Wanda Sykes: Tracy Morgan ‘Just Yelled ‘Fire’ In A Crowded Theater’

More reactions are pouring in from celebrities and others in the wake of Tracy Morgan's homophobic rant. Yesterday, CNN's Roland Martin defended Morgan in a blog post claiming that Morgan's comedy routine was just that – a routine.

6a00d8341c730253ef01538ef760d8970b-250wi Say I’m wrong. Fine. Say I’m insensitive to gays and lesbians. Fine. I’ll wait for the usual bigots to say that I’m defending Tracy Morgan because he’s black. Fine.

But think for a moment at all the times you’ve laughed at comedians based on the things they had to say. Then ask yourself: Did I laugh, and why?

Sorry, if I’m being honest here and not focusing on political correctness. I just believe that many of you would be shocked and amazed that you laughed hysterically at some of the most sexist, homophobic, racist stuff imaginable by comedians of all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.

Wanda Sykes condemned both Morgan and Martin for foolishly coming to his defense.

I fault the TN lawmakers. They've created an anti-gay environment. Don't believe Tracy would be so ignorant in LA. I do believe in free speech, but for a youth in TN or any other numerous place, Tracy just yelled, ‘Fire,’ in a crowded theater.

Ro, I love and respect you, so I feel that I can tell you that your column is some bullshit. We can do better. Tracy has the right to say whatever he wants to say, just like we have the right to say, not acceptable. and WE as a country. We used to picnic to watch public hangings, but WE figured out, that was some sick shit.

CNN has published an opinion piece by GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. Writes Barrios:

While it is certainly a good thing that Morgan has started to take responsibility for the offensive content of his routine by apologizing publicly to his fans and the gay community, he must do more to balance the harm that his words have inflicted. He could take one profound step to show his sincerity by meeting with parents and young people who have been personally effected by anti-gay violence or family rejection. GLAAD has reached out to Tracy Morgan's publicist and offered to facilitate such a meeting. We implore him to take us up on this.


  1. says

    I used to like Roland Martin, but not anymore. He’ll defend Morgan, but I’ll bet he didn’t defend Michael Richards. Different words, same type context. If Martin can’t see it, even after reading the rant, and still finds humor in it, then Martin is a bigot. Even Chris Rock subsequently reversed his opinion…of course that may be that he will be at the Tony’s tomorrow and with the large gay community in theatre, he probably didn’t want to get boo’d!

  2. Rant says

    Oh, cry me a rainbow. People get so butt-hurt (pardon the pun) over every little thing anymore, it’s absolutely disgusting. What’s to come next, a lawsuit?

  3. tom says

    To CB: You just made an absurd statement. Defend Michael Richards? Did MR use the “n” word as part of his stand-up routine or was it a stand alone attack? The answer is the latter…don’t compare apples and oranges.

  4. adam says

    well TOM looks like YOU made an absurd statement but its ok. MR claimed it was part of his act as did TM so i guess nice try. go lie down now.

  5. JD says

    I’m 55, I’m gay, and I thing Tracy Morgan neerds to be fired from 30 Rock. Tina Fey had it right when she stated that without the lesbians and gay men working on 30 Rock, he’d have nothing to say, wear, no where to say it, and more…

    I like 30 Rock – it’s all I watch on TV. It is clever, exremely well written, and does not need a moron like Tracy Morgan to keep going. What is wrong with him? Tme to go, Trcy.

  6. candideinncc says

    Sykes is right. Having read what the purported comic said, I don’t see any attempt at humor. This was an attack that has ramifications in the community on gay people–and particularly gay youth.

    What is more, the term “political correctness” is often a nasty way of describing sensitivity for people’s feelings. Frankly, there is not an overabundance of sensitivity in America for the feelings of minorities. On the contrary, Americans are some of the most unfeeling, insensitive, and crass people in any westernized nation on earth. People defend their ugliest behavior saying their critics are guilty of political correctness. It is time to call them out on it.

