1. Todd says

    OMG! He’s not going far enough. They must purge their history books of any famous homosexuals…no da Vinci, Alexander the Great, etc…quick, get the white corrector fluid out…

  2. RWG says

    This is the Christianist agenda: make us invisible, pretend we don’t exist. If we have audacity to live as an honest and open human being, then banishment is the only recourse.

    After all, isn’t that what Jesus would do? Suffer the little children to be thrown to the wolves?

  3. shle896 says

    David should be thankful his name is no longer on their alumni page. I would personally be embarrassed to have my name attached to a “Christian” school. It’s sad that the word “Christian” now invokes (to me anyway) hatred and ignorance. Who wants to be part of that b.s.?

  4. Mary says

    I’m not really sure why Mr. Thorp thinks this is a news story. I mean “Christian school headmaster denounces gay lifestyle of alumnus” is not exactly front-page news. Does this really surprise us? Also, the headmaster did indeed indicate “what he hoped to accomplish” here – to prevent the notion that the school approves of its alumnus’s choices. And since a Facebook page can be viewed by anyone, how it is “stalking” if someone were to read it? Mr. Thorp’s argument about the other sinful behaviors of the school’s other alumni should take into account that most of its alumni are not famous, and not all sins are overt (hence not all run the risk of the school seeming to endorse them) True, all alumni could probably be denounced for something sinful, but being in the public eye has its disadvantages and this is one of them. Interesting that even the headmaster’s praise of this alumnus for his character doesn’t matter to Mr. Thorp.

    Homophobia used to mean hostility to gay people or irrational fear of them. Now it has come to mean anything that gay people wish didn’t exist.

  5. Bart says

    I hope David makes sure they get none of his alumni dollars. That’s what I’ve done to my Christian school…they are always asking for donations but you know what, they ain’t getting mine.

    And I would also say to David, all the better they don’t name you because Mr. McDonald’s lifestyle of hate is better off not to be associated with. (And by the way, Mr. McDonald, David is no longer a student at your school, he doesn’t have to live by your standards.)

  6. LiamB says

    “Homophobia used to mean hostility to gay people or irrational fear of them. Now it has come to mean anything that gay people wish didn’t exist.”

    Homophobia has always meant discrimination against gays of any kind. Secondly, from the article, it is certain Christian groups who seem to wish we didn’t exist.

  7. Asked & Answered says

    Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

    It is a news story here because it is a prime example of discrimination against homosexuals. The great sin of being a “public homosexual” was committed.

    Oh, and homophobia still means the same thing, bigotry, which I’m sure you are familiar with.

  8. shello says

    You know, gays are being shamed, killed, lynched, discriminated, mocked, driven to suicide, repressed, tortured and discredited; yet Christians somehow manage to play it like they are the victim.

  9. Seth says

    @Brandon Thorp:

    Gordon McDonald is the school’s principal, not its principle. The school has no principles.

    Also, in your post below, you refer to a man who is a candidate and a National Guardsmen. Unless he has multiple personalities, the use of the singular is required.

    If Towelroad can’t afford a proofreader, perhaps you could get one of your friends from Grindr to do it.

  10. says

    Christianity in this country needs to be shut down. ANY religion that lies to their followers and discriminates against the same should be run out of America. Christians and Mormons are America’s worst enemies.

  11. Dev says

    Obviously, the school’s principal is a fool and a bigot and deserves condemnation. But seriously, David Emerson says that he spent the “whole night crying in my bed” because he was deleted from the school’s website? And he says this on TV?
    Does anyone know any 26-year old straight men who would act like this?

    David, from the hair on your face, you appear to be a man. Act like one. Show some inner strength and resilience. Don’t send the message to the world that gay men emotionally arrested, weepy, overwrought sissies.

  12. Sean says

    Shello’s comment is dead on.

    The reality is while the Christian Reich is playing the victim for now, their true agenda is to take political power and wipe us out holocaust style.

  13. says

    Unfortunately I went to this school, and I’m not surprised at their response at all. DCS is known for expelling students for many “sins” from homosexuality to unwed pregnancy. I was pretty much bullied out of the school and had to transfer because I couldn’t take it there anymore. It’s pretty sad what this principal is doing there. He’s basically teaching his students that disregarding those who are different is a principle to live by. The school is producing bigots and standardizing hate.

  14. voet says

    My husband and I both attended a “Christian” collage. When we got married, I sent an announcement to our alumni newsletter. They refused to print our announcement, but they did start sending a single copy of the alumni paper addressed to both of us. Formerly we each received our own copy. Apparently their Christian principles can be comprimised when they can save a buck.

  15. better than crying about it says

    Well, I hope he’s not going to turn the other cheek. Maybe he could start an alternative website for gay alumni of that school, titled similarly, so that it comes up in web searches, and start by featuring himself and invite other gay alumni to join him.

    He can’t be the only one.

  16. Paul R says

    @Seth: I write and edit for a living. There are typos on this blog all the time—Andy made a bunch on Friday—yet few people bash Andy. Instead everyone seems to love attacking his weekend replacements. Again, it’s a blog. It’s not the New York Times or even Huffington Post. Time and resources are limited. Calm down.

