1. just_a_guy says

    New Jersey’s got one kick-ass congressman here. The people fro NJ should consider themselves very lucky; too many congresspeople just play to their constituents’ basest motives and cynically use their own influence against their constituents’ real interests. This guy is a great advocate for things real NJ citizens care about (or should).

    And thank you Mr. Holt. bravo. we need more like you.

  2. Anonymous says

    Wish this guy would run for President and am glad he is in the US Congress. We need more highly intelligent people like him in the Congress to balance out the dummies. As a Princetonian also, I am really proud of my alma mater here in all that it has done in recent years to forward the cause of gay and lesbian students. I really hope that Henry and Josh are not separated by such a horrific act of injustice.

  3. ratbastard says

    Another old white man. When are they all going to die already?! The world will be so much better when they’re all gone.


    Sorry, sorry…I couldn’t resist.

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