1. divkid says

    God or NOTGOD. Who knows who cares. But a REVEALED religion with a monopoly on universal timeless unalterable incontestable truth that is demonstrably UNtrue…
    That is except to those who wilfully remain blind to reason.

    That being said I would have counted Rachel among the Blessed and possibly a Saint, but for that requiring two miracles and her, er…death

    Last refuge of the scoundrel, patriotism, it is said. What cover it affords for your crackpot agendas. Second only to the shrill hollow call to arms in defence of children and the family. Add them both together: and you get Uganda, or pretty much every nation in varying degrees of culpability.

    What awful people you gays are being against children and families and nation — and God. Truly awful.

    But they buy it. They’ll continue to buy it. Because they want to.

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  2. Terry says

    That was an outstanding interview.

    I also like that she mentioned the Family Research Council has been VERY involved with the “Kill the gays” bill. Exhibit #12,680 why the FRC IS a hate group.

  3. K in VA says

    Wonderful interview. I believe the guy believes everything he says — which is as chilling proof as you’ll ever find on the ways religion can pervert reason.

    And I’d still like to know: Did anybody tell him that he was talking to a lesbian?

  4. Strepsi says

    You see, stuff like THIS is why I wish Rachel Maddow would stop doing comedy-like Op-Ed pieces: she undermines her credentials as a hard-hitting interviewer. There is nothing she says in those Editorial bits that can’t be demonstrated by FACTS and letting the words of the subjects of interviews hang themselves. Because really, she is a brilliant interviewer.

    Country by country, Africa is becoming hell on earth.

  5. divkid says

    oops sorry for a certain other sites name on end of post . i drafted on their site first and didnt send.. decided it wasnt worthy of them. im all superficial’d-out.

  6. divkid says

    when she stifles a cough mid- interview l choose to believe shes stifling a : “bullshit!” , a kind of liberal tourettes. she has a number of adorable quirks. she is rarely less than compelling…oh, shit i think ive got me a geek-girl cush!

  7. FunMe says

    It is SO WONDERFUL to have a true journalist on TV. I love the fact that she never yelled at him. She was so calm, cool and collected. She allowed him to nail himself.

    Good luck on defending yourself against Crimes against humanity indeed!

  8. says

    Bigger question should be why does Jack Klenk’s LinkedIn page STILL list his employer as the Dept of Education? Does he still work for our government while holding these extremist views?

  9. GregV says

    Rachel is one of the smartest journalists on TV. I don’t understand though, why should would wrap it up by wishing Bahati luck in his defense?
    He is essentially asking that people like Rachel, and even all friends of people like Rachel, be jailed for life or killed in Uganda.
    Bahati’s incredibly sick and dangerous views don’t deserve any well wishes, no matter how civil we’re attempting to be on this end.

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