From a Distance: Massachusetts from Space


Behold the glory of Massachusetts as seen from the window of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. This photo was taken by coast guard captain and NASA misson specialist Dan Burbank in September of this year. Clearly visible is the long arm of Cape Cod (at the end of which is one of our favorite spots) along with the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.


  1. says

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  2. titus says

    i miss the cape and p-town. iwas blewssed as a child and spent my summers in west chatham at stage harbor light near monomoy.

  3. dave says

    Oh Gloria! Oh Massachusetts! In the commonwealth this expat New Yorker married his Yankee partner of 30 years November 1st! L’Chaim!
    Oh yea, P’town was a lot of fun….

  4. tjc says

    “Peter, I can see your house from here!”

    Seriously, I can see my house. It’s over there, up a little, no no, to the left, a little more, right there. I’m waving at you.


    (very pleased to live in the states of both Massachusetts AND wedded bliss)

  5. TC says

    I lived in ptown for 7 years & been going since ’79……I want to say thanks for this view from heaven…and my doctor who has his summer home in Wellfleet….I always have a problem finding something for him for Xmas…I’m going to have this pic printed out..(went to the source to get a better copy).and frame it & put the story on the back.he’ll love it!