  7. says

    @Tom, please, if you will, tell me the jokes that Morgan said that you found were hilarious. I am going by reports. He didn’t, by all accounts, tell any jokes about gays, but ranted repeat ranted against gays. There were no ‘punch lines’ according to the report, it was a RANT, just like Richards. I won’t defend Richards, I won’t defend Morgan. It IS the same thing! Since you seem to know the routine, tell me what Morgan said that was funny so we can all laugh and not be offended. Work back from where he stated that if his son was gay, he would kill him. That would be a hilarious place to start!

  8. Jim says

    While I agree with most of the criticism of Morgan, this whole uproar is based on a critique posted on Facebook.
    Where can I actually see the firsthand content in context of the show, and make up my own mind?

  9. Pauline says

    REALLY!!!!!! You folks are kidding. What happened to freedom of speech. Listen, comedians crack jokes on all people!! GET OVER IT!! If your gay or lesbian that is your choice. People DO NOT HAVE TO agree with your lifestyle or walk on egg shells because your so sensitive. How he feels towards gay people is his feeling. IMUS had some ignorant things to say about black people yet gay and white people weren’t overly condemning him. The
    Man can say whatever he wants and doesn’t need to meet with Any community to say anything. If you don’t like it, don’t support him.

  10. Ianlndilem says

    Speaking as a fan of many comedians from all walks of life, I don’t think it was blown out of proportion any more than it should have been. I just hate that fact the T. Morgan had to be confronted with his livelihood and the notion that his very existence evolves around “those who chose to lead that lifestyle”. Seems to me that it is a very tough position to be in and if it were me I would try to seek options to avoid having that kinda backlash. Also, if turned around would “someone who chooses that lifestyle” were to express their opinion about something, would they be reprimanded..I think not…I see and hear them express their minds all the time and nothing is done about it. I guess that’s just how things are.

  11. SteveC says

    Pauline – this is not a freedom of speech issue. No-one is saying that Tracy Morgan cannot speak the vile hatred within him. But we are certainly allowed to condemn his toxic hatred.

  12. doug says

    in what world do any of you deem this as being appropriate behavior for a celebrity to have. especially one employed by an over the air broadcast network supported by tax dollars. Mr Morgan Stated his personal opinion on a subject matter that was not put into comedic form. he said if his kid came home acting gay he would stab him. two days later a teen boyfriend was babysitting his girlfriends son on long island and killed the child for being effeminate. this type of hate speech is admired by followers of Mr. Morgans. if they see no real reprimand for the thought it will not be very hard from them to glorify it with action. already thousands of gays are beaten, robbed and some killed for walking down the street appearing to be gay. how dare any of you who know a gay person defend his continued employment _on broadcast television. let him do the same penance as Don Imus, wyp simply stated black female basketball players had nappy heads. let Tracy yet removed from public airwaves and move his act to cable and pay per view. he will still have great career, but it is not a career to be supported on a national broadcast station.

  13. joe macke says

    Satire, ribbing, comedy roasts, rickles, dangerfield, pryor, long list to add, all could never have happened and shall not happen again if this politically correct b.s.; it really is really thought control, is not addressed.

    No ifs, ands or buts, FREE SPEECH is in danger here. No b.s. appeals to heartstrings about ‘how will parents fewl’ or ‘homophobic attacks’ Whether remarks come from an entertainment based instance or a stand alone rant; Without action to further the statement it is and should be free speech, NOT hate speech.

  14. Buck says

    I cannot believe there are people in our community who would defend Morgan and his comments. This was not comedy. There was no setup and punchline or even an attempt at observation. This was a hate filled rant, pure and simple. I must give Mr. Morgan props though for somehow bamboozling what appears to be a lot of people into giving him free passes to say to people it’s cool to kill gay people. Not many folks can manage to do that. Maybe he should run for president of Uganda with Mr. Martin as VP. Looks like he’d get a lot of votes from self hating gays and fake allies like Pauline (unless she’s a troll.)

  15. Rin says

    I think Roland was correct when he said that if we really thought about what we’ve all laughed at from comics we would be ashamed.

