Sportrait: Michael Phelps


Olympian Michael Phelps returned to form on Thursday night, beating rival Ian Crocker to win the 100-meter butterfly at the U.S. Swimming Nationals. This shot was taken in the days running up to last night’s heat.

Sportrait: Francesco Totti [tr]
Sportrait: James Blake [tr]
Sportrait: Christian Hein [tr]


  1. says

    Incidentally, Michael Phelps is an asshole (take it from someone who goes to school with him.)

    He is, nonetheless, hott.

  2. Rad says

    I think this was a case of Phelps pushed off, but his trunks kinda didn’t want to.

    Still… one damn, HOT photo!

  3. says

    Gander is right, he is an asshole (I’m also a person from umich).

    And to Fred, that would be a dolphin kick. If memory serves me correctly, he is about to kick down as his arms come down with the stroke.

  4. Br!on says

    I’m with Mati,

    No hairpie….shaved as clean as a whistle. I miss speedos, these long shorts do nothing for me.

  5. Steve in Baltimore says

    I have to voice the other side on Michael from what some posters wrote. I’ve met him three times, including once in the middle of a crowded resturant. He is a delightful, engaging, warm young man. The celebrity and attention thrust on him at 19 and 20 years old leads many to drugs, booze, etc. He handles his fame well. He is a great kid.