1. Jacknasty says

    Yeah, really.

    I love Gaga’s music. She’s musically the only big pop star at the moment that I find even remotely interesting. Her songs are all wonderfully catchy yet somehow totally off-kilter, she’s a great singer with a good voice (something nobody ever accused Madonna of having), and she can even play. Something else almost none of today’s pop acts can manage.

    Her incredible succession of crazy looks is just the icing on the cake.

  2. Bosie says

    she is trutly a star a true singer/songwriter…Andy warhols points of view?? agh a waste…like it matters at the end.

    GET IT IN YOUR HEAD…there is MADONNA and LADY GAGA…now swallow your bitter self :)

    puh puh puh poker face

  3. Jonathan says

    That article was hardly a tribute. I’m not even a big fan but I know more about her than he does, that she went to Juilliard as a child, was admiited early to the Tisch school, played nightclubs in NYC from the time she was 14 because she was THAT good and wrote music for other VERY famous people behind the scenes. Trebay had a story in mind and he couldn’t be bothered with the truth.

    It was a disgusting piece of crap, as nasty as it was misinformed. Most people fell in love with her music before they had any idea what she looked like. I thought she was a drag queen for the first six months but the songs sure were hard to forget.

  4. Edward says

    Since she’s performing at the Fountainebleau, she should rewrite “Bad Romance”, and call it the “Bad Finance” Tour!