination Ordinance: VIDEO

Al Minner

Leesburg, Florida has become the latest town to implement an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance, reports FOX affiliate WOFL.

Jan Hurley, a city commissioner who voted against the ordinance, said its implementation is more about making the city look progressive than functional:

"The federal courts have already taken a stand on it first. Second, Leesburg has no problem. One of our commissioners is interracially-married. One of our biggest community leaders is openly gay... sits on all boards."

City Manager Al Minner (above) said that he is not aware of any cases of anti-LGBT discrimination in the city.

LeesburgHowever, 16-year-old Bayli Silberstein (right), who made national news in 2013 when she fought for a Gay-Straight Alliance at Carver Middle School, says discrimination does exist in Leesburg for the gay, lesbian, and transgender community:

"I believe Leesburg does have a discrimination problem, and unless you're on the opposite end of it, you are not going to know that. Unless you're around people who are experiencing it, you are not going to see it. I believe this is definitely something we need in Leesburg."

Watch a report on the Leesburg law, AFTER THE JUMP

On Wednesday, an Alabama House committee rejected a bill that would have extended statewide non-discrimination protections on the basis of sexual orientation or identity.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson is SCOTUS in Supremely Funny Video on Upcoming Gay Marriage Ruling: WATCH


Back in April, we told you about Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Tie the Knot group and its plan to send custom wedding invitations to every Supreme Court justice ahead of the court's big ruling on same-sex marriage in June. The crafty project aims to show the justices how much their decision affects real lives of loving couples.  

With the card builder up and running on SupremeSaveTheDate.com, JTF and Funny or Die have teamed up for a supremely hilarious reminder on how you can put a creative mark on history. 



"Things got cray-cray with the other Supremes last night. Breyer got a face tattoo."

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Anti-Gay Hate Group Blames Satan, Pawns For Demise Of Anti-LGBT Legislation In Texas


Yesterday we told you how an anti-gay marriage amendment died Wednesday in Texas, joining 20 other anti-LGBT proposals that failed to pass the state Legislature this year. 

The Texas Pastor Council, an anti-gay hate group that backed much of the legislation, sent out an email Thursday blaming two Republican senators for the demise of the anti-gay marriage amendment. The email from the Pastor Council's Dave Welch (above), goes on to say that the Legislature did "nothing meaningful to protect religious freedom, traditional marriage or oppose the radical agenda of the sexual perversity/gender confusion."

Welch blames "the pro-LGBT, anti-Christian corporate lobby" along with the "moral weakness" of Republicans in leadership, along with a Democratic Party "deeply controlled by the LGBT forces." 

Finally, Welch says the good news is that pastors all over Texas are no longer willing to be passive while "the enemy of our souls and his pawns influencing media, entertainment, education and politics assault God’s moral law and created order."

From the email:  

TXpcIt is an astounding and appalling reality that in one of the most Republican-dominated state governments in the U.S., with a strong majority in both House and Senate, that the Texas legislature did nothing meaningful to protect religious freedom, traditional marriage or oppose the radical agenda of the sexual perversity/gender confusion.  

The “why” is clear.

The political influence of the pro-LGBT, anti-Christian corporate lobby combined with the moral weakness of key Republicans holding leadership positions on House and Senate trumped the clear principles of the GOP Platform, the will of the Texas voters, pastors from all over Texas who stood and spoke boldly. That, combined with a Democrat party entirely and deeply controlled by the LGBT forces and every “D” Senator and Representative in their pocket, neutralized what should have been a pro-family legislative session.

The good news is that the only way for evil to triumph is for us to be silent, and we have proven that pastors all over Texas are no longer willing to be passive as the enemy of our souls and his pawns influencing media, entertainment, education and politics assault God’s moral law and created order.

We have, indeed, just begun to fight for God’s righteousness and justice.

But it gets even worse for the Texas Pastor Council. Thursday was also the one-year anniversary of the passage of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which prompted some of the anti-LGBT state legislation. And the Pastor Council led the unsuccessful petition drive to repeal the ordinance. One pastor affiliated with the group said recently that anti-LGBT groups have spent $500,000 on a lawsuit challenging the city's decision to reject their petition, which is currently on appeal

The pro-LGBT Texas Freedom Network issued a press release Thursday marking the occasion: 

DownloadTo mark today’s first anniversary of the Houston City Council’s passage of a comprehensive Equal Rights Ordinance, TFN President Kathy Miller issued the following statement: 

“The passage of the Houston ordinance was a landmark moment in an ongoing campaign to ensure equality for all Texans, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. No one should be fired from a job, evicted from their home or denied public services simply because of who they are or whom they love. All Texans should be equal under law.

This year Texas legislators filed more than 20 bills promoting discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. We look forward to the day when the Legislature instead follows the example of cities like Houston and protects all Texans from discrimination.”

Houston was the last major city in Texas to pass a comprehensive civil rights ordinance that includes protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as well as other characteristics such as race, religion, sex and military status.

Opponents organized a petition drive to put repeal of HERO on a citywide ballot. But the city and a state district court judge determined that opponents had failed to obtain the required number of petition signatures. Jurors in the court case found that the petition included many forged and illegible signatures. Opponents are appealing the decision.

Texas law does not include discrimination protections based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

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