1. Patric says

    None of this was necessary. Last November, Greg Ball won his seat by 2,000 votes over a marriage equality supporting Democrat and incumbent Democratic senators and marriage equality supporters Craig Johnson and Antoine Thompson (both voted for marriage equality in 2009) lost their seats in races which were so close they were not called until December. Had progressives turned out last November in numbers rivaling those of Tea Party activists, we’d have those three votes now and this would have been finished long ago. Something to remember the next time some commenter here suggests that the way to advance the interests of our community is by sitting out elections.

  2. daftpunkydavid says

    all the more reasons people should be keeping their focus on this, as opposed to wasting energy protesting obama, imho.

    this (what happens in albany) is more important in the short and the long terms.

    don’t you think obama will complete his so-called evolution faster if more people favor marriage for gay couples? and don’t you think that is more likely to happen if people witness that, no, in fact, more married same-sex couples does not mean the end of civilization and the start of anarchy? let’s think people. and let’s keep our eyes on the prize.

  3. searunner says

    @Jack: If this is a replay of DADT repeal, then we win. We got, with a few votes to spare, the needed Senators to prevent the GOP from filibustering the legislation.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Well at least they found the time to declare that a GRAIN (corn) is the state VEGETABLE.

    I can’t imagine how New York could have gone another day without taking care of that important piece of legislation.

  5. Jollysocks says

    The fact that Skelos continues to refuse to even conference this issue until everything else is done is not a good sign. If they are really hoping to just run out the clock, it’s going to take some more heavy lifting from Cuomo and the Dems to try to force them into a vote. It seems like the Senate Dems are finally start to squawk about this, and if there really is trouble brewing, the LGBT orgs better let us know quick.

    And what’s up with how evasive everyone is being about this chapter amendment language? I’m surprised the language hasn’t even been leaked.

    More emotional see-saw, ain’t it fun?

  6. Jack says


    Do we? Isn’t that what we thought in September when we failed to repeal DADT? That our compromises and backroom deals had bought us enough votes? Only to have those votes renege at the last second?

    Your confidence is extremely premature.

  7. Jollysocks says

    Also one more thing — the GOP has been conferencing for a while now and about an hour ago kicked out their junior staffers. They are claiming that they are not talking about the marriage vote, but they did something similar to this last week. They met, kicked out the staffers, then I presume, talked about the more religious protections they wanted. So, they could actually be talking about this right now.

    Maybe reading too many tea leaves into things. Maybe the GOP is in there watching a special preview of “Cars 2″ or something as equally important

  8. searunner says

    @Jack: Yes or no, did the repeal legislation pass the Senate?

    No premature confidence here. I’m just pointing out that the DADT repeal legislation passed, which you failed to acknowledge in your post.

  9. says

    The Republicans seem to be dragging the issue in order to exasperate the Gay community, hoping that some of us will end up acting or speaking in a way that will appear unsympathetic. They hope that it will help them re-capture the few “rogue” Republicans who are currently in favor of Marriage Equality. I hope that those new developments are not a sign that their strategy is working…

  10. Jack says


    I was referring to the instance of the September 2010 vote. Whether the legislation passed several months later is wholly irrelevant to what I was saying. It seems to me that you’re just being contrarian, to what end I don’t know.

    You want my point in plainer English? I think there is a likelihood of getting D votes on compromise issues, and and then some of the yes votes stab us in the back after getting what they wanted. I hope I’m wrong.

  11. Jollysocks says

    @Searunner: But Senator Ball has seen the language, even wrongly said that the language had been made public. How is it that Skelos is saying no one in the conference has seen the language yet Ball has? Did Ball just say that cause he wasn’t even included in the negotiation of the chapter amendment language?

    Senator Lanza just emerged from a meeting with Cuomo… could equally be a good or bad sign at this point.

  12. Rich murray says

    As someone who is actually sitting in the Senate Chamber all week, after collecting thousands of signatures to flip key Dem votes, we only have ourselves to blame if this fails. We’re too complacent, inactive and unaware of the legislative activity swirling around us.

    And – even better – our small group of 20 or so from NYC actually are working double duty this week. Half are here in Albany, and the rest are working the Obama protest and pride prep, etc in the city.

    Get out from behind your damned keyboards and earn your pride. Join us.