    For example, to some…Sarah Silverman is incredibly hateful, hurtful, and bitchy. But…LOGO always advertises for her. To overweight people, Kathy Griffin is OOL constantly. When she criticized Bristol Palin she was also calling every size 12-16 teen: FATTY!!! I love my RPDR but Mimi Imfurst took every single ugly feminine stereotype and ran with it.

    Carlos Mencia, Dave Chappell…hell, Bill Hicks has called for death on people and it was funny because it wasn’t “our” people.

    I am anti-bullying, but I am anti-bullying for everyone. I am sensitive to EVERYONE being hurt with fists or words.

    I didn’t forget high school when I left it. And when I taught it…nothing had changed. Fat girls were picked on as much if not more than gay kids. Poor kids with crappy clothes were picked on–heck at the school I just taught at, a rich gay kid was the ringleader bullying this girl with bad hair and clothes. Bullying is universal. Who doesn’t remember the kids with acne that were picked on?

    And if you want to talk violence…in one week in the US there are more women attacked and brutalized than gay people in one year. Has that stopped jokes about women? Would anyone get fired over telling jokes about women?

    And yet humor at women’s expense–even violent humor– is A-okay.

    I don’t like selective outrage. I think that its just as ugly usually at what people are raging against.

    While you can all bring up incidents of anti-gay violence, you would be loathe to bring them up about women because there are just too damn many to count. Last week in my town, a woman and her two kids were killed by her boyfriend because she nagged him about bills. No one knows her name and it didn’t make national news.

    Either boycott every bit of racist, misogynistic, homophobic garbage, or put some temperance to the outrage. The problem in this country is not that it is filled with homophobic people, the problem is that it is filled with self-centered, cold-hearted people.

  16. Nat says

    “Satire, ribbing, comedy roasts, rickles, dangerfield, pryor, long list to add, all could never have happened and shall not happen again if this politically correct b.s.; it really is really thought control, is not addressed.”

    Richard Pryor told Eddie Murphy to shut his yap when Murphy’s routine ventured into the virulently homophobic. Saying that there are no limits for most comics is fundamentally absurd.

    “No ifs, ands or buts, FREE SPEECH is in danger here. No b.s. appeals to heartstrings about ‘how will parents fewl’ or ‘homophobic attacks’ Whether remarks come from an entertainment based instance or a stand alone rant; Without action to further the statement it is and should be free speech, NOT hate speech.”

    Free speech is no more being attacked here than it was being attacked in the case of Richards. Richards paid for his ‘free speech’ by having his career evaporate, and Morgan should similarly pay.

  17. doug says

    OK Buck. great then lets put domain Imus back on CBS broadcasting and restore his salary. all he said was that black female basketball players had was nappy heads. the NAACP demanded that he be taken off public broadcast TV and radio. that racist behavior was not suited to public broadcasting standards. so I would hope yo value your and friends lives so much that You would tuning being stabbed for acting gay by parents would be worse than explaining the appropriate word for black female basketball players hair

  18. Jersey says

    There seems to be some group that has caught on to trolling in mass gay and progressive sites lately. I’ve seen an overload of comments on many sites that are obviously not from people familiar with the regular content of the sites making totally disjointed nonsensical arguments. Must be some evangelical xtian cult who’ve been instructed from the pulpit that this is the new tactic.

  19. glennmcgahee says

    I feel he can say what he wants. I can also protest, not buy a ticket, encourage those who would punish him and help to see his career ended. The insensitivity in light of the homophobes in Tenn. and our epidemic of teen suicides should put everything in perspective. How soon they forget. I just wonder how long he’s been doing this “act”. Its one thing for a celebrity to be drunk and rant, its another to sell tickets to the rant.

  20. Charles says

    Comedians can make fun of Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Catholics, the disabled and people from New York. But God forbid making a joke about gay people. I wonder why there’s so much hyper-sensitvity to being gay.
    If you want to be gay, be gay. Knock yourself out. No one really cares.
    Or is that the problem? Frankie and Johnnie aren’t getting the attention and respect they think they deserve for being just so courageous.

  21. Tim NC says

    Freedom of Speech…..

