Pot And Gay Marriage May Increase Colorado’s 2012 Role

GayWeed Colorado has historically been an essential battleground state for presidential candidates.

With the potential repeal of that state's gay marriage ban and legalization of medical marijuana, however, Colorado may player a larger role in elections that usual.

Via Seattle PI:

Marijuana activists have begun gathering signatures to ask voters to allow pot for recreational use, a direct challenge to federal drug law. And gay-marriage advocates were cleared last week to start petitioning for a repeal of a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Proponents of both measures still must get enough signatures before the questions go to ballots.

Democrats and Republicans aren't publicly talking about what Colorado's ballot proposals mean for next year's race.

However, leaders of both parties say Colorado is a must-win for President Barack Obama.

Though Obama supports the Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, he has not come out for same-sex nuptials and his Justice Department continues to crackdown on medical marijuana.


  1. Aaron R says

    FYI: The 2012 proposed ballot measure to repeal our gay marriage ban isn’t supported presently by the LGBT groups in the state, and is very unlikely to receive the signatures necessary to make it to the ballot.

    One Colorado and others are focused on achieving comprehensive civil union recognition legislatively and don’t think it’s the right time yet to push for marriage equality in Colorado.

  2. says

    It’s about time we get serious about Medical Marijuana policies in the United States. It doesn’t hurt anyone and isn’t as bad as tobacco or alcohol. I really wished people would realize that weed is natural and from the earth. Legalize it everywhere. Visit http://www.mmjkush.com to signup for daily deals on medical marijuana.

  3. Max says

    “[Obama’s] Justice Department continues to crackdown on medical marijuana.”

    What an enormous waste of bloated government resources. Legalize it and tax it. Voila! New revenue.

  4. Ken says

    Getting these measures on the ballot will really help to turn out libreal voters and help Obama, the Democrats should work get them on the ballot. Unfortunatly, One Colorado is a real road block in this state, the appear to be the most incompetent state level gay rights organization outside of Rhode Island. Can someone tell them that few of us give a damn about civil unions. They are living five years in the past.

  5. Tonic says

    Denver is now crawling with medical marijuana stores. It’s great too. Why should something so helpful and less damaging than alcohol be illegal?

  6. Henry Holland says

    Tonic, or anyone in Denver, I use medical marijuana for insomnia and I’m going to Denver for business in September. Carrying my stash on the plane is a no-go, obviously. Is my California MM card good in CO? If not, can I still go to a dispensary and get taken care of or would it require a doctor’s visit > get the certificate? That’s not worth it, I’m only there for 4 days.

    Thanks for any info you have.

  7. SSDJL says

    You can not buy cannabis in CO with a CA card. A lot of the recommendations from the CA card are not recognized in CO (insomnia being one of them) so there is no reciprocity. There are a few states that do have reciprocity with CO (AZ, RI, and a few others) that you can travel with your meds to from CO legally. You won’t be able to get the certificate here without a CO ID, and are not allowed to buy at a dispensary without your red card, which takes 30+ days to receive. I don’t condone taking meds on a plane, but there are ways (concentrates, edibles, tinctures) to get them on the plane without any problems. And if you get popped, you have a CA med card, and can’t get arrested. You will just have to surrender your meds and be on your way. At least that’s how it is in CO. I’ve seen people medicating with vaporizers in the airport here:)

  8. says

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