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    I got a message from below
    ‘Twas from a man I used to know
    About a year or so ago
    Before he departed
    Is just as happy as can be
    I’ll tell you what he said to me
    He said, “If ever you get heavy-hearted

    Pack up your sins and go to the devil in Hades
    You’ll meet the finest of gentlemen and the finest of ladies
    They’d rather be down below than up above
    Hades is full of thousands of
    Joneses and Browns, O’Hoolihans, Cohens and Bradys
    You’ll hear a heavenly tune that went to the devil
    Because the jazz bands
    They started pickin’ it
    Then put a trick in it
    A jazzy kick in it
    They’ve got a couple of old reformers in Heaven
    Making them go to bed at eleven
    Pack up your sins and go to the devil
    And you’ll never have to go to bed at all

    If you care to dwell where the weather is hot
    H-E-double-L is a wonderful spot
    If you need a rest and you’re all out of sorts
    Hades is the best of the winter resorts
    Paradise doesn’t compare
    All the nice people are there
    They come there from ev’rywhere
    Just to revel with Mister Devil
    Nothing on his mind but a couple of horns
    Satan is waitin’ with his jazz band
    And his band came from Alabam’ with a melody hot
    No one gives a damn if it’s music or not
    Satan’s melody makes you want to dance forever
    And you never have to go to bed at all”

    — Irving Berlin

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    Is there no end to the self-satisfied, self-righteousness of these smug speakers of behalf of god ? They keep telling us we are going to hell, or committing sin, etc. They are all full of their own moral self importance. Have they tried humility, silence, self reflection ?

    One thing is abundantly clear; wherever the fuck they are going after death, I’m not going to the same place, it’s not big enough for both of us.

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    I love how the hate-the-sin guys ALWAYS have “very close friends who are gay.” Really? Very close? Do they feel the same about him? What self-respecting gay person would be friends with someone who believes their life is an error and feels the need to express his personal religious views in public? Apparently these “close friends” haven’t convinced the mayor to see the error of his ways, namely ignorance and a confused idea that his religious convictions have a place in the secular sphere.

  4. Scooter McGoo says

    It all makes me think of the Christians “praying for the American Indian” that needed saving from what we were lead to believe. They had done fine for centuries until the Christian puritans brought over guns, liquor and diseases that nearly wiped out entire races but then when they were marched across the country to Oklahoma during the winter trying to get them to die off so Christians could have all the land in the mane of the Lord. Stay out of my house and I’ll stay out of yours, I don’t need saving in your way, I’ll trust my way. Hypocrites, all of them.

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    Okay now lets discuss the elephant in THIS room that no one dares to touch. Osby davis is African American and by looking at the tape you can see that a MAJORITY of his faith based community supporters were African American.

    Can we discuss this without having the “racist/bigot” card being thrown?

  6. a. sanchez says

    ok, so first, I just want to note that I find the picture at the top of this article, (which is also the thumbnail on the homepage) very disturbing and quite misleading. I think that picture furthers the myth that black and brown folks are 1. antagonistic and violent – look at the body language. 2. people of color are particularly anti-gay. and 3. that gay people are white, and peaceful. it looks like it was taken from a news source, who probably did a freeze frame of two different moments in time during the demonstration and then put the together to show polarity, for more exciting journalism. yet, some of us live at the intersection and often go unheard. and are silenced by the mainstream gay rights media and agenda.

    there are in fact people living at the intersections of multiple identities who often have to navigate between, sexism from men, transphobia from cisgendered folks, homophobia in our people of color communities and then on top of that, deal with racist images and racism in the gay community.

    that picture is irresponsible journalism.

  7. Landon Bryce says

    Cage fight for A. Sanchez and Wolf.

    Ha ha ha ha.

    Listen to the audio– Davis does himself no fzvors– he says gays are just like murderers and drug addicts, then says he is not “analyzing” them together. He is unable to justify or explain the discriminatory treatment given to gay candidates by the Faith Forums who support him. He equates his own religious beliefs with football boosterism.

    He comes off as a well-meaning, stupid, bigoted man.

  8. Disgusted American says

    hmmm how about if the Mayor were white and said that he beleives Blacks are less and because of that are sinners….No offence of course – just his opinion – cause thats what his faith says…..hmmm

  9. Chitown Kev says

    Very simple. The mayor’s private religious views should have been kept private. Period. End of story. By his very statements, I would doubt his ability to treat me with fairness and impartiality were I a citizen of Vallejo.

    His comments were not appropriate and highly bigoted.

    I’m a gay black man and even I would say that these black church bigots are nerve wracking. Christianity ain’t in the damn melanin gene and I resent those folks that suggest that.

    Having said that, church bigots of ANY ethnicity are nerve wracking and confrontational especially with LGBT’s it seems.

    I’ve seen white church bigots in Chicago do the same shit at the Pride Parade and in other venues.

  10. GregV says

    Wolf, I don’t know whether his supporters are racist (though homophobes tend to be) but they are definitely bigots.

    The attitude is parallel to the opposition my grandparents faced, being constantly told things like: “As Christians, we don’t hate the negro; we only hate his race. He just needs to realize that he has been cursed because of the sins of Ham and he will never be equal to the white man.”

