Naked: An EXCLUSIVE Interview with Gay Hero Daniel Choi

1 What drew you to a career in the military?

2 Did 9/11 strengthen your resolve to serve?

3 Dan's emphasis: The truth.

4 Why is it important for gay people to be honest about who they are?

5 How do you react to being called a hero?

6 Son of a minister, Asian-American, military…not a recipe for an easy coming-out?

7 Why would a gay person join the military under DADT?

8 You had a religious upbringing…what do you tell religious, anti-gay people?

9 Do you mind my asking if you voted for President Obama?

10 How do you react to the "let's give it time" argument?

11 Where are YOU with this president right now?

12 What did you think of the White House Stonewall event?

13 "We're going to get this done"…encouraging, or hollow?

14 How does DADT hurt military preparedness?

15 What did you make of Defense Secretary Gates's "humane" DADT comment?

16 Is there a "generational gap" in the military brass?

17 Have you considered running for office?

18 Does your "heartthrob" status give you helpful visibility?