My Third Detour On Towleroad


Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans. Happy Sunday, everyone else. I'll be minding Towleroad in Andy's absence beginning tomorrow morning through the end of the day on Thursday. I plan to post regularly and will toss in some longer reads I've been working on as well. I look forward to your comments. Please feel free to send suggestions directly to me here.


  1. Brendan says

    I love BoyCulture Matthew, but I was so hoping i would not see any post regarding the “4 of July”. It’s really hard to celebrate a country in which I as a citizen am not given equal rights under the law, am treated as a second class citizen, must hear about my gay, lesbian, and transgendered brothers and sisters harassed, beat-up, maimed, and even killed. A day like today just reminds me that while we may have made some progress, a celebration is a long way off.

  2. JimSur212Jim says

    We haven’t made “some” progress. We’ve made HUGE progress. Celebrate that! We have a ways to go, but no reason not to have a bright and positive outlook for the future.

  3. says


    Try and kick it pre-Stonewall. Every country that is progressive towards gays didn’t always enjoy that luxury, and the fact they now do is at least partially a result of our work here in America.

  4. gagaiscaca says

    Happy 4th!

    Looking forward to reading your posts Matthew.

    My only request is, can we keep it GaGa and Lambert free until Andy returns at least :).

  5. GrabbinNewscum says

    >A day like today just reminds me that >while we may have made some progress, a >celebration is a long way off.
    >Posted by: Brendan | Jul 4, 2010 5:47:27 PM

    What an ungrateful whiny homo you are.

  6. BrandonD says

    Ungrateful? He’s right. We’re still treated like we’re second-class citizens in this country, and while admittedly we are treated better here than in most countries, there really isn’t anything to celebrate. Would the founding fathers be proud of what we’ve turned into today? I don’t think they would be.

    People don’t care about what this holiday used to stand for, they just care about fireworks now. For a whole week. Every fucking day.

  7. sqqueak says

    Wow,Gagaiscaca, imagine a whole week without Gaga, Lambert (and Glee?)! Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air :-)

  8. Qjersey says

    Referring to your stint as a substitute editor using the military metaphor “detour” and displaying the flag is really unctuous.

    Maybe it was alluding to the “war for our rights.” Well it’s not like Towleroad or your usual gig are exclusive LGBT rights blogs, in fact they are more infotainment with the occasional LGBT political story.

    Big fail.

  9. says

    QJersey: It’s great that you know the word “unctuous”; I’m a big fan of knowing what words mean. But I hope you will be pleased to learn that “detour” is not a military word, nor did I use it (which would’ve been harmless had I done so) in a militaristic way to allude to any war for our rights.

    I think you’re confusing “detour” with a “tour of duty.”

    I used “detour” because Towleroad is a metaphorical road, one onto which I’ve taken a detour from my usual gig three times.

    As for the flag, I would be an big fail as a mindless patriot. I enjoyed putting the U.S. flag on the floor at an infamous Chicago art exhibit 20 years ago and for a long while sent American flag cards (when such things were sent) to friends with matches taped over the red, white and blue. That said, I don’t see anything wrong with the U.S. flag in general as long as people are not hiding behind it.

    As you were!

    All: Respectfully, I don’t see the point of not acknowledging Independence Day even though there are some important rights gay people are still fighting for. We are still our own country and enjoy astounding rights compared to those enjoyed by the overwhelming number of people who’ve ever lived, which is the point of the day, not to declare “Mission Accomplished” and go home. And I’m not refusing to smile or giving up Christmas neither.

  10. Ventura says

    Hey Matt…great job on keeping both sites updated! I love BoyCulture just as much as Towleroad! woot woot!