    Same shit, different day, different pile. Exactly the same brainwashed thought process.

    The civil rights movement has required people of all races, sexes and and orientations who are thoughtful reflectors in order to recognize the wrongs of unfair treatment to either self or others. Seeing and/or experiencing discrimination does not result in opposition to it if one has been brainwashed by a pastor not to reflect logically.

  11. says

    you see Christian people? Just by looking at that picture? how’s that? what gives them away? As for the moron saying that the depiction is nothing but stereotypes, look at the video again. The antigay group WAS angry and intimidating (I don’t care what color they are) and the gay protesters WERE NOT an angry mob. Why do you want to stir up such animosity between the African American community and the LGBT community? I suspect an ulterior motive.

  12. Chitown Kev says


    See, your problem is that apparently neither the Mayor nor his followers brought up the race issue (of course, they don’t have to). You turned it into a question of race instead of their indefensible defense of a clearly bigoted man.

  13. kevin says

    People who say “love” and “hate” in the same sentence are exposing their hypocrisy.

    You cannot simultaneously love and hate at the same time. You “cannot serve two masters”, as the good book tells us. You either love, or you don’t.

    So-called Christians who continue to use the phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin” are so far removed from the gospel of Jesus that one wonders what part of Jesus’s teachings they even believe in, if any.

    They are living monuments to the seperation of the Christian church from the authentic teachings of that Jewish teacher whose life was sacrificed for love, peace, and liberation from oppression.

  14. says

    Well actually I said can we discuss it.

    And yes Faith crazies of ALL colors are nerve wrecking.

    I meant NO disrespect. But my point is like it or not and no matter HOW PC we try to be to get around it. A majority of African Americans have deep religious ties. (And I bring this up to connect with the African American vote on Prop 8.) Yes the problem is religion in General. Thats my worry with changing the hearts and minds senario that Gay Inc always fail with. As long as someones homophobia or bigotry is steeped in religion you can not change thier veiws no matter how hard you try.

  15. ED2 says

    How ironic!- the original sworn in mayor was to be Gary Cloutier who had won by 4 votes. Then a recount was done and it turns out that he lost to Davis by 3 votes and was hence sworn in as the first African-American mayor in Vallejo. Mr. Cloutier would’ve been the first openly gay mayor in Vallejo and indeed the entire Bay Area for some time. Interesting to see how this develops. Someone should interview Mr. Cloutier because I don’t think Mr. Davis should be mayor when he doesn’t demonstrate equal care and concern for all his citizens.

    Not to mention the blurring of religion and politics is incredibly disturbing. As is the backwards thinking on behalf of this particular group.

    & to those who would like to comment based on pics, videos and 2nd/3rd hand information- they should really keep their opinions to themselves. The Bay Area and its peninsula is a very complex place with plenty of racism, homophobia, sexism, progressivism, liberalism & conservatism. It has been my experience that the black communities out there tend to be very religious and very homophobic as well as the Latino & Muslim communities. The wealthy SF gay males also tend to be racist but much of it is based along class lines. The trends blur and fluctuate greatly however.
    Bottom line- don’t jump to conclusions you don’t have much experience with. The focus here should be on the mayor’s behavior, not on race.

  16. Peter says

    @Wolf–Unfortunately, you’re right. Changing a person’s heart or mind implies that the person is willing to consider the possibility that their homophobia may be wrong or hurtful. The right vs. wrong worldview that the deeply religious follows precludes such a transformation.

    As for Mayor Davis, saying you disagree with my being gay or bisexual is a weasely way of saying you feel my sexual orientation is something that I chose because I lacked sufficient willpower. Screw your rhetorical horse manure.

  17. says

    Thanks, Kev.

    I screwed a guy from Vallejo a couple of times. He was a hot guy: a big, blonde redneck. Just a couple of times because he was sort of a Nazi. He has a very ornate tatto and I asked him what it meant. He said it meant “white power” in German and that “In Vallejo, a nigger’s a nigger.” He was a masochist, so I did have the incredibly satisfying experience of pummeling his testicles after hearing him say this.

    And that’s my experience with the gay community in Vallejo.

  18. Sargon Bighorn says

    Indeed “Disgusted American” well said. What is the difference? Is it the personal opinion of any elected official to call a citizen in his community a Wap, Dago, Nigger, or any other pejorative and then say, “Oh dhat’s just how I feel bout it cuz da Bible done tell me so! I love alls Waps.” (Written in racial dialect for emphasis as I like racial dialects and it’s just my personal opinion and choice to use it).

    Soldiers are fighting and dying in Afghanistan to defeat religious radical extremists. California has a nest of them on tape hating on Gay citizens. Send in the Troops!