    Some of us need a bit of schooling on what Freedom of Speech actually is. The second amendment, where our freedom of speech comes from, guarantees us that the GOVERNMENT will not interfere in our rights of speech. It does not guarantees us freedom from being criticized by others for what we say. It does not guarantee us that our employer will not fire us for what we say. The government has not attempted to stop Tracy Morgan from saying whatever he wants to say. He hasn’t been thrown in jail for what he said. So, in this instance, our freedom of speech is still in tact and in no danger at all.

  22. Tonic says

    It’s hard to believe that ANYONE thinks this is about FREE SPEECH. Is anyone saying Morgan’s routines should be censored or his tongue should be cut out? NO! Like the Ku Klux Klan, he is allowed to be as disgusting as he wants to be, but I’m not going to watch any show that they or he is on.

    As to Sarah Silverman, Lisa Lampenelli and others who make “offensive” comments – it’s usually obvious to most when they’re joking. According to reports though, Morgan’s tirade was a RANT.

    Not to mention, that I’ve never heard any comedian suggest killing or mutilating woman or any other race or persuasion. It’s not funny and it’s unacceptable.

  23. JimmyD says

    I like Wanda, for the most part, but when she made snide comments about an overweight man, and his rights, on TV*, my respect for her dipped down a few points. She made the snide comment under the veil of comedy.
    I think Morgan is an ass (for this. I will not condemn his career because of this incident) but Sykes is no better in my opinion.

    *And if I mentioned details of her comments, I’m sure she’d be joined in other snide comments here.

  24. Rin says


    let me ask you…should Dan Choi still be a leader in the GLBT community for saying this:

    “Harry Reid is a pu**y that bleeds once a month”


    As a female I find that EXTREMELY offensive. He’s not a comic, either. He has positioned himself as someone that speaks for YOU.

    Are you going to protest events where he speaks?

    Are you going to call for him to STFU and let someone else take the reins?

    When FOUR women die daily in the US at the hands of their partner, when 600 women are sexually assaulted or raped every day, when there are 4.8 million incidents of physical contact against females are reported to the police every year…should remarks like Dan’s be allowed to pass because he’s a good guy in every other way?

    How is Dan Choi different than Tracy Morgan? One is a comic and said it in a club, the other is supposedly a “leader” of a moral/ethical movement.

    I’m asking because I want to know what is acceptable.

    I want across the board outrage and change or I’m going to start whipping out the old violin and playing it when other minority groups complain.

    Either we want America to be a kind, decent community of people with fairness and equality for all, or we are the type of self-centered people that only care about our own groups.

  25. gaylib says

    Charles and Pauline seem to have escaped from some site like this one (and its not a right wing Xtian site either)


    Here’s an example of the hateful nasty comments there:

    “what is the deal with this overly sensitive “fa**ot community?’ its like they go around scrutinizing whatever people say, in order to justify their cause… hell, if i can’t say whatever i feel like because its going to offend a “complex demography.” i really don’t give a damn, because the last i checked, the 1st amendment was still in place… thus my boy doesn’t owe anyone an apology “

  26. anthony says

    Hmmm, who else in history called for the murder of children simply for being who they are? Oh yeah, Adolph Hitler.

  27. gaylib says

    Poor Roland Martin. He really is too stupid to get too angry at. Put him together with Wolf Blitzer and CNN MIGHT have an IQ of 75 in the studio.

  28. Nat says

    “As a female I find that EXTREMELY offensive. He’s not a comic, either. He has positioned himself as someone that speaks for YOU.”

    Dan Choi doesn’t speak with me, Dan Choi speaks for Dan Choi. He has steadily degenerated into a self-promoting, self-important charlatan. Much as I am loathe to defend Gay Inc, they were correct in jettisoning him.

    “How is Dan Choi different than Tracy Morgan? One is a comic and said it in a club, the other is supposedly a “leader” of a moral/ethical movement.”

    Did Dan Choi say women should be killed for being women? If he did, then he’s even more reprehensible. But as I noted, he’s not the leader of anything.

