Towleroad Guide To The Tube #831

WHAT AN ENTRANCE: Newt Gingrich greets CPAC admirers to “Eye of the Tiger.” Seriously.

ARTHUR: Can Russell Brand hold a candle to Dudley Moore?

“CASTLES IN THE SNOW:” Video from Twin Shadow’s debut album, Forget.

RIGHT WING YOUTH OF AMERICA: Salon‘s Justin Elliot interviews man from “Youth for Western Civilization.”

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  1. rjp3 says

    It is amazing at 46 to have now seen 4 generations of these smug better than everyone else right wing youth scumbags stand up and declare themselves superior to everyone and everything else in the WORLD.

    Such sad uncontrolled egos.

  2. rjp3 says

    went to the Youth for Western Civilization website – they are amazingly and openly anti-gay Christian nationalists.

    In Germany they were and still are called Nazis.

  3. John says

    As America becomes more diverse, I think we are going to see a lot more in terms of white identity politics. There was an explosion of it in California during the 1990s. And they had some success initially. California voters passed Prop. 187 (an anti-immigration measure); 209 (repealed affirmative action); and 227 (made English the official language). The Democrats lost control of the state legislature for the first time since 1970. Liberal judges were impeached and removed from office.

    It was a short lived revolution though.

    The Democrats were back soon enough. Multiculturalism returned with a vengeance. And by aligning themselves with repression, white people had only managed to alienate and irritate previously indifferent minorities. In the long run, the demographic trends are permanent, irreversible, and inevitable.

  4. Ninong says

    It never ceases to amaze me just how full of himself Newt Gingrich really is. I don’t think he has any chance of winning the Republican nomination but it would be great for the Democrats if he did. This guy is the perfect example of Republican “family values” hypocrisy.

  5. Bart says

    Does that kid have a pyschological tic? Every time he’s saying something he clearly knows is smugly self-centric and basically selfishly evil, he quirks. He should have gone to CPAC, he would have fit right in.

  6. Ninong says

    @JOHN: I don’t know if it’s fair to say that “white people had only managed to alienate and irritate previously indifferent minorities” because the majority of white Democrats did not support Prop. 187. I think it would be better to say that Pete Wilson had only managed to alienate and irritate previously indifferent minorities and help the Democratic Party gain a large number of new Latino voters.

    The Democratic Party of California is still majority white but it now has a much larger percentage of Latino voters than it had in the 1990’s. Thank you Pete Wilson for driving that nail into the California GOP’s coffin. The courts threw out most of Prop. 187’s provisions and the Democrats picked up a lot of new voters.

  7. John says


    I am actually glad you are articulating a different narrative. Because I think more liberals need to challenge the widespread perception that the right is in the driver’s seat and has a virtual monopoly on the white electorate.

    Because here’s the problem:

    A solid majority of whites in California did vote for those repressive laws. In terms of voter registration, there are more white Republicans than Democrats. And the campaign to enact them was specifically couched in race baiting rhetoric.

    What conclusion would you draw from those facts?

    Moreover, white identity tends to coalesce on the political right rather than the left. The right-wingers put themselves up as the legitimate representatives of “white people.” Unfortunately, liberals tend to cede that ground to them without much of a fight.
    And, in the absence of any real alternative, they are taken at their word more often than not.

  8. david in iowa says

    OMG, the crazy nazi boy of 2011. Pretty sure his Granddad was friends with or was a Grand Wizard.

    In the 1940’s a reporter asked Gandhi, what he/Gandhi thought of western civilization. Gandhi replied, “I think it would be a good idea”.

  9. Ninong says


    I’m not questioning whether the majority of white voters voted for Prop. 187, only whether the majority of white Democrats voted for it.

    Prop. 187 passed with 59% of the vote, including 63% of ALL white voters; however, whites make up about 85% of the Republican Party.

    I just hate to see all whites lumped into the same basket with white Republicans.

  10. Xtab says

    Oh man, Youth for Western Civilization. These guys have popped up from time to time on anti-fascist websites.

    They’re essentially the American equivalent of the new European far right parties: Jobbik (Hungary), Front National (France), British National Party (UK), Vlaams Belang (Belgium), National Democrats (Sweden). Now, they’re not an organized party like these, so that might make them more comparable to the English Defense League, another one of these anti-Muslim youth and student clubs.

    (Mostly) smiley-faced, soft-handed neo-Nazis, in other words. But they believe in the same things, have the same class basis of support, and adopt the same aesthetics, like militant-looking uniforms. They’re wearing goddamn blackshirts, even.

  11. Gus says

    “OMG, the crazy nazi boy of 2011. Pretty sure his Granddad was friends with or was a Grand Wizard.”

    More likely his grandfather joined a Citizens Council. The Klan for the educated middle class and only slightly more polite in that southern way.

  12. ratbastard says

    Yeah, I mean really, why don’t whities shut up and die already? Whities, especially those evil white boys, are bad bad bad…What we need is a final solution for whities. Then the ‘Hispanics’ can finally take over the west, and put those white boys in their place.

    Anybody ever heard of La Raza [The Race]?

    Anybody ever heard of the numerous black racist groups and ideologies?

    Anybody familiar with Asian cultures and their tendency towards a level of smug superiority, nationalism, and racism that would embarrass a KKK member?

    But white ‘Boys’ better STFU!

    You mothers are a trip.

  13. Fenrox says

    @Ratbastard, All your posts lose credibility and meaning when you only post to be a contrarian. A compulsion to “teach” the internet is the sign of a troubling ego. We get it, nobody has a monopoly on racism.

    Anyway, It is sad to see that people can still be this wrong about race relations. I seriously thought TV would get to these people and show that all races are normal, boring people, it’s not worth getting hot and bothered over.

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