Lesbian Blogger Forcibly Seized in Damascus

Amina Abdallah Araf al Omari, an out lesbian blogger from Damascus, Syria, was seized by three men earlier today, her cousin wrote on her blog, 'A Gay Girl in Damascus', earlier today:

Amina Amina told the friend that she would go ahead and they were separated.Amina had, apparently, identified the person she was to meet. However, while her companion was still close by, Amina was seized by three men in their early 20’s. According to the witness (who does not want her identity known), the men were armed. Amina hit one of them and told the friend to go find her father.

One of the men then put his hand over Amina’s mouth and they hustled her into a red Dacia Logan with a window sticker of Basel Assad. The witness did not get the tag number. She promptly went and found Amina’s father.

The men are assumed to be members of one of the security services or the Baath Party militia. Amina’s present location is unknown and it is unclear if she is in a jail or being held elsewhere in Damascus.

Later, it was updated:

I have been on the telephone with both her parents and all that we can say right now is that she is missing. Her father is desperately trying to find out where she is and who has taken her.

Unfortunately, there are at least 18 different police formations in Syria as well as multiple different party militias and gangs. We do not know who took her so we do not know who to ask to get her back. It is possible that they are forcibly deporting her.

From other family members who have been imprisoned there, we believe that she is likely to be released fairly soon. If they wanted to kill her, they would have done so.

That is what we are all praying for.

This was the first I knew of Abdallah and her blog. The Guardian profiled her a few weeks ago.

The Atlantic adds

Facebook page has quickly sprouted up for Abdallah, a dual citizen who was born in Virginia to an American mother and a Syrian father and, at six months, moved to Syria, where she has relatives in the government and the Muslim Brotherhood (the photo above comes from Facebook, though we can't confirm its authenticity).


  1. says

    Her blog has been quite popular on FB ever since the entry in which her father protected her from some other thugs.

    Syria seems like a very dangerous place at the moment. Just a month or so ago a student from my college (Middlebury) also went missing, and it took some high level negotiations (Sen. Leahy & ambassadors) to get him out.

    I hope Amina makes it! She’s a brave woman.

  2. Mstrozfckslv says

    hopefully she comes out of it ok or if not that then whatever happens is painless and quick

    anon in socal…syria is going through unrest and hopefully bashar al-assad gets chased out of the country like the guy in yemen who held on for a while

    revolutions are messy, review our own and france’s

  3. Coffee&Chicory says

    This is so sad. She is incredibly brave and I hope for her safety and return to freedom.

  4. Red Katie says

    I’m just about to cry, and I don’t even know her. The thought they would hurt this brave, beautiful girl for being different is just too much. But thugs will destroy anything… because they can.

  5. Action says

    I wish we knew who to write and how to make our voice heard. We have to support our sisters and brothers. This has to stop.

  6. The Iron Orchard says

    For the Arab Spring comments…she was picked up by members of Assad’s Baath party. So nice to see that the uninformed remain so even when it’s right in the article they are commenting on!

  7. Chunks says

    Yes things will be so much better once the Arab spring has turned the middle east into a gay paradise. Bwahahahahahahaha