1. RL says

    The only positive thing about this legislative pogrom is that it is so obviously hate-filled and discriminatory that it will fail the test of constitutionality (equal protection) even in the Roberts/Scalia court. I think that a lot of us fear a “Dred Scott” decision for any same-sex litigation that reaches the current Supreme Court. I suspect that the evil and foul historical reputation of Robt. Taney (Chief Justice in that decision) may serve as a deterrent for a modern court making a similarly tainted decision (I sincerely hope).

  2. Dynex says

    Every LGBT in Indiana and even owes it to themselves to make their voices heard on this outrageous issue. We should not be having our elected officials taking time to disable our *CIVIL UNIONS* for our relationships. There is a culture war between Conservative Christians and gays and Conservative Christians are now running for office in our nation for the sole purpose of furthering religious ideology and stripping rights away from gays. Gay people need to stop hiding in the closet, need to stop making flippant comments such as “my sexuality doesn’t define me” (sorry- but for MANY people it does indeed define you. Enough so for politicians to state how unworthy you are as a person in statehouses and vote on it) ….get out there and rally, join a pro equality movement/orginization, and be proud of being who you are. We’re been complacent enough…we should not be tolerant of being treated like dirt to walk over any longer. Not in 2011. Not in the United States.

  3. Disgusted Gay American says

    …WHEN will LGBT Americans HAVE FULL EQUALITY? WHEN? 2015? 2020? 2030? This country sucks….its a BIG FAT LIE….Liberty & Justice for All are JUST WORDS…EMPTY MEANINGLESS Words…thyat make this country sound better – then it is ,in reality. In the menatime – AVOID ALL things Indiana

  4. IonMusic says

    @ Dynex: I’ve long stated I felt the closet cases and gays who distance themselves from everything LGBT are at fault over our lack of equality, rights and respect. I have expectations of heterosexuals to have compassion and smarts regarding our equality but not nearly as much as I do of a gay person. All too often, I’ll stumble across a gay person who has so much shame in being gay that they do everything within their power to conceal, hide or lie about it. Imagine every closet cases/shamed LGBT were to step out and be who they are and openly/honestly live their lives. Imagine the impact they’d have on their families, friends, and communities who would see them as an example and make the gay rights issue hit far close to home. I blame every gay rights defeat on closeted gay people who don’t have the foresight or strength to stand up for what is right. And that’s being themselves and changing minds by doing so.

  5. contragenic says

    Hmm, what would jesus do? I know three guys named jesus, they are all nelly bottoms, and probably could not point to Indiana on a map.