  19. says

    I happen to live in Vallejo, but I didn’t know that this happened until today. I don’t really follow Vallejo politics. In fact, I fucking hate living in Vallejo. I was born in San Francisco, spent the better part of my pre-adolescence in Vallejo, spent my formative years in San Francisco, and moved back to Vallejo in 2003. It’s really the worst place to live in the Bay Area. The city declared bankruptcy a while back, the downtown area is virtually a dead zone with stores opening and shutting down almost instantaneously, public transportation has been significantly reduced, and now many public elementary schools are going to be shut down. And for some reason, people are still moving here. I don’t know why. Cheap housing does not equal quality of life. It’s not just Vallejo’s life going downhill: my personal life has suffered as a result. I can’t spend as much time in San Francisco as I would like, there’s virtually nothing to do in Vallejo except go to Six Flags or Target or Costco, and in the six years that I’ve been back in Vallejo, my family has lived in three houses and has declared bankruptcy. My mom said that we all have to make sacrifices in life. It turns out that the sacrifices that my family has had to make in the past six years have not been worth it. Worse, Vallejo brings up painful memories of me being harassed in elementary school by teachers, students, and staff alike. I don’t even have a single gay friend or acquaintance in Vallejo. Take it from me, Vallejo is the bitch of the Bay Area.

  20. New Jersey girl says

    “…A majority of African Americans have deep religious ties. (And I bring this up to connect with the African American vote on Prop 8.) Yes the problem is religion in General….”

    Did someone say IRONY: Where the fuck do we all think the African American Community got it’s ‘christianity’ from???

    They brought it over on boats? NO. Taught by the white man to conquer and subdue the black generations.

    No one should be surprised about the force by which blacks exercise the ‘Master’s’ Religion. It means ACCEPTANCE.

  21. says

    Andy, yes, really. How is the accusation that the depiction of the protesters as somehow motivated by racism not an inflammatory statement? Either the commenter is extremely deluded or he is trying to cause tensions between gays and African Americans (in particular, white gays and black gays). I fail to see what is ridiculous about my statement that his motivation is not to challenge racial bias, but rather to muddy the waters of the discussion of gay rights with inflammatory rhetoric.

  22. Tony X says

    You know “faith based” community was a name those who used the bible to defend slavery also used in earlier American history.

    When will Andy start calling these people what they are – STRAIGHT SUPREMISTS.

    Uh Andy you could start in your next blog posting.

  23. Tony X says

    Remember folks Vallejo is the valley — and the valley is TRASH.

    Stupid people who do not choose to live on the coast when they live in California — and no Vallejo is not the coast…. and poor black people spilling out of the Oakland ghettos ruining another previously rural suburb.

    Sorry folks that IS reality … trash is trash.

  24. Tony X says

    “The wealthy SF gay males also tend to be racist but much of it is based along class lines”

    Being classist elitist is not racist.

    It is elitistism.

    They are happy to have black doctors and lawyers next door. Not racist.

  25. MCnNYC says

    Let me put aside the hateful and bigoted preaching of Rev MR. Mayor regarding the LGBT’s admission into the illusionary realm of his “heaven” for a moment.

    THE REAL ISSUE is that this man and his followers PROCLAIM that a United States city is a “CITY OF GOD”. The news report has them in the City Chamber room declaring that THIS CITY IS YOURS!

    That is worthy of taking up arms over and perhaps yes DEFENDING our Constitution and our Country over.

    YET the media is framing it as ONLY a gay issue.

  26. Bill says

    Black people try to turn homosexuality into a race issue all the time. So wolf’s observation is well reasoned. It is common for black people to believe homosexuality is a white and elitist thing. Some black poster wrote this “The wealthy SF gay males also tend to be racist but much of it is based along class lines.” Need I say more? Just because you keep yourself well-groomed and well-dressed and speak proper English doesn’t mean you are wealthy.

    The anti-gay crowd would have been violent and loud no matter what color they are however not as violent and loud as a black crowd.

    Landon Bryce, please, that story you told is a complete lie.

  27. says

    If it made you mad and horny, I told it right. Bill, it’s actually not even a mild exaggeration. I used a ruler part of the time. I’m too much a gentleman to post the video, and it’s too dark to be fun to watch, anyway.

  28. Dan Cobbbb says

    The Bible says that REVILERS will NOT see the kingdom of heaven. I suppose this mayor with his phoney piety will be our neighbor in hell, boys. These people are so stupid that they actually can’t even understand the source of their own religious beliefs: brainwashing! If they had been stolen from their parents in California when they were babies and raised in India, they’d be bowing to Krishna and shunning McDonald’s. They’re too stupid to even understand that.
    I love them but despise their stupidity.

  29. FunMe says


    Truly shameful that so-called people of religion would be continuing to spill out HATE and deamning words toward other human beings.

    They should be listening to true Christians like Coretta Scott King:

    “I still hear people say that I should not be talking about the rights of lesbian and gay people and I should stick to the issue of racial justice… But I hasten to remind them that Martin Luther King, Jr., said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ … I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream to make room at the table of brotherhood and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people”

    These religious ended up acting like any other CHINO (Christian In Name Only) and showing very little of Christian traits.

    Or as Mahatma Gandhi once said:
    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  30. RDUB says

    Tony X, you clearly do not live in the Bay Area, cause Vallejo is definitely part of the region. I’ve been in the Bay my whole life (except college) and Vallejo has never been known as an enlightened/ evolved community. Sad to say but these comments, coming from that mayor (of that city), aren’t surprising in the least…

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