    I don’t want to go after every comic who makes homophobic jokes, or racist jokes, or sexist jokes. But I have no problem taking people to task when they actually advocate violence against someone and where there’s clear antipathy – as there was with Eddie Murphy. And guess who called him out on it?

  29. Rin says

    @T how many times have you laughed at jokes about women?

    How many times have you called for people to be boycotted and/or fired for jokes about women?

    THAT is Roland’s point; that people have all laughed and/or accepted humor when it wasn’t directed at their demographic.

    As I point out CONSTANTLY I was BITTERLY disappointed in the gay community when they fluffed off Dan Choi’s remarks about Harry Reid like they were nothing. For YEARS I have donated to GLBT causes, campaigned for gay rights, stopped bullying in my own high school even when it got me added to the sh*t list and then I see that the pendulum barely swings my way when women are disparaged (except for Little Kiwi).

    I’ll write about Tracy when Towleroad quits kissing Choi’s patootie because then I will believe that this moral outrage is about equality for all and not equality for me.

  30. Nat says

    “How many times have you called for people to be boycotted and/or fired for jokes about women?”

    How’s that strawman coming?

    It is impossible for any one person to notice every single slight directed against another group, particularly when they’re not part of that group.

    What I will do is listen when someone from a particular group expresses outrage over something said, try to understand it from their perspective. And if they’re right and are urging a boycott, then I will support a boycott. But I don’t have all the energy or the duty to devote time to searching for every outrage out there. We all fight for our own causes, and hopefully we can make others understand where we’re coming from. But they are still our fights.

  31. alana says

    all gay people do is suck on each others privates parts then cry when they get aids .
    whats the point here ???

  32. Rin says

    It is not a strawman, because I’m not trying to divert the argument that Tracy Morgan is a piece of crap person. I’m trying to raise awareness about what EQUALITY is all about.

    Equality is not: “I’ll get mines while you wait for yours.”

    Equality is treating other people’s struggle with the same respect as your own.

    Some of the same people who are against Tracy Morgan giggle about femme gays, women, and overweight people.

    I think selective outrage promotes inequality. Saying: I’m OFFENDED by this and then letting crickets chirp while other groups are being constantly picked on creates a divide.

    Solidarity is people coming together to promote a single cause, and that cause should be human equality. When all humans are equal people like Tracy will either get on board or become extinct. When some groups are overly protected while others are not, that creates inequality.

    I would like to see everyone support ALL underdogs, be observant of everyone’s struggle, be kind to EVERYONE…it just seems that it has become a matter of taking care of “me” and forgetting about “you”.

    Not that anyone cares, but I already wrote NBC because I’m not all about just taking care of me and mine (…even though I get resentful and hurt sometimes).

  33. Jnyca says

    The issue is not a freedom of speech issue.

    The issue is are we a country that actually condones making “jokes” about killing people? Especially our own children? Gay, Straight, black, white, etc. Really? Do we want to be that country?

    It is in fact a moral issue. If Tracy had said He would stab his kid for converting to Judiasm, or for if he brought home a white girlfriend he’d stab her…. (similar scenarios to what he said…..) The response would be dramatically different.

    Homophobia bothers me, but someone cracking a “joke” about stabbing their gay son REALLY bothers me. That’s beyond ignorance, it’s evil and not funny in the least. It sets a disgusting low that if not combated can then be seen as acceptable.

    I don’t acquaint allowing ignorance to run rampant with the idea of Free Speech.

  34. yonkersconquers says

    I could not love Wanda Sykes more than I do. She has the most distinctive and naturally comic speaking voice and she tends to say the smartest things with it.

  35. says

    I like you, but your comments here could hardly be more ironic. I just looked back at the Dan Choi item from Towleroad (click my name to read the link).
    Dan Choi got a lot of criticism here from OTHERS for his comment that “Harry read is a pussy and he’ll be bleeding once a month.”
    But YOU were probably the staunchest defender of that very comment:

    “IF I know some dude would have my back when it came to equal rights (like Dan) and then called another guy a pussy…I’m not going to be offended as a female. Intentions are important…
    I’ve called a dude a pussy before.”
    — RIN (Oct. 28, 2010)

    Around that time, I remember noticing that Dan Choi’s personality had taken a strange turn where he was saying embarrassingly stupid and out-of-character things in interviews. I wondered what in the world was going on with him, and I guess I got my answer when he was hospitalized shortly afterward for a nervous breakdown.

