1. Bryan says

    I’m Connecticut-based, so admittedly, I’m not as up on events within Rhode Island. I’m stoked, however, by the potential of the state moving forward on a number of fronts. Just think: 1) new state House speaker Gordon Fox is a gay African-American; 2) Anti-gay nazi Gov. Carcieri replaced by a Democrat, perhaps Attorney General Lynch (even former Republican now independent Linc Chafee would be a vast improvement); 3) Now the prospect of Cicilline running for the House seat! Yahoo! Marriage could not be far off…

  2. John says

    Providence should hope that Cicilline gets elected to Congress…he has done nothing for Providence. Unions cant stand him, the police/fire depts dont respect him, commercial development in Providence came to a halt BEFORE the economy did, and he spends more time in bars and drag shows than he does networking and working for the city….GOOD RIDDANCE.

    P.S. He does make a great grand marshall for Gay Pride though.

  3. ChicagoRick says

    Honestly, I’m not sure having the unions hate you is a bad thing. While they do some good things, they do plenty of harm also.

  4. John in Boston says

    Providence, Rhode Island, and the south coast of Massachusetts is in HORRIBLE economic shape. R.I. unemployment is above 12% and places like New Bedford above 20%. I was shocked to the condition Pro is in the other day (it’s only 40 miles from Boston) stores closed everywhere, etc., Honestly R.I. is known as being very corrupt, huge La Costa Nostra presence, and Pro is known as the home of Brown U., RISD, and a generally very permissive, crazy club, bar atmosphere…typical of places with a lot of corruption and poor economy. Everybody in Boston knows why folks go down to Pro on the weekends.

    I’d say from personal observations and inter-action with locals their ‘Gay’ mayor has done a shitty job. The admittedly corrupt Buddy Cianci was a far better mayor.

  5. Paul and Chris says

    ..Few years ago, my partner and I where waiting for a cab at the Providence airport..when all of the sudden he offered to have one of his drivers take us downtown. We hesitated but he insisted. His personal driver dropped us off at a downtown restaurant..he was really nice, talk about a random encounter!