Rearview Mirror: Last Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Tabloid publishes Michael Phelps bong photo; Phelps apologizes, Kelloggs balks
road.jpg Oklahoma homophobe Sally Kern calls for anti-gay “Great Awakening”.
road.jpg Christian Bale unleashes tirade of the week on movie set; Dance remix; O’Reilly remix.
road.jpg Posh Spice holding gay man hostage.
road.jpg Brit comic Stephen Fry twitters his way out of an elevator.
road.jpg Jude Law in drag: Supermodel, work.
road.jpg Roger Federer weeps after loss to Nadal in Australian Open final.
road.jpg RNC Chair Michael Steele: GOP should reach out to gays, pro-choice voters.
road.jpg SKIN: Morrissey’s 7-inches, British rugby’s Care Bear, Danny Care.
road.jpg CEO of Chicago Public Schools Ron Huberman: I’m gay.
road.jpg ESPN produces homophobic Shaq “fist kiss” ad; pulls it after uproar.
road.jpg Mormon Church waits till last minute to disclose $190,000 in non-monetary Prop 8 spending.
road.jpg Lesbian Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir takes helm in Iceland.
road.jpg Obama: More “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” studies needed. SLDN: No more studies!
road.jpg Models Kerry Degman and Parker Gregory daytrip for Armani Exchange.
road.jpg Simon Cowell and Kelly Clarkson are not gay but NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight is.
road.jpg Tammy Baldwin asks for State Dept. fixes as Hillary sworn in.
road.jpg Towleroad interviews Barney Frank on the inauguration, economy, and LGBT issues.

road.jpg THE TUBE: Iraq soldiers, Annie Lennox, Dentist, Blagojevich, Recession, Snowball, Leather.

road.jpg Long Island LGBT Youth Center hit by vandals in hate crime.
road.jpg Flight 1549: Plane transported, pilot speaks, Steve Martin jokes, audio tapes -LISTEN.
road.jpg Car trouble: Tom Daschle pulls out as HHS nominee. Obama: “I made a mistake.”
road.jpg UTAH: Equality Utah launches ads; conservatives launch hate over gay rights.
road.jpg Oscar Wilde Bookshop, nation’s oldest gay bookstore, to close.
road.jpg Ted Haggard’s new accuser Grant Haas tells of drugs and Ted’s dildo.
road.jpg Portland: Sam Adams investigated, Beau Breedlove speaks.
road.jpg Congressman Gary Ackerman puts the members of the SEC over his knee, spanks them.
road.jpg Obama rallies House Democrats on stimulus bill in Williamsburg – VIDEO.
road.jpg MARRIAGE: New Hampshire, New Mexico, Vermont, Courage Campaign’s great new video.
road.jpg Boston cop under fire for providing gay porn strippers police escort to club.
road.jpg Hot T-shirts for God-fearing fashionistas.
road.jpg Knoxville church shooter who hated liberals, gays to plead guilty, die in prison.
road.jpg Paul Lynde was Sean Penn’s first gay.
road.jpg 50 Cent to offer butch line of cosmetics for men.
road.jpg Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has surgery for pancreatic cancer.
road.jpg PLUS: Jennifer Hudson, Matthew Mitcham, I LEGO NY, Sue Simmons, Milo Ventimiglia, Joe Cole, dolphin rescue, Guy Ritchie.

Posted February 7, 2009 at 4:15pm ETC by Andy Towle
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