    But Dan Choi did not call for the murder of women (far from it) If he had, I would have been more than offended; I would have been outraged.

  36. Danny says

    CNN’s Roland Martin running to support the indefensible comments of Tracy Morgan is about as surprising and predictable as watching the View’s Baba WaWa coming to the defense of Jewish Congressman Anthony Weiner.

  37. says

    @Pauline: Dan Imus got a lot of criticism (and yes, a lot of that criticism came from white gay people). But again, his comments, as rude and inappropriate as they were (and worthy of losing his job as a sportscaster) were mild compared to this.
    If Tracy Morgan had been commenting on a video feed from the Gay Games basketball that “Those are some wacky-haired hoes on that court,” it would probably have barely been mentioned.
    If Tracy Morgan had been discussing female infanticide in his routine and said that if his wife gave birth to a female, he’d gladly stab the baby to death (or if Don Imus had made a comment parallel to Morgan’s that if a black family moved in next door, he’d go after the family’s kids with a knife) then that would be worthy of never being invited to work on any kind of stage again.
    Morgan should be treated no different than anyone who would suggest the murder of any other kind of child.

    Tragedies like this should never happen and anyone who would literally applaud (I’m referring to some of Morgan’s Tennessee audience) the suggestion that this is okay is sick:


  38. TJ says

    I have the right of free speech, and I may use it to protest the speech of another. If my argument and response is convincing enough, the other party may change his or her behavior. It would seem that many people who work with Morgan have publicly let him (and the rest of us) know their opinion of his speech. If he realizes that many people WON’T financially support his behavior, and don’t find suggesting that a parent should kill his gay child funny, he may change his behavior. Someday, he may even see how he crossed a line.

    Comedians are quite often quite offensive. I don’t find most of it funny. Reading Roland’s post, I found none of the examples funny, or acceptable. None of the comedians would get my dollars or my attention.

    But a major difference in this offensive (to my taste) humor is calling for murder. And even if one were calling for the murder of, say, fat people, I don’t see many fat people being murdered for being fat. One can’t say that about gay people. If someone were calling for the murder of African-Americans in a rant, no one would be finding it acceptable. Because African-Americans have been murdered simply for being who they are. You can say it, but people will call you out on it. Because it crosses a line.

  39. Rin says


    thank you for reminding me (totally serious). At the time, I was under the impression that this was Lt Choi’s first time at that rodeo. I’ve since discovered otherwise. I should be careful when weighing in on opinions to know more about people I am defending.

    However, I am still trying to make a point about selective versus consistent outrage. In the past few months I have read a number of comments from people on here and other places about “sissies” and the increasing disdain for what is “feminine” behavior has been shocking and hurtful. Perhaps, I didn’t know all the posters as well back then, but I see a huge amount of posters who think that gay me who are what society considers feminine to be either “a stereotype” or somehow bad for acting that way.

    What Tracy Morgan said from the guy who broke the story was not that gay kids in general should be stabbed, he said if his son was gay and complained about bullying instead of talking to him “like a man” he would stab him.

    In other words, get out there and knock some heads around and you’re a real man.

    What I wrote in October was also when I was “new” to Towleroad and hadn’t been perpetually insulted by comments made by Rick and others regarding femme boys, women, and blacks.

    I’m starting to change my mind about a lot of things. I do know this, and that is that solidarity and equality has to be across the board or they mean nothing.

    And thanks…people need to get called on words. I want to say “right” things and mature into someone my daughters can be proud of. Falling into using some of those same words that are derogatory to me as a female is wrong just as blacks who say the N word are wrong and gays who say the F word are wrong. We all ought to have more respect for ourselves and others.

    I now think: what do I want my daughters to say, what world do I want them to live in…

    A better one than this.

