Oklahoma Elects First Openly Gay State Senator

Oklahoma now has its first openly gay state Senator in Al McAffrey, the Victory Fund reports:

McaffreyMcAffrey became the first openly gay member of the Oklahoma state legislature when he was elected to the House of Representatives with the backing of the Victory Fund in 2006.  He was reelected in 2010 and stood for this special election to the Senate when District 46 Senator Andrew Rice announced his resignation in October of last year.

“Al’s election to the State Senate is another milestone for LGBT Oklahomans, and we are proud to support his campaign,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.  ”There are still a number of states that have never elected any openly LGBT state legislators, so Oklahoma can be proud that Al has been elected to both the House and the Senate.”


  1. Ken says

    “Oklahoma now has its first openly gay state Senator…”

    No, not now, back in 2006. Is Towleroad six years behind with the news, or did I miss something? :)

  2. Ken says

    Oh, I see. Yes, I missed it- he was in the House since 2006.Okay, it is only 7:22 am where I am.
    BTW, thanks for having the most user-friendly security letters. I can actually read them.


    I thought for sure this guy, even though gay, must be a Republican Tea Party nut to be gay and win elected office in Oklahoma but after reading this from Wikipedia: “McAffrey is a strong supporter of AIDS awareness. He is a board member of the Regional AIDS Intercommunity Network-Oklahoma (RAIN) and is currently serving on the Advisory Council for the AIDS Walk in Oklahoma City. He is also an active member of the Diversity Business Association.” I’m impressed!

  4. Cognitive Dissonance says

    @ Stuffed Animal:

    Why do you call yourself “Stuffed Animal”, sugah? Is it a childhood nickname? Or does it signify more adult pursuits?

    And why don’t you accept comments at your blog? You surely have no problem leaving comments at other blogs. You say the most incendiary things about gay blogs and “gay media” and refuse to accept comments.

  5. Max says

    Wow. In… Oklahoma?!

    Cognitive, I don’t recall Stuffed Animal leaving any “incendiary things” about gay media around here, but we see what we want, I guess.