1. Tre says

    I, once again, have faith in the California Constitution. This document protected California gays and lesbians today. It also protected the people on the opposition as well, in that equal protection under the law reigned supreme today. That should honestly make EVERYONE happy today – straight and gay.

  2. Billy says

    One-hundred years ago, women could not vote. Fifty years ago, interracial marriage was illegal in a majority of the United States. While many still believe that the current call for gay marriage is not a civil rights issue, one needs only to look at the events around the country to illustrate the antithesis. All of us are living in another moment of American history where the antiquated platitudes of tradition are becoming muted by a progressive idea of equality. Today’s Prop 8 decision is a momentous event that should be celebrated for the groundbreaking step towards LGBT rights that it represents.

    However, this ruling should serve as a reminder to everyone. Although marriage is an important step towards greater acceptance, attitudes and behaviors are what shape the world around us. Each of us has the individual responsibility to show one another a level of respect as equal citizens of the world, regardless of any physical or ideological differences. We must not let pride, anger, or fear mar the love that all of us are capable of showing.

  3. suede says

    I am surprised. shocked even.
    On the way back home (not knowing the outcome of the case), I saw tons of media/tv-vans on castro and there werent any celebrants around, just a muni sign saying “delays due to march on market and civic center”.
    I figured we had lost.
    I got home and saw all the feeds from this site, and I am so glad the bigots lost and the constitution is pure again.

    All we need to now do is vote for Jerry Brown, coz I’m tired of 8 years of republican Terminator, and Meg Whitman is anti-gay, anti-human and anti everything that makes California such a progressive, beautiful, humane and amazing place to live in.

    Prop 8 showed us that democracy is not a perfect system on its own. Like someone said, “democracy can be two wolves and a sheep deciding what they’ll have for dinner.”
    Equality and protection of minorities is what keeps democracy in balance.

  4. ChrisM says

    Right decision – wrong time. Now before everybody attacks me by saying there is never a wrong time to do the right thing let me explain.

    Meg Whitman is (was) lagging behind in the CA governors race – this decision, so close to this very competitive race is going to energize the neo-cons and wingnuts behind Whitman in a way that no cash infusion (even Meg multi-millions) could ever do.

    Unless those supportive of the decision fully understand that this is a small victory in a huge war they are bound to make the battle even rougher than it’s going to be continue to be anyway. Electing Whitman in California will certainly not be in the best interest of those supporting this ruling.

    It is very important to understand that this is currently nothing more than a temporary decision and will be subject to review by a court that doesn’t give any indication of supporting it. If you think the Republicans are currently unified against current nominee Elena Kagan then be prepared because you haven’t seen anything yet. And this is just another reason why I think this decision should have either come months ago or not until after the November election.

  5. John Normile says

    Chrism I do believe there are more of Us and Allys than there are Neo-cons and Wingnuts…Perhaps this ruling will get everyone motivated to actually vote and not just sit on the sidelines thinking what does it matter…….

  6. Glenn Rivera says

    I will be 50 next year – I came out when I was 15 years old…this has been the best news ever in my life regarding “gay” life.

  7. says

    Jake, the UNITED STATES Constitution protected gays today, CaliforniaS constitution didn’t do shit, and it wasn’t even part of this lawsuit. Federal lawsuit, not state… Lol. California had a chance to make this right, they didn’t, and they voted for this to begin with, so California can kiss my ass on gay rights. The USA is what is protecting us now, and it’s going to the SCOTUS that frees us all in the end.

  8. unruly says

    @Tre, it wasn’t the California Constitution that protected us; it was The Constitution [Federal.] This was a federal judge and a federal court citing federal law. Prop 8 [attempted to] amended the CA Constitution; the US Constitution said those amendments violated its text and so the amendment couldn’t stand at a state level.

  9. SCV Malcolm says

    I love it that the Judge took the time, effort and energy to review and comment in his lengthy decision on the testimony and arguments of those in support of Prop. 8. I see it as a gift to those of us were denied an opportunity by SCOTUS to watch the trial on TV. THAT individual action by SCOTUS worries me IF the appeals process brings it to their door!
    All that money spent on H8 for nought by the Morons. (oops! Did I drop an “m”?) their H8 $$$ could have done so much for the needy, which says a lot about their religion!
    Viva La Constitution~!

  10. Kenn says

    As a 63 year old gay man living with my partner for almost 31 years and about to leave for Provincetown, where we married last August 20th to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, this is a wonderful gift. We hope that it finds its way to the Supreme Court of the U.S. soon. Volumes will be spoken then, once and for all, whether or not we as a nation, can finally come to terms with treating all loving couples as equals in their right to marry. No time like the present to move this along.

  11. says

    Hey! That’s me with the glasses and the “Oh Yes We Did!” sign. I’m famous! Take THAT Michaele Salahi!