  40. TJ says

    @Rin – Let’s split hairs and say Morgan just wants to stab effeminate gay offspring, and would support a masculine-acting child. So what is the point of pointing this out?

    I, for one, try to be as consistent as I can with regard to what I find humorous. The more aware I become, the less “trying” is necessary; it’s more an automatic response. Stabbing a child because of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion – whatever. I wouldn’t be laughing.

  41. Roger says

    Another aspect of the Freedom of Speech angle, is that just because we have the right to say whatever we want, the Constitution does NOT say we have to act on that right by saying heinous things that may lead to the death of others. Morgan was out of line and I would find it hard to believe he wasn’t aware of that, just felt he was safe in that venue to expose his true nature. I’m boycotting NBC as long as he is employed there. Its not like I don’t have tons of other choices for my entertainment.

  42. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Does anyone else post at Huffington Post? Since being acquired by AOL, there has been a big influx of Free Republic types. The posts about this story are especially stupid and noxious.

  43. Frederick says

    I totally agree with Steve C. The comments which state “it’s a freedom of speech” issue and/or “it was just part of his comedy routine” obviously have no concept of what gay teens endure on a day-to-day basis, especially in places like TN. I was a public school teacher in the South for over a decade, and in school districts where there are no protections for LGBT teens, it’s open-season on these kids from not only their peers but many teachers and administrators as well. So inflamatory comments like the one Tracy Morgan made go way beyond simple “freedom of speech” or “it’s just part of his act” beliefs. I would love to take the commenters who have these simplistic points of view about this matter and make them go through just one day as an out LGBT teen in atypical middle or high school in the South.(i.e. I personally know of one specific case at Twin Lakes Middle School in Jacksonville, FL, where a student was violently thrown down a flight of stairs by a group of girls simply because they perceived her as lesbian; her arm was broken and she was seriously traumatized.)Still think it’s a joke? I strongly suggest writing to the “30 Rock” producers to insist that they terminate Tracy Morgan from their show, in order to show that they do not condone this type of violence-inducing commentary by one of their employees.

  44. lewlew says

    I just want to urge all gay people who work with TM to do a bad job on him every time from now on. Let him figure where his bread is buttered. And who is holding the butter knife.

  45. Frederick says

    If anyone wants to write to NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt to express their point of view about Tracy Morgan’s homphobic tirade, Greenblatt’s mailing address is :

    Bob Greenblatt
    10880 Wilshire Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90024

    Sorry, but I couldn’t locate his email address.

  46. bobbyjoe says

    The real point here is that had Morgan’s comments been of the same caliber and aimed at a different minority, he’d already be fired, whether he’d apologized or not. There wouldn’t have been any debate, other than after-the-fact about his firing, had Morgan, for example, gone on a rant about how he’d murder his son if he converted to Judaism or married an Asian woman. Morgan would now be on the unemployment line.

    Don’t let NBC get away with a double-standard. Ask Don Imus and Isaiah Washington, for example, about how the big networks usually respond to bigotry and then ask why Tracy Morgan appears to be getting some kind of special pass here by NBC, when his comments were both more prolonged and more violent in their imagery. Keep up the pressure by calling and writing both the network and advertisers on 30 Rock and asking them why NBC plays double-standards with bigotry that promotes an atmosphere of hate and violence. Morgan needs to go.

  47. Francis says

    Charles, Pauline and Alana are all homophobes who I guess came to this page from another website. Most of the posters defending Tracy Morgan and Roland Martin are not regular posters but simply bigots who agree with Tracy Morgan and Roland Martin.

    Dismissing them, let me get to the point that needs to be understood here. This is not about freedom of speech. The man said what he felt like saying. He wasn’t prevented the ability to speak. However, what he did say was callous, odious and violent. Every action that we as human make has a reaction. Positive, negative, neutral, there is a reaction to every action. Freedom of speech means that we are ALLOWED to react when someone like Tracy Morgan goes on dehumanizing rants targeting the gay community. THAT is freedom of speech. It works both ways. Tracy Morgan said what he said, and people are responding accordingly.

