The Little Adoption Agency That Could

3330005206_37553e1836 Robert Ross, President and CEO of The California Endowment, offers an interesting essay at HuffingtonPost on a community-based nonprofits called Holy Family Adoption Services in L.A.:

"For most of its organizational life, Holy Family Adoption Services operated in partnership with the Catholic Archdiocese in Los Angeles. It had the financial and in-kind support from the church as well as the support of many generous Catholic individuals and foundations—until it became known that the Holy Family Adoption Services staff placed a handful of the thousands of children it cared for with same-sex couples. The State of California prohibits discriminating against same-sex couples in adoption placement and Holy Family Adoption Services was abiding by that state law.

"In 2007, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles made it clear that Holy Family would have to stop placing children with same-sex couples. Instead of giving in, the Holy Family Adoption Services board of directors ultimately decided that nothing was more important than providing loving and supportive homes for at-risk infants and children and that no otherwise qualified home should be closed to these children simply because of the gender and sexual orientation of the family members within it."

The agency received some help but needs more. Its story is a perfect example of how many people who feel they're concerned about children are really much more concerned about ideology—to the point where they'd rather see the children go parentless than be raised by same-sex parents.


  1. alguien says

    what isn’t mentioned in your squip is that the episcopal charities picked up the slack on this.

  2. alguien says

    that isn’t what i said stank but you can go ahead and interperate it any way you like.

  3. walter says

    so what it means is the fucking catholic church now has more money to protect pedohhiles instead of children. if it isn’t in to charity it is a business tax the shit out ot it. stop calling it a charity it is a bunch of bigoted hate mongers who don’t teach christain beliefs just their own hate.

  4. Warren says

    What Alguien said needs to be emphasized. Bishop Bruno, of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, gave Holy Family “shelter” when no one else did. You can be pissed off all you want at organized religion. The fact remains that the Episcopal Church stepped up to the plate and did the right thing, for no other reason than to take a stand for diversity and equality when it comes to adoptions. Along with a couple of other denominations, the Episcopal Church has long embraced equality and diversity. I know. I’m an Episcopal priest, gay, out, and married to a man.

  5. TANK says

    well, it’s not really the episcopal church as it is the los angeles diocese. And good for them for doing more than just talk. The episcopal church in north america is likely going to split soon, with three provinces (canada, us, and the third for conservative episcopalians covering both countries for the many episcopals who are antigay and are dissatisfied with the direction of the episcopal church). It’s not realistic to call the u.s. episcopal church “gay friendly,” as that ignores the majority antigay worldwide anglican communion (of which the u.s. is just one province), and further, the antigay american and canadian episcopalians who are pushing for the break.