Occupy The Castro

HarveyMilkPlazaSan Francisco: Today at noon, protestors shall gather at Harvey Milk Plaza and begin an occupation of the Castro to protest housing injustices. From the "Occupy The Castro" Facebook page:

From the subprime mortgage crisis that began our current recession, to bank bailouts, the rising rates of homelessness and policies like the Ellis Act that prioritize profit over people, housing has been central to the occupy movement in San Francisco, and around the country.

We gather and rally in four neighborhoods in San Francisco which have experienced high rates of evictions for profit, and highlight the local struggles of the 99% against banks, and greedy real estate speculators.

There shall also be protests at the Embarcadero, in the Tenderloin, and in the Mission District.

[HT: Bay Area Reporter]


  1. Frank Butterfield says

    These protests in the Castro are voluntary, so the word “will” is the correct modal verb in the case of the protesters. It is their option to do so. They are not required to protest.

    In the second instance, we have a bit of a metaphysical conundrum. Is it imperative that there also be protests at the Embarcadero, in the Tenderloin, and in the Mission District? It could be imperative that these neighborhoods be as clear about their demands at the Castro. However, neighborhoods, as such, can’t demand anything. They, too, are voluntary arrangements of people who choose to live or associate there.

    Perhaps, people “will” congregate in these places and they “will” protest. Then again, they may not.

  2. Robert in SF says

    Wait Frank…isn’t “may” used to state permission or allowance, and not just possibility? Should you have stated, “Then again, they *might* not.”?


  3. Paul R says

    Heh, Robert. I just got corrected on that the other day.

    Have their really been a lot of housing issues in the Tenderloin? The issue there is poverty. I know: I got mugged there twice in February in broad daylight while volunteering. I think I’d prefer the Castro meeting.

    As for the Embarcadero, I can’t imagine living downtown. It’s dead at night…in a creepy way.

  4. says

    Please note, that many of the greedy real estate companies are gay owned or gay managed.However it’s not news, and if Harvey was alive, he would tell you that he was forced out of his Camera Shop at 575 Castro when Paul Langley(gay) Real Estate company raised his rent over a thousand bucks a month, forcing him to move on Market Street. Years later, the same Paul Langley raised the rent to the popular Elephant Walk Bar at 18th & Castro $6,000 a month, forcing them out of business and taking over the bar… then he had the Chutzpah to reopen it and changing the name to Harvey’s… named after the same Harvey Milk he ran out of business in 1978!
    I THINK IT WOULD OF MADE MORE SENSE IF THEY PROTESTED IN FRONT OF PAUL LANGLEY’S BAR AND OFFICE BUILDING. Paul wanted to buy some of my Milk images and memorabilia from me when he opened the bar. I had the satisfaction to say NO WAY!

  5. Jesse says

    I was going to do some holiday shopping in the Castro today. Alas, because of this tedious BS from the entitled slacker professional protestors, I won’t. Sorry fine Castro merchants, I’m off to Target, etc. in Daly City.

  6. Pete n SFO says

    Real Estate Speculators?

    More like, Rent-Control squatters that imagine their apartment is their personal asset, not that of the owner.

    I’m skeptical, at best, of the people that will show for this. Far more foreclosures & short sales have occurred in the Bayview & Portola districts where low-income & non-English speaking populations were targeted by banks, not Mom & Pop landlords held hostage by some gay-come-lately’s inflated sense of entitlement!

  7. Paul R says

    The SF housing market is unfair to everyone involved. Everyone’s heard stories of evil landlords and renters alike. Renters have so many rights that I’d never consider being a landlord here, but I was a renter for a very long time and it was a wonderful experience that I miss a lot. (Gorgeous place, ex, and dog with insanely wealthy, generous landlord.)

    Anyway, on a Saturday in the Castro during holiday season it would take about 5 minutes to Occupy Harvey Milk Plaza. It’s not all that big.


    Dr larry Myers who is activist playwright rwm playwrights lab LARRY MYERs wrote a satyr [play
    “james Franco & Kim kardissaian visit OCCUPATION CASTRO”
    but MYERS is anything but funny about famine or greed hunger and hype
    he wrote a cycle
    “OCCUPATION PREOCCUPATION” and may doa fundraiser for 40 days of prayer for abused kids he wrote abt homeless artists 7 runaways in san fa nd offered free workshop draam, therapy lab to these challenged populatioons

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