    Brash humor is not hate speech. No-one should be so disingenuous to say otherwise, because really, no-one should be so unaware not to rationalize the clear difference. This wasn’t brash humor. This wasn’t dark comedy. It was hate speech. And THAT is the reason why Tracy Morgan deserves every bit the criticism he has earned. And that is why he needs to be terminated from 30 Rock. His speech denigrated an entire group of legal citizens solely for our sexual orientation. He crossed every line of civility and human decency, and not punishing his behavior is tolerating it. What he did is not OK. Bad actions have consequences.

  48. jane says

    I’m not gay but I can see clearly that Morgan should get fired. Imus and Richards lost their jobs despite the fact that I hear black folks saying things every bit as bad every day. Jesse Jackson was instrumental in getting Richards fired despite the fact he has made anti-Jewish slurs in the past and got caught months later saying the N word himself. If Morgan were white and said the same comment about blacks he’d be gone by now. Blacks do not same the same consequences for their hate speech as everyone does for offending them

  49. No more excusing says

    Towleroad appears to have been invaded by several defensive straight people wishing to make various excuses for a guy who said he would stab his child for being effeminate, and/or generally express their hatred of gay people.

    Morgan’s speech is exactly and fully free as my speech calling for him to be fired.

    A tip to those defending Morgan: You really ought to write a letter to Morgan (be sure to send copies to Tina Fey and NBC) commending him for his courage to state in public that he would stab an effeminate child.

  50. Francis says

    The most critical thing here is that not punishing Tracy Morgan for what he did gives credence to what he said. It’s giving the green light to hate speech against LGBT citizens. You don’t punish it, you’re tolerating it. That is a dangerous, dangerous sentiment to send, and one that makes an already vulnerable group that much more vulnerable. Bob Greenblatt and Tina Fey especially should understand this very thing, and if they put Tracy Morgan’s job above destructive anti-LGBT sentiment then they have made a horrible choice that should not be supported by ANY LGBT individual and supporter in the world.

    Either Tracy Morgan is fired or I will immediately boycott 30 Rock.

  51. says

    I agree with what Wanda has to say! There is a bigger issue here though beyond just being gay. People are bullied for being different, by small minded people with low self esteem themselves. For a parent to say they would kill their child for being gay is reprehensible, not funny!

  52. Mark says

    Alana, “Even God hates gays”, are you kidding? do you speak to God? Please give me the passage from the bible that tells God hates gays? I am willing to bet you read the King James version of the bible. Did you know King James was gay? You don’t find it funny that the version of the bible you read exists because of a homosexual?

  53. SteveDenver says

    @Charles: Comedians make fun of lots of groups, but they don’t make fun of STABBING their child or belittle bully beatings. I haven’t heard one joke about any other group of kids being beaten, spat upon, and in cases killed.

    As for Frankie and Johnnie: Frankie was a woman and Johnnie was a cheating boyfriend.

  54. wimsy says

    Roland Martin: “you laughed hysterically at some of the most sexist, homophobic, racist stuff imaginable by comedians of all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.”

    No, I didn’t. But I do laugh at idiot apologist “columnists” who should be pumping gas for a living.

  55. nikko says

    Hey ALANA, PAULINE and other ignorant, straight trailer trash commenters: go back to your cave, you fools.

  56. Juanita says

    Wanda is a hypocrite. Didn’t she tell a joke that she wish Rush Limbaugh should die? I believe in freedom of speech. Tracy told a joke that bomb which he didn’t literally mean. Now the white gay community is going to ruin his career. People make mistakes. You want straight people to accept you but the gay community is so unforgiving. He is a COMEDIAN. Once more comedians have very rough material that offend different people at one time or another. It is interesting the only reason this is a big deal is because there many rich and powerful gays and lesbians bullying people into accepting homosexuality. This is ridiculous.

  57. EruditeRockstah says

    Tracy Morgan isn’t funny. He’s just a buck ugly goof who’s gotten high on butt kissing. When he was making those comments in TN, all he was doing was butt kissing. Freedom of speech does not protect hate speech. Encouraging/advocating violence against any group is HATE SPEECH. It has nothing to do with humor and or political (in)correctness.