  17. Luke says

    I hope the students at Delaware Christian start wearing armbands in support of David.

    Let’s hope otherwise that this incident discourages comparatively decent parents from sending their kids to a school with an anti-gay leader.

  18. MikeBoston says

    @paul r

    Mixing up principle and principal – or it’s and its, they’re and their, you’re and your – isn’t a typo, it’s a real error. But my main complaint with the weekend postings is the tone. There seems to be a consistent pattern of flippant comments in articles that aren’t necessary – or, from my perspective, welcome.

  19. Contrarian says

    Though theology is unlikely to be the conversation of choice in any LGBT hotspot (well, outside an RC rectory LOL), this school is actually a strain of fundamentalist evangelical Protestantism. They probably follow a literal interpretation of scripture and believe in the so-called Rapture.
    That crowd in 21st century America wants to hijack the word “Christian”. It is shallow and bigoted of some in the LBGT community who fail to concede they have friends in the mainline churches outside fundie land, and instead accept that hijacking of the word Christian by the fundies.

  20. MDESRO says

    Hey David, I’m a Christian. I am ashamed. i see people posting signs on their facebook profiles “love the sinner, hate the sin” thats pathetic, when we dont do anything. im not going to say homosexuality isnt a sin, because it is, but to treat you any differently, to judge you because of it, is wrong. we should LOVE you. most people who claim to be christians turn their backs on homosexuals because they “hate the sin” we focus so much of our energy in hating the sin, that we dont even care about loving the sinner. we are all sinners, im a sinner. your a sinner, everyone posting on this page is a sinner. Jesus walked around with sinners! thats who he talked to, hung out with, he hung with prostitutes, tax collectors, thieves, murderers. did he judge them? no. he loved them, he did hate their sin, but he loved them. he died on a cross to give a way for you, me, the person who wrote the comments below mine, EVERYONE to have eternal life. he did the ultimate act of love, you wouldnt know that he hated the sin, because he spent all of his energy in encouraging, building up, and ministering to the sinners. just because your homosexual doesnt mean your the worst of the worst, contrary to some christians beliefs. the druggie down the road, the whore next door, the liar, the thief… everyone sins. christians act as if homosexuality is the lowest you can go, when its not. im not gonna sit here and say its all good, and im NOT saying your equal to a thief or murderer or anything like that, but christians go and show love to people like that all the time, most of the homeless people in communities are druggies, alcoholics, they put themselves in that situation yet we still love them. why cant we do that to homosexuals? i dont judge you in any way, i dont know you. David, i am 16 years old, i am close with several people at DCS. just know not all “christians” are viewing this the same way. no matter what, homosexuality is wrong. you cant justify it, but loving you, is what my job is, what all our jobs are as christians.

  21. Rin says

    Does Richard Simmons represent all gay men?

    Did Liberace?

    How about Hedda Lettuce or Lady Bunny?

    Are @Rick and James St. James existing in remotely the same stratosphere?

    Does Rob Halford represent “gay” in the same way that Bobby Trendy does?

    If there is room within the GLBT community for this type of diversity of expression does it not stand to reason that not all Christians are represented by this yo-yo head?

  22. Jerry6 says

    Based upon some of the comments,I have to keep reminding myself that hatred and hate full remarks by “Religious” leaders are motivated by one thing only; i.e. – “Most homosexuals will not marry opposite sex partners; so they will not directly produce children to be raised as Cristians to “Go To Church” and put money in a collection basket each week so the Minister or Priest does not have to go out and do something productive to earn a living. It is all about money.

  23. Jerry6 says

    Does anyone actually believe that if the Roman Catholic Church (IE: Rome)could get back their Army that there would not be a Stake in every town square for Burning non believers and sinners?

  24. AmandaD says

    I can assure everyone that Gordon McDonald does not save his judgement and ridicule for just his gay alumni. I attended Delaware Christian for 6 years and watched this man terrorize any student who didn’t march to the beat of the Delaware Bible Church drum. I myself were a victim of his emotional abuse and even 16 years after leaving that school and now being an adult I cannot wrap my mind around how he treats people or how he feels that he has any right to judge others. Myself and others ended up with a very distorted view of Christianity thanks to Mr. McDonalds leadership. David, I am so sorry you have to deal with the even after graduation.

  25. pam haver says

    I feel, sisn is sin, if they are going to do this to David, what about all the ones who are divirced, done drugs, live with someone out of wed-lock, have babies not being married, these are all sins, why not take their pics off also? do it to one in the name of SIN do it to all who have SINNED!!! SIN IS SIN, thre is no big sin,little sin or inbetween sin!!!!

  26. REALLY???? says

    If Mr. Emerson is such a respected radio personality, why was he let go from the Christian radio station 104.9???? Why isn’t he picketing them? Could it be because he lied to get the job in the first place???? Delaware Christian School is a Christian school. It follows the teaching of the bible. The bible is clearly against homosexuality. It’s the school’s web page. They get to control it. If Mr. Emerson wants to post things, let him start his own website.

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