1. Nobama says

    Wow, Rachel Maddow doesn’t seem too opinionated! The more the liberal press keeps beating up on Palin the more the voters love her. It was funny watching Obama as a commentator for the democratic party, it was as if he wasn’t even a candidate anymore.

  2. says

    So, “Nobama”, what administration would you prefer? Please tell me how, as a gay person, McCain/Palin would be more beneficial. Hell, drop the GLBT stuff for a second… tell me how more Republican rule would be beneficial to the country in general. You seem to be gleefully anti-Obama, but I don’t see any of your comments actually *supporting* anything.

  3. Rad says

    I watched her first show, and it was okay. I hope that Pat Buchannan will not be an ongoing commentator; I found the volume of that segment needlessly escalating over senseless points. Otherwise… eh? It was okay.

  4. says

    Somewhere along the line Keithy decided he hated Hillary and Bill. He literally frothed at the mouth over every little thing Hill did. So much of his “outrage” was so overblown that he lost his compass. He makes the guys on Fox look ,uh, fair and balanced. And that’s hella hard.

    As far as Chris Mathews goes, he’s just creepy. That whole hard on he gets for Obama is just weird.

    I’m an Obama supporter now but I won’t be going back to MSNBC and I bet that a lot of people (especially former HRC supporters)feel the same.

    Good riddance.

  5. Dback says

    Wowee, go Rachel–she’s sharp, and so are her elbows! :) Obama got dinged by some liberals for not going harder after Palin in that question, but I think he was playing it subtle by offering a dig on her lack of interviews/openness. (It would’ve been stronger if he’d said “IF she comes on your show” instead of “when.”)

    On an amusing level, the Repubs are kind of like movie studios pushing “reboot” on movies like “The Punisher” and “The Hulk” in an attempt to re-sell them after initial rejection. On a scary level, it’s like the way people in “1984” are manipulated to do complete 180-degree spins in their logic when the government offers a new tack–“No, we’re not at war with Country X, we’ve never been at war with Country X, we’re at war with Country Y and always have been.” How can the McCain campaign be running against 8 years of Bush and 14 years controlling Congress when THAT’S THEIR PARTY?

  6. Jimmyboyo says

    For the 1st episode it was cool.

    They need to stop with trying to fem her up though. All the eye makeup was too much and too obvious. Totally not her and offensive that her handlers think they need to fem a lesbian up for middle america.

    The entertainment guy talking about the VMA’s was annoying and that part should just be cut from the show.

  7. Kkyle Michel Sulivan says

    Rachel Maddow almost makes me wish I had cable, again…but after the last ten years of watching nothing but liberal-bashing by the network news and Republican ass-kissing by the cable news, I just can’t talk myself into it. Besides, by the time I get it connected, the right-wing-nuts will have run her off the air.

    BTW, have you seen the news about some Talibangeicals praying for McCain to win so he can die in office and Palin be installed as the Pres.? Seems the word is her first action in office will be to issue an executive order banning abortion. And the Democrats will roll over and let her get away with it…just like they did for all of Bush-baby’s term.

  8. Jimmyboyo says



    Huffpo did a thing on it.

    They are praying he dies very quickly in office after winning (as if) and she would be prez and usher in the glorious reign of jesus land and convert the world by the point of a gun.

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