  13. searunner says

    @Jack: DADT repeal was an ugly process, and passing marriage equality in NY is proving to be an ugly process. And if they mirror each other as you suggest, we will see it’s passge.

    So no, I’m not just being contrarian. I just don’t think your analogy holds as it is relevant that legislation passed in the same session as it was introduced.

  14. walter says

    cut the bull it is past time for the senate to act. the nys senate has always has been an embarrassment . but continues to get worse. these people get paid to do a job why to they continually fail to do it? remember their actions when they are up for reelection. votr them out. skelos is totally an ass for the way he has handled this.

  15. searunner says

    @Jollysocks: Sen. Ball could be one of the few to have seen the language. At the same time though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ball’s claim to having seen the language was as true as his claim to be an ‘undecided’ until yesterday. I’d take whatever comes out of Ball’s mouth with several grains of salt.

    Where has Saland been lately? I’m more interested in his actions.

  16. Jack says


    You’re missing the point. I’m not saying they mirror each other in every way. I said it might mirror DADT in that we get stabbed in the back by supposed “bought” votes. That is all I ever said.

  17. searunner says

    @Jack: Yes we might be stabbed in the back, but that is always a possibility on every issue when negotiating in politics.

    Continuing to quibble is pointless as we both want to see marriage passed.

  18. truthteller says

    The strategy is working fine. It’s always a step forward and a couple of steps back when it comes to human rights. Marriage equality will sooner than later become law and the Democrats have to be trained that we will not let them take us for granted.

    We need to have a backbone and realize that we might have some temporary set backs and not give into the fear that you seem to be trying to drag us into.

    It’s about the big picture not one battle and for that reason we should continue to NOT support the lesser to two evils. We need friends who will not make us an inferior priority. I say continue to deny our support to the spineless pols who give pretty speeches then stab us on the back!

  19. ken says

    @NY2.0: it went pretty well, I beleive the main reason the DADT repeal passed in the lame duck last year is because the Dems saw we were serious about sitting out the election in the mid terms.

  20. Jollysocks says

    @Searunner: Silver is now claiming that the chapter amendment language has not been finalized. So, you’re right, Ball never saw any language and is just a liar. No only that, he’s a dumb liar who can’t even lie at the right time.

  21. searunner says

    @Jollysocks: A recent TUCapCon tweet:

    ‘Wait a minute – Greg Ball said it WAS finalized. RT @klnynews: Silver:#ssm religious protection language amendment “hasn’t been finalized.”‘

    Followed by:

    ‘Let’s not be cynical: Might just be that there’s “Ball-ready” as well as “bill-ready” language.’

  22. Patric says

    “@NY2.0: it went pretty well, I beleive the main reason the DADT repeal passed in the lame duck last year is because the Dems saw we were serious about sitting out the election in the mid terms.”

    Ridiculous. Not a single Democratic vote on DADT repeal was picked up between the election in November and passage in December. What changed from unsuccessful efforts earlier in 2009 was that Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski stopped joining in Republican efforts to kill repeal by filibustering and, in Brown’s case in particular, he did so no doubt not because of any commitment to equality for gay and lesbian people (see his record in Massachusetts) but because he knew he needed to in order to not be crucified over this in his 2012 re-election effort in Massachusetts.

    You’re entitled to have your own view of what constitutes sound strategy. You’re not entitled to make up facts.

  23. Jollysocks says

    Quick Update — “Sens. Concerned about safety on walk from #ssm rules vote to floor if and when it happens. Bill expected to move out of rules so the anti-#ssm side would be unhappy.”

  24. searunner says

    @Jollysocks: Here’s another update:

    ‘Assmly Min Ldr Kolb briefed on draft of #ssm religious exemption language this am, says deals w.organizations, not institutions. Not in print.’

  25. Jollysocks says

    The GOP is conferencing the marriage vote right this second and are said to be “deep in it”. And it’s breaking right now that they have come to an agreement on the new language with Cuomo. But that’s just what’s being reported, that could change and the GOP could still refuse to bring it to a vote:

    “Senate spox says GOP conference deep in #samesexmarriage debate”


    “#nysenate spokeswoman sez GOP members discussing all issues (#samesexmarriage inclu.) rt now. Plan to close down tonite”


    “BREAKING: Albany leaders reach agreement on religious exemptions in #gaymarriage measure. But will Senate vote?

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