University of Illinois Reinstates Teacher’s Job

University of Illinois Catholic studies professor Kenneth Howell, who was let go from his job earlier this summer
due to his anti-gay beliefs (according to him gay sex is "injurious" to
the body), has been given the chance to teach at the public institution once again. If you recall, one of student complained about his viewpoints, calling them hate speech.

Howell According to the Chicago Tribune: "The university released a statement Thursday saying Howell's appointment as an adjunct instructor in the Religion Department – teaching Religion 127, Introduction to Catholicism – will be continued for the fall. Howell also taught a course on modern Catholic thought, and the statement did not make clear whether he will still do so. A review of whether Howell's firing by the Religion Department violated his academic freedom is continuing, the university said. 'The University of Illinois is committed to upholding principles of academic freedom and the requirements of the First Amendment,' the statement said."

The university also revealed that they would no longer pay adjunct professors, such as Howell, who teach Catholicism courses through the a local church group, St. John's Catholic Newman Center. They'll now be paid directly by U of I.

But, Howell, as an adjunct professor, could still be dismissed from his teaching position at any time.

Posted July 31, 2010 at 2:59pm ETC by Steve Pep
in Chicago, Illinois, Religion